week two: iphone photos

well, this week I was smarter. I remembered which day was which. hooray for me!


mondays are always rough. I think it’s because john goes back to work sunday night… and it’s always a little hard to get back into my no sleep groove with grayson. monday afternoon when I woke up from my nap… john made me lunch. a half cooked pot pie. bless him. he’s adorable.


here’s my cute little man, being about as cute as can be.

here he is two seconds later.
gotta love babyhood…


john will absolutely hate me for this one. but I think it’s too cute. it was a neat moment. he was down there on the floor (grayson’s on the playmat)… talking to him… it was priceless.


happy first thanksgiving little man!
also his first time in the highchair.
also, my first time cooking without worrying about him.
all in all, good day.


no story behind this photo.
he’s just stinkin’ cute.

see ya next week!

for some reason, wordpress is being redonkulous and not letting me post the linky thing – so go here, if you’d like to join in on the fun and link up… or you could just go there to read an awesome blog… that’s ok by me too… :)

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4 thoughts on “week two: iphone photos

  1. Randalin says:

    Don’t you just love capturing those father and son moments? Grayson’s a cutie! I’m glad you linked up with your weekly photos because I found your awesome blog!!

  2. Alex says:

    that first picture is so sweet! haha

    Grayson is adorable!!!

    Great pics. hope you have a fab week!

  3. Danni says:

    That is completly adorable! Don’t you just love it when they do those small things for us? Gotta love husbands, & might I add you have a very cute little man on your hands too! How old is he?

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