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there are no words to describe what it’s like to be reunited with someone you love so freaking much… it makes you sick to think of them leaving. someone you don’t even have to think to be around. someone who makes you laugh so hard your face hurts at the end of the night… and you think so much alike you loose track of the amount of jinx action going on… someone you can talk to about anything… and know that no matter what truths you share, it will never alter the relationship… no. matter. what. basically, someone who gets you…

all of the above… sophie.

three years is way too long to go without seeing her. don’t get me wrong, I’m so freaking happy we’ve had the past three days to enjoy each other. but I will tell you right now… never again. we will see each other at least once a year… mark my words. on the other hand… we both needed this visit so badly right now… it’s bittersweet I suppose.

this weekend has been nothing short of amazing. from the moment I picked soph up from the airport it has been nonstop chatting, giggling, ikea-ing, target-ing, and even a day at the bronx zoo. it’s felt like a high school sleep over… the best kind… I can’t believe tomorrow morning is already time to take her back to the airport. the visit was too short… but I will take what I can get… and having her see g… and love on him. I can’t even tell you.

enough of my sappyness… let’s relive a highlight reel, shall we?

– I pick soph up at the airport… she tells me to pick her up in departures, she waits in arrivals… she does three flights of stairs… twice. it was highly hilarious.

– ikea new jersey… pear soda, hazelnut chocolate… heaven.

– explaining to soph my love of cloth diapers… hilarious.

– sophie meeting john – FINALLY! I cannot believe in the 8 years I’ve known and loved them both… this was the first time they met. crazy. they felt like they knew each other. hmph, I wonder why.

– sophie cuddling my baby. I’ve cuddled hers for years… it’s been awesome to see her cuddling mine.

– pf changs. pear mojito + hilarious memories + delish overpriced chinese = amazingness…

– bronx zoo… bears wrestling, seals coming right up to us, tortoises humping… awesome day.

it’s been a great trip. I know I’ve said that about a million times… but it’s so freaking true. not ready for her to leave. I love you, Soph!

in other news, I am NOT looking forward to my weigh-in tomorrow. HORRID week to start my diet… but I’m going to stay faithful to my weigh-ins regardless… and we cannot forget the target checker tonight… she finally said what everyone else thinks.

went to target by myself tonight while soph watched the kiddo… while checking out with three cans of g’s wayridiculouslyoverpricedformula.. the checker looked at me and said, “you have a child?” … “yes.”… “how old are you?!”… “I’m 18…” … “Yeah, I thought so.”… “I’m kidding, I’ll be 26 next month.”… “omg, I thought 18 was a stretch.” … wow, at least now I know why so many connecticans give me dirty looks… I look like a 12 year old apparently. stellar. I’m sure I’ll appreciate it at 40… but right now… not my favorite.

anywho, that’s all for now… going to hang with soph for a bit… skipping iphone photos this week… takes too long to get that post together… but I’ll continue it again next week. toodloo!

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tomorrow’s gonna be good.

as long as the weather holds out. my favorite friend on the planet is coming to visit. SOPHIE! first she was my bosses wife… then she was my neighbor… then she came into my house one night (when I was 19 mind you…) “hey sara! you wanna go get ratfaced?” I will never forget it. of course I couldn’t go… being underaged and everything… but I’ll tell you right now… at that moment, I knew we were going to be great friends…

we spent the next year having tons of fun. I worked at a kid’s camp… (we both lived on-sight)… we would run around and randomly start river-dancing (if you have not tried this… you should.)… we would go to target once a week… (hello! who doesn’t love target?) … she has two boys… we spent lots of time hanging out with them (part of the reason I about died of happiness when I found out g was a boy…) we talked ALL THE TIME… she became (and still is, if I may add…) my closest confidant. and she came into my life when I really needed a friend… and now, half of my vocab is adopted from sophieisms… like for instance, “highly hilarious” or “bless his cotton socks.” it all sounds so much better with an english accent… I assure you… and we have been great friends… the best of them. so, when she called to tell me she was coming out… I thought I was going to lose my mind… we haven’t seen each other since november of 2007… and let me tell you, too. friggin. long. I cannot wait until tomorrow… I could literally burst with excitement right now.

here’s a photo from my trip to see her in 2007… can’t wait to get many more photos this weekend… hopefully many more with martinis in hand… toodloo…

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yet another reason I love etsy…

I got his last initial done, too… aren’t they adorable? I found them at wallfry. which is one of my favorite shops… everything is made by a mama of two boys in australia! go check her out…

that’s all for now… toodloo!

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a little g lovin’ for ya…

here’s g talking to his mama… I hate hearing my voice on video… do I really sound like that?

oh well… enjoy!

