best. salad. ever.

my boss’ wife made the most incredible salad at our christmas party. so incredible, I actually took some to-go. yep, it was delish. today when I was at work I got an itch for this salad… so, I headed out to trader joe’s… got the goods and raced home to make john and I a rockin’ lunch. and let me tell you… just as good as I remember… too good to keep to myself. so here goes…

my boss’ wife sent me the recipe for the dressing. she likes it more vinegar-ey… whereas, I like it a little toned down. so, if you like the vinegar taste follow her recipe… if you like it not as strong, do three parts oil to one part vinegar :)

classic vinaigrette dressing:
4 TBL extra virgin olive oil
2 TBL balsamic vinegar
a bit (like 1/2 tea) of mustard (dijon)
one crushed garlic clove
herbs de Provence

note: if you’re planning on making a larger batch, don’t multiply the garlic per these instructions… you’ll be keeping the vampires away for dayyyyssss…

the salad itself includes:
baby spinach
candied pecans (walnuts are good, too…)
goat cheese (although, I thought the goat cheese was a little strong, so we tried feta this time… de-freaking-lish. seriously.)

and that’s all it takes! I’m telling you, it’s stellar. seriously delightful, filling salad. john was a fan :)…

anywho, that’s all I’ve got for now. going to be posting my week in iphone photos later… just thought I’d share the tastiness with you guys.


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