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moments like these.

driving my sister to the airport tonight I realized… I wasn’t ready for her to leave. how ironic is that? I honestly, really enjoyed her this trip. we laughed, we cried, we complained about our parents, we giggled with my son, we had fun. serious amounts of it. an almost unfair amount.

leaving her at the airport was hard. I love that we live in the day and age that even if you live 3000 miles away… you’re just a plane ride away… but it still sucks. I wish she lived closer. I would love to see her more often… and now that I have little g… even more so. because I think family is important… and I hate the fact that ours lives so far away. but enough of my tiny violin. I’m really happy we got to spend the time we had together… I missed her like crazy.

she made my son laugh. for the first time. it was an amazing moment. I looked at her and I was like, “did he just laugh?” and she was like, “I’m pretty sure he did.” we both sat there dumbfounded for a minute and then, just like that… he did it again! he’s been doing it every now and then ever since. one of the best sounds ever, fyi… and I’m so glad heather was here to experience it.

I miss her already… we miss her already. can’t wait until next time.

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and you’ll have to raise the bebe…

if you’ve ever seen summer heights high (with comedian chris lilley)… you know what the title’s about. if not… I highly suggest you youtube, netflix, WATCH it… it’s highly hilarious. my sister and I have been watching it all week and we’ve been quoting this line… which I think makes it even more funny… which brings me to my point… she’s still here! since we had a redonkulous blizzard blow in out of nowhere… all flights out of JFK got the boot… and we’re still waiting to get through to her friggin’ airline… TWO DAYS LATER! doubleu – teee – efff airlineIwillnotname?!

so… we’re stuck. she’s stuck. I’m stuck… not fun. she’s super homesick and I would like to hog my husband for a few of the very seldom days he has off… but, well, such is life. and I can’t really complain… I am still enjoying her and g loves her to DEATH… I mean seriously. john and I went out to check out a car tonight (yep, thinking about buying a smaller, more economical, mommy suv)… and we came home and she had him cackeling up a storm. it was adorable. she loves him and he definitely loves her. it’s cute.

plus, when we’re not grouching at each other… we’re actually enjoying the extra time. so, for the time being we’ll roll with it. hoping she gets home before next year. (teeheehee… literally.)

nothing much else. we had a fantastic christmas. skype, heather, and g made it one of the best in a very long time. gotta love modern technology. plus, john got me a pandora bracelet… um, cute!

anywho, back to hanging with the fam… until next time, toodloo!

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week six: iphone photos

hello christmas. goodbye christmas. thanks for visiting.

it really does come and go quick, doesn’t it? the anticipation is insane… and then it gets here and it’s over in a blink. I’ve had an incredible week. my sister is here visiting… and we’ve had a really great visit. she and I have one of those relationships where we adore each other… but we’re also happy to see each other go if you know what I mean. this visit has kind of been the perfect amount of time. I about died from excitement when she got here… and I’m not quite ready for her to go home… but that’s kind of nice feeling. we were just talking about that earlier, actually…

anywho. on with the show. here’s a recap of my week… in iphone photos.

oh yeah, and merry christmas!


so, this week has been the week of baxter being cuter than usual. he seems to find the cutest places to curl up and fall asleep. this is g’s bouncy seat… I’m pretty sure bax would beg to differ… when I saw him here I had to snap a pic. thankthelordjesus I had my iphone nearby…

here’s a pic of g right before his doc appt. he had just pitched a GIGANTIC fit… thank god I have learned the art of packing a diaper bag for every possible bebe disaster. he took a earthshattering… doodie after this. but, thankfully, I had everything I needed. I think the medical assistant about died when I opened up that cloth diaper and it was full of youknowwhat… hallelujar for an uhmazing wet bag. all in all, HORRID appt… I’m never going without john ever again. I was a mess when I got home…


it suddenly occurred to me on tuesday that christmas was right around the corner. seriously awesome that I had some self control this year and didn’t open presents as they arrived. made christmas… well, christmas. worth it.


what’d I tell you… he was sleeping in the cutest places. I could eat him. he’s darling.

oh yes, and he’s pretty sure he’s the bebe. he was claiming the downstairs changing station here. he’s a funny little thing.



