there are no words to describe what it’s like to be reunited with someone you love so freaking much… it makes you sick to think of them leaving. someone you don’t even have to think to be around. someone who makes you laugh so hard your face hurts at the end of the night… and you think so much alike you loose track of the amount of jinx action going on… someone you can talk to about anything… and know that no matter what truths you share, it will never alter the relationship… no. matter. what. basically, someone who gets you…

all of the above… sophie.

three years is way too long to go without seeing her. don’t get me wrong, I’m so freaking happy we’ve had the past three days to enjoy each other. but I will tell you right now… never again. we will see each other at least once a year… mark my words. on the other hand… we both needed this visit so badly right now… it’s bittersweet I suppose.

this weekend has been nothing short of amazing. from the moment I picked soph up from the airport it has been nonstop chatting, giggling, ikea-ing, target-ing, and even a day at the bronx zoo. it’s felt like a high school sleep over… the best kind… I can’t believe tomorrow morning is already time to take her back to the airport. the visit was too short… but I will take what I can get… and having her see g… and love on him. I can’t even tell you.

enough of my sappyness… let’s relive a highlight reel, shall we?

– I pick soph up at the airport… she tells me to pick her up in departures, she waits in arrivals… she does three flights of stairs… twice. it was highly hilarious.

– ikea new jersey… pear soda, hazelnut chocolate… heaven.

– explaining to soph my love of cloth diapers… hilarious.

– sophie meeting john – FINALLY! I cannot believe in the 8 years I’ve known and loved them both… this was the first time they met. crazy. they felt like they knew each other. hmph, I wonder why.

– sophie cuddling my baby. I’ve cuddled hers for years… it’s been awesome to see her cuddling mine.

– pf changs. pear mojito + hilarious memories + delish overpriced chinese = amazingness…

– bronx zoo… bears wrestling, seals coming right up to us, tortoises humping… awesome day.

it’s been a great trip. I know I’ve said that about a million times… but it’s so freaking true. not ready for her to leave. I love you, Soph!

in other news, I am NOT looking forward to my weigh-in tomorrow. HORRID week to start my diet… but I’m going to stay faithful to my weigh-ins regardless… and we cannot forget the target checker tonight… she finally said what everyone else thinks.

went to target by myself tonight while soph watched the kiddo… while checking out with three cans of g’s wayridiculouslyoverpricedformula.. the checker looked at me and said, “you have a child?” … “yes.”… “how old are you?!”… “I’m 18…” … “Yeah, I thought so.”… “I’m kidding, I’ll be 26 next month.”… “omg, I thought 18 was a stretch.” … wow, at least now I know why so many connecticans give me dirty looks… I look like a 12 year old apparently. stellar. I’m sure I’ll appreciate it at 40… but right now… not my favorite.

anywho, that’s all for now… going to hang with soph for a bit… skipping iphone photos this week… takes too long to get that post together… but I’ll continue it again next week. toodloo!

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One thought on “sophie.

  1. randalin says:

    Sounds like an amazing visit!
    I can totally relate to getting dirty looks based on people’s assumptions. I’m 30 but look way younger and so people are always giving me the stink eye. Then they look at my hand and see that (GASP!) I’m not married! Major stink eye.

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