interesting morning… to say the least.

woke up to a frantic screaming child this morning at 4am (thankyoumonitorfornotbeingdead.)… I mean screaming. not crying, not mumbling, not making random noises like he usually does, but screaming. I jumped out of bed, ran into his room and yanked him out of his crib… hey, hey, it’s okay. mama’s here. (I’m someones mama… still weirds me out)… but he would not stop screaming. he’s done this before… the waking up screaming thing… but never for this long. so, I decided to just go with our routine. I changed him and I made a bottle and we sat down in the glider and rocked… he finally started to settle down… but… he was then, wide awake. 4am, when I have to get up to go to work at 6am is not a funny joke. incaseyouwerewondering. we sat there staring at each other for a long while. I talked to him, sang to him, rocked him… but he wasn’t going back to sleep. no mam. and part of me doesn’t blame him… whatever was in his dream obviously wasn’t as nice as being cuddled by his mama. but eventually, around 5ish… I decided I had to get just a tad more sleep… so, I put him in his crib and went back to bed… he mumbled for a bit… and went to sleep.

awh. thankthelordjesus.

but then, about 5:45 he woke up again… screaming! enough already! mr dream maker… can you please help me out? this time I was smart… I grabbed his bottle and brought him to bed with me. he passed out before his head even hit the bed. plain and simple, he wanted his mama. (I totally get why people co-sleep now btw… not that we’ll be doing it when it’s not an absolute necessity… but still, I get it.)

needless to say, it was so hard getting up… out of my bed where I was snuggling with my little human to get ready for work… so I stalled… and I stalled. and when john got home I made him get in bed with g. well, not made as in forced… but you get the idea. I showered quickly… got dressed… and off I went. about ten minutes later than usual. I usually get to work about fifteen minutes early… so, I thought… it was way worth it for the extra cuddle time…

but I forgot to check the weather.

snow sucks. don’t get me wrong… it’s pretty and everything… but something about it makes people want to drive like they don’t need to be anywhere until… tomorrow. well, unfortunately… I needed to be at work in about thirty minutes… I hadn’t even gotten to the next town when I decided to give up. I left my house at 7:25am… and I wasn’t even to the next town by 8:45am… (I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the hour of uninterrupted vintage weezer, though.) I called my ohsoawesome co-worker… (who luckily lives on the same street as our workplace)… and she went in for me. bless her.

so, I turned around and came home. home to my sweet cuddly baby… and my exhausted tryingtobethebestdadhecanbewithtwohoursofsleep husband. they needed me. apparently, someone was looking out for me. (I won’t name any names, but thanks.)…

that brings me to now… sitting here typing this next to my little man asleep on his playmat. he always does this… plays for a while… does the cutest baby sigh on the planet and falls asleep… and my husband is upstairs sleeping for hopefully, at least the next eight hours.

this whole morning all I can seem to think about is how good I’ve got it these days. I feel like grayson was the missing piece to my life. (no pressure little man.) he’s made it so much better… fuller… happier… (less sleep, less healthy brain cells, less lining in my esophagus… but who care about that stuff, right?)… my husband is kind enough to watch him while I go to work because I was dreading putting him in day care… I have amazing co-workers who will actually COVER (don’t get me started on the former… makes me irritable just thinking about that situation.) we have a roof over our heads and food in our bellies (a little too much… check out the previous post.)… and we have family, though far away, who are amazing… and have welcomed grayson like you wouldn’t believe. I just feel so very thankful today…

now, I get to spend my snow day with my little man. toodloo for now…

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3 thoughts on “interesting morning… to say the least.

  1. Wendy says:

    Don’t you just love those screaming-for-no-reason fits? Hannah did that this morning and we were about to take her to the emergency room. Turns out she was just really hungry and didn’t want the bottle…she wanted cherrios instead.
    Oh, and Grayson looks so stinkin cute sleeping on his playmate!

  2. omg… its terrifying!! its funny how they already know how to work us… isn’t it?

  3. randalin says:

    That’s so nice that your co-worker covered and you will able to go home and cuddle with your little man.

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