shopping at the most fab mall in ct… stopped for a bite at pf changs. love the lettuce wraps. seriously, delish.

my sister’s nickname in our fam is “monkey”, so it was only fitting that she make little g a monkey at build a bear… we named him p diddy… isn’t he the cutest? oh and p.s. the checkeroutter lady did NOT find it humorous. she looked at us like we were annoying when she announced the name of our new little bundle of cotton… hey, can’t win em’ all.

friday: christmas eve

hanging with my little man on his FIRST christmas eve. I love the outfit he’s wearing. one of our finds on our random shopping excursion on wednesday. it’s a cashmere jumper that says happy. too. friggin’. cute.

later on in the day we decided to go have lunch at on the border. I married a crazy. it makes me giggle.

I. love. her. and she loves g. which I think makes me love her more.

saturday: CHRISTMAS… g’s FIRST christmas!

funny, last year we were just starting to broach the subject of kiddos. look at us now.

one of my fav photos of the day. precious.

one of our presents to heather. doesn’t she look adorable in it?!

and that about sums up the week. it’s been a great one. seems to be a trend lately. not complaining!

merry christmas from our family to yours… hope you get to spend it with people you love… lord knows, it makes all the difference.

see you next week.

oh and p.s. as usual, if you’d like to link up… check out this blog. her blog rocks… plus, wordpress sucks and won’t let me post the linky thing. have a great week! toodloo!

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sissy’s here!!!

it may be a couple of days before I post again… going to enjoy my sister for a couple of days. really happy to have her here. even though I just saw her a couple of weeks ago. jfk wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be tonight… apparently, the holiday rush hasn’t quite begun…

anywho, just thought I’d let you know. I haven’t disappeared!

in case I’m not back before then… enjoy the holiday! I can hardly wait!

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take a walk with me to randomland.

feeling the need for a random post today. to take my mind off of today’s (well, technically now it would be yesterday) horrid events. it was g-man’s 10 week check-up and the vaccines were even more traumatic then last time… I was bawling and john was working… (best day for him to have a “day” meeting… let me tell you.) and the nurse kept telling me, “oh, it’s ok. he won’t remember this…” um, k… but I will remember his shrill screams! thanks for understanding. definitely not my fav nurse. we’ve had her before unfortunately…

so, I was looking at pics on john’s phone today (wasn’t snooping, I swear!)… and I found some I hadn’t seen before… so I thought I’d share… listening to my little man sleeping on the monitor as I type this. thank god, no more vaccines for at least six weeks. I’m gonna need that long to prepare myself… and john is DEFINITELY not getting out of next time. little bugger.

these pics are super interesting to me! this was the day my water broke. so, these are the last pics of me pregnant outside the hospital… look at me! no idea my life was suddenly about to change! I was just depositing checks!

apparently, john thought he was a master photographer. look how patriotic! haha, he cracks me up. I’m glad I found these. we didn’t take many pics of me pregnant… I didn’t show until I was like 7 and a half months along!

this picture says it all. it was taken right after they took grayson away from me. what you don’t see is the neonatologists are putting g into a little tube like cradle thingy to wheel him to the nicu. I felt like I had failed him…

wouldn’t be a complete post without at least ONE photo of the little man. before we figured out he had a sensitivity to dairy/soy… the kid was always frowning… I would be too if I was in pain all the time!

that’s all I’ve got for now. definitely interesting the things he caught on his phone… I went from having 250 pics on my phone (mainly of my furrbabies…) to over a thousand since g was born… funny how they do that to you. I feel like I need to take a picture of every moment… it’s going by so fast!

