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(title courtesy of grayson ;))

I’m feeling a little less than inspired lately… and a little debbie-downer-esque… I think it might just be this god-awful weather we’re having… but that’s neither here nor there… on that note, I feel like I muzzled myself a tad on baby boys three month birthday. which in turn, bummed me out even more. enough,
enough I tell you!

I read all of these blogs where mamas write letters to their babies.
I really, really love this and I would love to do it here on my blog… but I’ve been doing it on paper… and socking them away in his baby book for him to read when he’s older. there are some
things I don’t want to proclaim to the world. there are some things I want for just me and my son. and I think I’m going to keep writing letters to him… and I think I’m going to keep them
private. call me old fashioned.

one thing I can tell you. I feel like I fall in love with this kid more and more everyday. I know it was
a slow start. I remember bringing him home and looking at him and thinking, this is it? really? this is all I’m going to feel? … but now, I get it. now I get why parents constantly gush over their kids and cannot find anything else to talk about. they do become the center of your universe… and for good reason.

yesterday, on my way out the door to work, I went into the nursery. kissed my husband and leaned down to
say bye to my baby boy. he looked at me, cocked his head, and smiled… like he knew me. I melted… and went back for more… and was nearly late to work… but can you blame me? everyday he’s
doing something new… right now he’s next to me on his play mat cooing at himself in the mirror… I could sit here and watch him do this all. day. long.

yesterday also happened to be my play date with katherine and everly. which I think is more of a mama play date then a baby one considering g can’t really “play” yet. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I look forward to this day every week… it’s so good just to relax and talk to someone I can be
myself with… and it’s so fun to watch a baby that’s in a different stage… everly was highly entertaining… she learned to wink the night before… and watching her scrunch her cute little face and then grin with pride… it was something else. toddlerhood is a lot more entertaining… but I will admit, the thought of g
being mobile is a little nerve-wracking to say the least…

op… someone is soooo over the mat…

toodloo for now…

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3 thoughts on “gjfuldrdltyhgjjbv kn;

  1. Wendy says:

    I love your title! I’ve been feeling a little down as well. Summer needs to hurry up and come.

  2. randalin says:

    I agree with you about keeping some stuff out of the blogosphere! Happy three months to you both :)

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