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interesting morning… to say the least.

woke up to a frantic screaming child this morning at 4am (thankyoumonitorfornotbeingdead.)… I mean screaming. not crying, not mumbling, not making random noises like he usually does, but screaming. I jumped out of bed, ran into his room and yanked him out of his crib… hey, hey, it’s okay. mama’s here. (I’m someones mama… still weirds me out)… but he would not stop screaming. he’s done this before… the waking up screaming thing… but never for this long. so, I decided to just go with our routine. I changed him and I made a bottle and we sat down in the glider and rocked… he finally started to settle down… but… he was then, wide awake. 4am, when I have to get up to go to work at 6am is not a funny joke. incaseyouwerewondering. we sat there staring at each other for a long while. I talked to him, sang to him, rocked him… but he wasn’t going back to sleep. no mam. and part of me doesn’t blame him… whatever was in his dream obviously wasn’t as nice as being cuddled by his mama. but eventually, around 5ish… I decided I had to get just a tad more sleep… so, I put him in his crib and went back to bed… he mumbled for a bit… and went to sleep.

awh. thankthelordjesus.

but then, about 5:45 he woke up again… screaming! enough already! mr dream maker… can you please help me out? this time I was smart… I grabbed his bottle and brought him to bed with me. he passed out before his head even hit the bed. plain and simple, he wanted his mama. (I totally get why people co-sleep now btw… not that we’ll be doing it when it’s not an absolute necessity… but still, I get it.)

needless to say, it was so hard getting up… out of my bed where I was snuggling with my little human to get ready for work… so I stalled… and I stalled. and when john got home I made him get in bed with g. well, not made as in forced… but you get the idea. I showered quickly… got dressed… and off I went. about ten minutes later than usual. I usually get to work about fifteen minutes early… so, I thought… it was way worth it for the extra cuddle time…

but I forgot to check the weather.

snow sucks. don’t get me wrong… it’s pretty and everything… but something about it makes people want to drive like they don’t need to be anywhere until… tomorrow. well, unfortunately… I needed to be at work in about thirty minutes… I hadn’t even gotten to the next town when I decided to give up. I left my house at 7:25am… and I wasn’t even to the next town by 8:45am… (I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the hour of uninterrupted vintage weezer, though.) I called my ohsoawesome co-worker… (who luckily lives on the same street as our workplace)… and she went in for me. bless her.

so, I turned around and came home. home to my sweet cuddly baby… and my exhausted tryingtobethebestdadhecanbewithtwohoursofsleep husband. they needed me. apparently, someone was looking out for me. (I won’t name any names, but thanks.)…

that brings me to now… sitting here typing this next to my little man asleep on his playmat. he always does this… plays for a while… does the cutest baby sigh on the planet and falls asleep… and my husband is upstairs sleeping for hopefully, at least the next eight hours.

this whole morning all I can seem to think about is how good I’ve got it these days. I feel like grayson was the missing piece to my life. (no pressure little man.) he’s made it so much better… fuller… happier… (less sleep, less healthy brain cells, less lining in my esophagus… but who care about that stuff, right?)… my husband is kind enough to watch him while I go to work because I was dreading putting him in day care… I have amazing co-workers who will actually COVER (don’t get me started on the former… makes me irritable just thinking about that situation.) we have a roof over our heads and food in our bellies (a little too much… check out the previous post.)… and we have family, though far away, who are amazing… and have welcomed grayson like you wouldn’t believe. I just feel so very thankful today…

now, I get to spend my snow day with my little man. toodloo for now…

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week ten: iphone photos

this has been a nice routine week… I’m finally back in the swing of things at work… and our boy is on a sleeping schedule (what?! yeah.)… it’s been a pretty sweet week… if katherine wasn’t in colorado and we could’ve had our playdate… would have been even better… but you can’t have everything, right?

monday was pretty chill. john had to go to school and then straight to work… so, I decided to use my spare time (what’s that?) to make lunch/dinner… we turkey, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce… thanks for the idea katherine! it was delish. I ADORE my kitchenaid mixer. I think everyone who spends anytime cooking NEEDS one. plus, look how cute she is!

baxter’s been acting out like you would not believe lately. I’ve had a couple of moments where I wanted to scream… I understand his plight though… so I can’t be too too upset… but lord, please help him adjust. I can’t take too much more of this! but when he does this? I mean look at that face!

tuesday was back to work. it was a good day. this is our doc assistant. he’s so good with the animals. as you can see, this kitty is lovin’ it. haha. they don’t always cooperate.

one of our techs lovin’ on a clients dog… seven. isn’t he the cutest? I got chihuahua fever from this dog. he’s such a love.