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all I want for christmas…

this year is the first year I’ve been excited about christmas in a very long time. so many things have changed… the past two christmas’ spent in connecticut have been a tad dreary. first off, I couldn’t wait for christmas day to open presents, so when it rolled around there weren’t any to open! (redonkulous!)… and we don’t have any family over here, so they’ve been very isolating and lonely… I’ve just chalked it up to growing up. no more fun in christmas. it’s just another day.

this year already feels different.

grayson has changed most everything about my life… so why would christmas be any different? I know he won’t remember this christmas… but I most certainly will. our first christmas as a family. he’s already brought the excitement back. not to mention, all of the presents are STILL under the tree… wrapped and waiting… best of all? sissy. that’s right, my little sister is coming for christmas this year. I’m super stoked about having her here. I’m planning on making cornish game hens, cranberry cornbread, berry cobbler… the list goes on. especially since, I’ll have the extra help to watch the kiddo.


even the music this year is not annoying. if only I could find my copy of muppets christmas… it would be complete. growing up it seems that was one of the only things that stayed the same. we ended up having two christmas’ every year. we always had our christmas with mom about a week prior. our christmas with dad was with him and his family on christmas day. one thing I seriously miss is waking up at nana and papa’s on christmas day. hearing the sliding glass door slowly creak open as granny entered. smells of berry cobbler and hot cocoa filling the room. papa walking around waking everyone up with his infamous cackeling. waiting anxiously for everyone to awaken so we could open presents… spending the day eating the most delish food on the planet and playing cards. phase 10 anyone? no christmas has been the same since. I haven’t felt that feeling… you know, that comfortable, homey, warm, happy feeling…

but it’s not about me anymore.

and that has changed things. it’s brought the excitement and wonder back… in a whole new way. I can’t wait until grayson is at the age where he understands… and I can tell him all about what christmas means to me. I can’t wait to start new traditions. us. as a family.  

and I can’t help but wonder, what will he look forward to every year?

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week five: iphone photos

well, today has been exhausting… so I’m super glad you can’t see me right now… I’m a scary sight. couldn’t sleep last night… worked from 8-2pm… came home to a grumpalump bebe… and a super tired husband.

long story short, I’m lucky to have a moment to myself to post this… not to mention diaper laundry! so happy I made it downstairs to the basement! it’s the little things.


this pic cracks me up. baxter was ECSTATIC when little g and I walked through the door monday night. once we got settled, he was right up on my lap and had to get as close to g as possible. I know g looks uncomfortable, but they both slept like logs… so apparently it wasn’t too terribly so.


another highly hilarious photo of baxter. this dog is a serious ham. if I bring out the camera or phone… he looks straight at me, poses, and waits. he was pouting. he would NOT look at me. he seriously cracks me up. who even knows what he was pouting about…

here’s my other pouty dog, elsie. she’s had a TON of changes to her lifestyle since little man has arrived… so I don’t blame her for pouting. we’re slowly easing her back into a little more freedom on this side of the gates… but I’m so flippin’ nervous! I’m sure it’ll be fine… she’s a kind-hearted dog… we’ll figure it out. oh and p.s. she’s totally sporting her christmas collar.


um, he’s super cute. that’s all. oh and p.s. I have no idea where we were going.


apparently, the ergo makes us both happy inside. john says this pic makes me look like I’m about to eat little g. well, he’s so frickin’ adorable sometimes I want to just take a bite! lol… kidding, only kidding.


can you believe how much he’s grown? it’s unbelievable to me! I can’t wait for his dr appt on monday. dying to know what he weighs! btw, do you think it’s kosher to bring the peed cookies? I was thinking of making those peanut butter cookies with the kisses on top… oh and regarding the pic, he was wicked grouchy. it’s crazy how cute he is even when he’s being a grumpalump.

and that’s it for this week. I know, we’re terribly entertaining. in fact, here’s g’s opinion of this post…

thanks a lot for your support little man.

welp, that’s all for this week. can you believe the next time I post this, it’ll have pics of g’s first christmas? where did this year go? I was just telling john I was pregnant!…

if you’d like to join in on the fun… and I seriously suggest you do… check out this blog and link up… or just check it out because you like awesome mommy blogs.

the end.

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day at the spa.

so… the time had come to get my hair did. it was looking haggard. I’m happy to have it back to it’s normal lovely self. it’s seriously uhmazing what a good cut and color can do for you. honestly, it was sort of nice to take a day for myself. away from my boys. to gossip, sip tea, and watch as my fab new hair stylist made me a girl again.

makes for a good day.



and yes, I know I’m making redonkulous faces in both of these…. I seriously need to work on that.

until next time, toodloo.

