tomorrow’s gonna be good.

as long as the weather holds out. my favorite friend on the planet is coming to visit. SOPHIE! first she was my bosses wife… then she was my neighbor… then she came into my house one night (when I was 19 mind you…) “hey sara! you wanna go get ratfaced?” I will never forget it. of course I couldn’t go… being underaged and everything… but I’ll tell you right now… at that moment, I knew we were going to be great friends…

we spent the next year having tons of fun. I worked at a kid’s camp… (we both lived on-sight)… we would run around and randomly start river-dancing (if you have not tried this… you should.)… we would go to target once a week… (hello! who doesn’t love target?) … she has two boys… we spent lots of time hanging out with them (part of the reason I about died of happiness when I found out g was a boy…) we talked ALL THE TIME… she became (and still is, if I may add…) my closest confidant. and she came into my life when I really needed a friend… and now, half of my vocab is adopted from sophieisms… like for instance, “highly hilarious” or “bless his cotton socks.” it all sounds so much better with an english accent… I assure you… and we have been great friends… the best of them. so, when she called to tell me she was coming out… I thought I was going to lose my mind… we haven’t seen each other since november of 2007… and let me tell you, too. friggin. long. I cannot wait until tomorrow… I could literally burst with excitement right now.

here’s a photo from my trip to see her in 2007… can’t wait to get many more photos this weekend… hopefully many more with martinis in hand… toodloo…

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One thought on “tomorrow’s gonna be good.

  1. randalin says:

    Have fun with your friend! I always find it kind of strange to hang out with someone I haven’t seen in awhile. Some people expect ‘party Randalin,’ and are surprised when they get ‘mama Randalin.’

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