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sustainablebabyish – sloomb

starting out with the best is sometimes unwise… but I think in this case, I’m bubbling with love for sustainablebabyish EVERYTHING…I have to start with them.

fitteds and wool.
sustainablebabyish manufactures two main types of dipes. organic bamboo fleece fitteds and snapless-multis. (they also make flats (definitely the most affordable option)… but I have yet to try these… should be arriving soon… I’ll keep you posted.)

organic bamboo fleece fitteds or obf’s come in five sizes (XS-XL). they have snap closures and come with a snap in double insert and a free-floating doubler. the stitching and the snaps come in quite a few fabulous colors… and the main material is a nice natural type color. these are a great option for day or night. they are trim, absorbent, and last but not least adoooooooooorable.

snapless-multis are one size. they come standard with a pin for fastening but sloomb also offers an upgrade to a snappi if you prefer. (which I definitely do…) they come with two inserts. one long and one short. similar to the obf’s the stitching is colored and the main material is a natural type color. these are so soft. they feel almost like a super soft towel… you just want to scrunch them up and rub them up against your face… which is perfect for your little ones bottom… I am a huge fan of the snapless-multis. I have them in every color (besides the waytooobvious girl colors…) and I’ve pre-ordered the colors coming in the spring…

sustanablebabyish knit wool is like none other. it is so so soft and super thick. the quality is unbeatable… and even though they are a little expensive, they are so very worth the money. they come in many different colors to coordinate with the dipes. my favorite being the squash and the sprout… I’d have to say the peacoat is not far behind…. oh yes, and the berry makes me wish for a girl. who knows? she could be in our future…

the wool comes in two different options covers and longies.

I have more longies than covers… but as of late, I’ve been using the covers a lot more. The longies are great because not only are they diaper covers, but they are pants… so paired with a tshirt or a sweater… you have a complete outfit… a totally adorable one at that… not to mention they double as pj pants (which I frequently use them for)… the covers on the other hand, are somewhat like modern day bloomers. they aren’t really shorts… but they are short. they cover the dipe and they can go under clothes… in the winter anyway. I’m waiting for my underwoolies… that I’m hoping I can use under the clothes in the summer… we’ll see.

I was a little intimidated going into this process… I read about every faq sbish had on their website and made sure I did the lanolizing the correct way. I was still clueless… but it worked… using lanolin with wool is essentially a fool-proof way to say buh-bye to leaks. it’s a bit of a process… and the drying time can vary, but it’s worth it in the end… and you don’t have to do it often… in fact, I just washed a couple pairs for only the second time the other day… and I’ve used them dozens of times at least. totally worth the trouble… and yes, they all have to be hand-washed… which sounds like a pain… but it really isn’t.

the dipes are easy-peasy… just toss em’ in with your regular dipe wash and you’re good to go. I use rockin’ green classic rock with funk rock for the prewash… I do a cold prewash with a hot regular wash and I do two cycles… may be over kill… but they never stink… even if I’ve let them sit a couple of days.

I give this system a 10/10… I love these. I love the owner, erin. the customer service is phenomenal. how many companies email you back within the hour or address issues on facebook with everyone to see? not many… but sbish is one of the few… and I love them even more for it. I’ve had a couple of order issues… and a couple of wool issues and erin was right there… helping me along. I adore the wool and tell everyone who will listen all about it. the dipes. puh-lease. I’m doing laundry overtime right now to have them always available (until the rest of my stash arrives to save the day… hooray!)… he sleeps in them every night with no leaks… and instead of changing him every two-three hours like I was with a few other brands… during the night I may have to change him once… and that’s only because the kid will break out with a rash if he stays wet too long… I have nothing but good things to say about sustainablebabyish. they are available at many of the cloth diaper online retailers but I prefer to go right to the source to get mine… sloomb. she has kits where you can try pretty much everything they have to offer without committing to just one type. they also have “seconds” frequently… which is wool that is slightly off… fit, color, whatever… for a discounted price… I’ve got quite a bit of my wool this way… and let me tell you… nothing wrong, whatsoever. had I found sbish at the beginning of my cloth diapering journey, I probably wouldn’t have tried any other brand… the next baby could quite possibly be exclusively diapered in sbish. in the words of my buddy katherine, they are fantastical!

oh and p.s. get on sloomb’s mailing list or like them on facebook! she has awesome promos ALL THE TIME. I won a wool cover just the other day…!

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week nine: iphone photos…

this week started off with mama trying to get a good photo for the happy heiny’s baby of the month contest…

it took quite a few tries… but it was super fun… and how can I resist that little face?

later in the day we ended up going to sonics… what? ct has a sonics? yeah, seeing was believing… and it was mighty tasty. I’m glad he got to wear this outfit… (daddy picked it out) because he’s already almost grown out of it!

I had a really hard time leaving this to go to work tuesday morning… luckily, I only had to work until noon… so, it didn’t take much time to get back to him.

tuesday was my favorite day of the week… it was our playdate with katherine and everly. as you can see, he’s definitely a fan of katherine.

everly and I put her pants on her head. yes, I agree, she’s the cutest baby girl on the planet… even with pants on her head! (it may even add a tad to her cuteness factor…)

wednesday had a KILLER storm over here in ct… we got like two and a half feet of snow. as you can see, the jetta was covered… I’m not gonna lie, sometimes it’s nice to be snowed in…

I got to get a ton of stuff done… including diaper laundry… thanks for the help, elsie!

after her hard work, I let her take a much deserved break… oh yeah and yes… we let our furrballs on the furniture! how dare we?!