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it’s crazy to me that after eight years I still get butterflies in my belly at the thought of seeing john. when I was in california I missed him like crazy… and if it wasn’t for a stupid layout at the JFK airport… I probably would’ve jumped him right there in the lobby… he’s a pretty uhmazing fellow. I don’t know how I got so lucky.

had trouble sleeping last night… so I was pestering him a lot via text. he’s so good about it to. you know he’s thinking in his head, “dern it woman! I’m working!”… but he would never say that… he just answers my texts… and helps me get through the night. what a guy.

it’s hard to believe that we have a child now. it’s been quite the adjustment. we don’t get near as much time together as we used to. I miss him. I miss us. we’re still fine… we get along super well, but not getting to spend time together does begin to take it’s toll. we’ll figure it out.

I wrapped presents last night. let me tell you, homeboy is getting seriously spoiled this year. he’s a serious rc nerd… so I indulged. it was fun. he deserves it. he’s been so kick arse through my whole pregnancy and now with the bebe. he works so hard, too. he’s awesome. I seriously love the h-e-doublehockeysticks outta him. for real.

I remember when I met him it was more of a conquest. I didn’t even like him that much! look at us now… it’s just hard to believe I guess.

we took baby g to the grocery store today. I keep forgetting I take him out a lot more by myself… john hasn’t had too much experience with him outside the house. he kept saying, “wow, he’s being really good.” and I’m thinking in my head, “duh.” but then I have to sit back and remember the guy works ALL THE TIME. so, it was fun to experience it with him. he was excited. he’s funny. being with my two boys is my favorite. they are my life. and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

so here’s to you, john,

I love you so much. you’ve given me a life that I’ve always dreamed of. you’ve enabled me to take chances. you’ve given me the most beautiful baby on the planet. you’ve made it possible for us to afford a place where we can keep the furry kiddos. you’ve put up with my love for animals (even when it’s raged out of control)… you’ve backed me up when I needed you to. you’ve talked to me, when I didn’t want to listen. you’ve hugged me and let me cry. you’ve come home from work when I heard a scary noise. you are constantly making me laugh. you are my one. I wouldn’t trade you for anything! (ok, maybe a ford f150 fx4) KIDDING! I could go on forever about all the things I love about you… you know this. I don’t know how I got so lucky… but I’m so happy I left that post-it on your windsheild eight years ago. you’ve made me a very happy mama. I love you. over and over and over. forever.

love, me.

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little g’s california adventure, in photos.

no story would be complete without photos… right?

little g’s first changing session in the plane. cramped? yes. complicated? surprisingly, no.

papa with little g. we joked they looked like twins with the bald heads.

g with nana. she’s so pretty! (she and papa have been married FIFTY years!)

nana and patti chatting…

grandpa chris holding g. this is a funny photo. whenever g stretches his legs out straight like this, he’s working “it” out… no different here… during this photo, he let one rip.

grandma patti could hardly contain herself. she was super happy to get to spend some time with him…

he’s checking grandpa chris out.

they have the same ears!

this is one of my favs. right after this photo… he spit up all over gpa chris. I’m not gonna lie, I laughed pretty hard. leave it to little g for the comic relief.

heather and matt got engaged this year… so he’s little g’s soon-to-be uncle! first photo with their nephew…

another one of my favorites… little g loves to stand on his legs… he’s got himself all propped up on matt here.

sisterly love.

five generations!

from left to right: granny nelson, papa nelson, dad nelson, me, and grayson…
five generations of nelson blood. crazy. I’m so framing this.

dad and g. cute.

connie and g :)

exhausted, congested, me and g.

I flew three thousand miles for this pic. nuff said.

peanut, grannys dog, was jealous. that’s her lap!

even when I’m grouchy and tired… this little person still melts my heart.

g didn’t know what to think of uncle kyle…

john’s mom and stepdad came to visit… grandpa norms first time meeting g!

mom and abe with little g. grandpa abe’s first meeting, too!

I can’t find any pics of g with uncle blake except the ones on the iphone… and those are saved for this coming week in iphone photos… you’ll see him then! sorry blake!

can you see how much fun we had?! it was a blast. I’m exhausted.

until next time, toodloo!

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