ergo = bliss

first off… I need to tell you, I had just woken up from a nap when this lovely gem of baby happiness gear arrived. so, my hair looks disgusting and I look incredibly groggy. there’s my disclaimer. hardy har har.

the only thing I really wanted for christmas this year was an ergo carrier. I wanted it in galaxy gray with the infant insert in the same pattern. so, when my mom asked what I wanted this year I practically shouted the ergo. and of course, here it is. thanks mom and abe.

I had to put it on right away… and luckily grayson was awake… and pretty fussy. two seconds after I put him in it, the kid was out. I mean hardcore sleeping. uhhhhhhhhhhmazing. not to mention, it’s completely adorable. I am in love…

in other news, my christmas shopping, including cards (hallelujar), is complete. I’m so proud of myself this year. even johns presents were easy this year. (he was pretty open about what he wanted.)… so, I’m a happy camper. now, to sit back and enjoy grayson’s first christmas. I ordered him a exersaucer from the disney store (thanks disney points!), which I doubt he’ll remember… but it’s his first christmas… I had to get him something!

anywho, that’s all for now. going to go walk around my house aimlessly with my bebe. can’t wait for the weather to be better… aka warmer, it’s frickin’ cold here… so we can take walks with the dogs… it’ll be much easier to maneuver with two dogs trying to drag me. (sorry caesar, not the best “pack leader”…) that’s for sure.


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8 thoughts on “ergo = bliss

  1. sis says:

    funny. You’re having a great day.I’m glad. Can’t wait to spend christmas with the bug…oh, and you and john lol.

  2. Dahlia Brown says:

    Can you say “AMAZING”?!?!?!?!?! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog!! you’re the cutest new mom EVER!!! I miss you and am so proud of this wonderful caring mother and wifey that you are. You make me smile and your writing style keeps the reader interested in what the heck you and Grayson are doing all week long. crazy, boring life I have huh? lol. miss you Sara. <3 ya bunches–Dahlia =)

    • awww, dahlia… I miss you, too. next time I’m in modesto… I’d really like to see you. I’ll have to keep you posted on when I’m coming… it’s probably going to be relatively soon because I definitely want granny to get to hang out with grayson. <3 you. :)

  3. AmyLee says:

    ahhh! i’m jealous! ergo’s are amazing. so i hear. :)

    dude, thanks for linking up w/ the photos hop. i’m not sure how the link works for wordpress blogs, i just know in blogger you paste the code as html in your html editing mode & it magically appears. is there an html editing mode for wordpress? i also know that if you pay for your wordpress blog, it may not work, but it’s supposed to work for the free ones. hmmm, hope that helps?

    either way, hope you link up this week too! i love hopping around & seeing everyone’s weeks!

    • hey amy! wordpress is just difficult in general I think. I think I’m going to just keep referring people the same way I did… because for some reason it just won’t let me do it… and it does have an html editor… I’ll keep poking around. definitely linking up next week! I’m hooked!

  4. Randalin says:

    I have a Beco (similar to the Ergo) and it is ah-mah-zing!!!! Isn’t it awesome how they just pass out in there? When Kale was tiny he would ONLY sleep during the day if he was being worn, so I did ALOT of aimless wandering around the house (we had the opposite problem – it was too hot out!).

    • I didn’t know the beco existed until last week! it looks just as uhmazing! it is totally awesome how they pass out. little g has had so many intestinal issues since he was born and you can tell when he’s uncomfortable… it’s nice to know it can offer a bit of relief… what’s kale’s middle name? I love that name btw.

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