I didn’t want to put him down… and he’s moving to oregon with his owner! so sad! (for me anyway.)

this is what I woke up to wednesday morning. he’s such a morning person… definitely doesn’t take after his mama.

laundry all day all night… I’m sure you other mamas out there can relate. my kid spits up nonstop… I change his outfit about fortyfivethousandtimes a day. plus dipes… but I don’t mind that part…

when I came home from work thursday afternoon… john had to go to bed… so, g and I worked on tummy time in his room… isn’t he holding his head up so well?! I’m so excited.

my favorite person to hang out with. I love this kid. love him.

took baxter out to go potty while I warmed up the car friday morning… apparently he thought he was going to get to go. I was happy I had my phone on me… this was too cute not to catch a photo…

later in the day… when I got home from work, I needed some ingredients for dinner… so, g and I had to run to the store. as you can see, he was less than thrilled. (it was bath time… he LOVES bath time…)

saturday was a work day… as usual. this is my boss’ dog… we’re buddies. this is his version of “staying dead” for a treat. notice the treat is right next to him… he’s a smart little booger.

this is one of the techs with her baby. she held g in a pic for this post weeks ago… she’s much more comfortable holding her pooch…

when I got home from work… sbish fluff mail was waiting for me! aren’t they the cutest dipes EVER?!

leaving you with my favorite pic of the week. he fell asleep clutching my finger on saturday. I took that as… he missed his mama.

did you take pics of your week with a cameraphone? join us in the fun… link up at an awesome mama blog… a good life. we’re a fun bunch!

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best. salad. ever.

my boss’ wife made the most incredible salad at our christmas party. so incredible, I actually took some to-go. yep, it was delish. today when I was at work I got an itch for this salad… so, I headed out to trader joe’s… got the goods and raced home to make john and I a rockin’ lunch. and let me tell you… just as good as I remember… too good to keep to myself. so here goes…

my boss’ wife sent me the recipe for the dressing. she likes it more vinegar-ey… whereas, I like it a little toned down. so, if you like the vinegar taste follow her recipe… if you like it not as strong, do three parts oil to one part vinegar :)

classic vinaigrette dressing:
4 TBL extra virgin olive oil
2 TBL balsamic vinegar
a bit (like 1/2 tea) of mustard (dijon)
one crushed garlic clove
herbs de Provence

note: if you’re planning on making a larger batch, don’t multiply the garlic per these instructions… you’ll be keeping the vampires away for dayyyyssss…

the salad itself includes:
baby spinach
candied pecans (walnuts are good, too…)
goat cheese (although, I thought the goat cheese was a little strong, so we tried feta this time… de-freaking-lish. seriously.)

and that’s all it takes! I’m telling you, it’s stellar. seriously delightful, filling salad. john was a fan :)…

anywho, that’s all I’ve got for now. going to be posting my week in iphone photos later… just thought I’d share the tastiness with you guys.


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skypin’ the grands.

um, possibly the cutest thing ever? walking into the living room and seeing john on the floor with grayson skyping his parents in california. (and yes, those are sbish peacoat longies g’s wearing, thankyouverymuch) I know it sounds silly… but he’s SO proud… which makes me even more proud… it’s a vicious cycle I tell you.

I mean come on… aren’t they the cutest? I certainly think so.

I got to hang out with the little man later in the day… he was in a bit of a better mood by then…

needless to say, today’s been pretty swell.

toodloo for now…

oh and p.s. any thoughts on the “maybe” new layout?

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I’ve decided it’s time to make some changes to the blog… it’s going to go through some ugliness while I try to find what I want… so, bear with me… she will be pretty sometime soon


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that’s right. grayson said dada today… over and over. I’m not going to lie… I was a tad jealous… but I’ll also admit I was super stoked. my kid said a word. not sure if it really was a word or if he was just babbling… but still… we both (meaning john and I) heard him loud and clear… about four times today say… dada. it was quite possibly the cutest thing ever. he got his cutest little baby voice on and cooed all over us. he’s quite the charmer this kid.

that was pretty much the highlight of today. I went through his wardrobe today and packed away what he can’t wear. can I just tell you he’s wearing 6-9 month clothes?! he doesn’t look that big to me… (I think the cloth dipes are partly to blame)… nevertheless, we’re back to having an organized nursery. the only room in the house I’m even remotely type a about.

I’m feeling exhausted today. I mean I’m hardly keeping my eyes open to write this post. I don’t even know why. grayson is practically sleeping through the night. only waking once to eat (between 2-5)… and I don’t even have to change him usually. and he’s going to sleep 8-9ish… you’d think this would be the new parent’s dream… why am I so tired?!

I think it’s because I feel like change may be a comin’… and just thinking about it is wearing me out. I’m not going to spill any beans of any sort at this point… but, I’m starting to have stress dreams. yikes. don’t you worry… john and I are solid… nothing weird there. part of me thinks I’m itching a bit for a change. I get like this from time to time. moving into the house we’re living in was my 23rd move in 26 years. crazy right? we moved around a bit as a kid and I continued that trend into my adult life. I’m having a hard time settling in. I hate that! on the other hand though, I have learned to adapt… and that skill is priceless.

anywho, I’m becoming a tad delirious… so I suppose it’s time to stop rambling. wish me luck on the sleep thing. I could use some quality shut eye tonight… so, I’m going to leave you with a picture of my talking baby and his adorable dada… toodloo for now.

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