heaven = slow cooker

since my MIL left on monday it’s been take-out city around here. I feel like every time I think about making dinner, grayson has some minor crisis. or I take it that way… so, today I decided no more of this crappy take-out… I’m gonna make something! and let me tell you, it smells delightful! It’s a simple flank steak recipe with onions, green chilis, chili powder, garlic, and a few other things… I’m going to serve it in tortillas and make it a fiesta :)… super excited about it. plus, doing it in the slow cooker meant I could put it together while john was awake to watch the kiddo and I could have the freedom to cook… luff it.

in other news, I have fallen in love with a handbag I can’t afford to purchase. let me rephrase that, I don’t want to afford it… so of course I forwarded the link to it, to my hubs. christmas anyone?

I want it in brown with the black heart print… but you get the idea. it’s friggin’ darling. and I love that you can customize any of her bags… of course, I found her on etsy. :)

so, I’m hoping my hubs finds it in his heart of hearts to buy me this dream machine of a bag… I will love him forever if he does… and if he doesn’t I still will so I guess that’s a lame deal…

now I’m rambling. see you on the flip side.

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