thursday I had to work all day… but I came home for lunch and look! fluff mail! I had to order this dipe because one, I’ve never heard of this brand (what?!)… and two, it’s jet black… including buttons. it’s awesome… essentially though, it’s much like a fuzzibunz… and lord knows, I’ve got plenty of those.

this is my favorite photo. I think g looks adorable in it… and this is my outfit of choice by far… I love putting a sustainablebabyish dipe on him with sbish longies and calling it a day. he likes it too… as you can see, he’s pretty relaxed here.

had to take a pic of this gnarly icicle on my way out the door to work… death by icicle anyone?

that night g and I worked on his tummy time… he was NOT a fan. but he was cute, regardless…

my boys. sigh. love them.

this little birdy has been living in our back porch. we’ve been trying to rehome him (outside) for forever… but he keeps getting in. apparently, he thought he’d test out the real inside of our house… it took us forever to get him back outside… but I have not laughed that hard in forever… watching john run around with a towel trying to catch the little creature before baxter did was highly, highly hilarious.

and that’s our week! did you take pictures of your week in phone photos? link up with us and join the fun at this awesome mommy blog. (wordpress hates the code, and it makes me want to strangle wordpress, not gonna lie.)

toodloo! see ya next week!

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love hanging out with him.

when baby’s asleep… parents will… be nerds?

this is what john looks like after three hours of sleep… and two nine hour days of daddy and grayson… oh yeah and a 10 hour shift at work… I think he looks pretty dang good for that!

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people and their pets.

so, as we all are well aware… I work in the veterinary field. I wasn’t going to blog much about this… because to me, well, it’s kind of boring… but something happened yesterday that made me want to scream… and punch someone! (and I’m not a violent person, incaseyouwerewondering.)

yesterday afternoon we got a phone call. a woman was frantic… irate actually. she was screaming to the technician that her cat was “pissing” all over her house and she was sick of it. the technician tried to schedule an appointment. “no!” the client said… “I want him dead, NOW!” she kept screaming this over and over to the technician… and finally settled on, “well, I’m bringing him in… I don’t care if I have to pay extra. I want him dead as soon as possible.”

the technician hung up the phone and we waited. not sure what it was going to be like when this woman arrived with this cat we had never seen before.

when she flew into the parking lot with her gigantic over-priced gas-guzzling suv… we knew it was her. she jumped out and ran to the door with the cat flung over her shoulders. she claimed he was ten… we all settled on about three. she practically threw the cat at the technician… barked at me asking what she owed… and ripped a check out of her checkbook… all the while, mumbling to herself, “I’ve spent over four thousand dollars fixing my carpet because of this damn cat…” I mumbled something back like, “oh yeah, interesting.” what do you say? the woman obviously has no heart. she can pay four thousand bucks to replace the carpet but cannot pay seventy for an office visit to see what’s going on with the cat?

worst part? the cat was fractious… we all wanted to NOT euthanize the pet… because the owner obviously didn’t care what we did with him… but we needed to examine and run a urinalysis on him to see what was going on. not. going. to. happen. he wasn’t having it.

here are two main problems with this scenario.

a: who knows if this cat is vaccinated for rabies… and without proof, it’s assumed that it’s not.

b: we have to chop it’s head off if it bites someone. (yep, the state requires it to test it for rabies. or six months quarantine, but who’s gonna pay for that? the cat is homeless.)

it was heartbreaking. I just don’t get it. why have a pet if you’re more attached to your carpet? accidents happen lady. it doesn’t have to be a common occurrence if you bring it to the vet and find out what’s going on… but it happens… and most of the time, when a cat is urinating/defecating outside the litter box – it’s cat for – help! I don’t feel good! this just completely drives me nuts. cats and dogs die all the time because of irresponsible people. it makes my heart hurt.

all it takes is two seconds. if you’re considering getting a pet, just think to yourself, “can I really afford to take care of this dog/cat for the next ten to twenty years?” if the answer is no… or even maybe not… don’t do it! wait! there will be others when you’re READY. if everyone took this advice… we’d have a lot less moments like the above mentioned. I’m not trying to get preachy though. I got my little baxter when I couldn’t afford him… and that seemed to turn out well. sometimes, I think pets show up right when you need them… he certainly did that for me.

other than that, nothing too exciting happened at work. other than the woman who came in with a brand-spankin new puppy (so squishy and cute.)… and she kept telling me how she hated her 16 year old son because he was “disgusting.” what does that even mean? I’m not gonna lie though… it was highly entertaining. people are funny.

all is well on the home front. john has the weekend off… and so do I, yippee! so, I’m looking forward to some family time. all of us, no obligations…

gonna go back to cuddling with baxter and baby g now… toodloo!

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gjfuldrdltyhgjjbv kn;

(title courtesy of grayson ;))

I’m feeling a little less than inspired lately… and a little debbie-downer-esque… I think it might just be this god-awful weather we’re having… but that’s neither here nor there… on that note, I feel like I muzzled myself a tad on baby boys three month birthday. which in turn, bummed me out even more. enough,
enough I tell you!

I read all of these blogs where mamas write letters to their babies.
I really, really love this and I would love to do it here on my blog… but I’ve been doing it on paper… and socking them away in his baby book for him to read when he’s older. there are some
things I don’t want to proclaim to the world. there are some things I want for just me and my son. and I think I’m going to keep writing letters to him… and I think I’m going to keep them
private. call me old fashioned.

one thing I can tell you. I feel like I fall in love with this kid more and more everyday. I know it was
a slow start. I remember bringing him home and looking at him and thinking, this is it? really? this is all I’m going to feel? … but now, I get it. now I get why parents constantly gush over their kids and cannot find anything else to talk about. they do become the center of your universe… and for good reason.

yesterday, on my way out the door to work, I went into the nursery. kissed my husband and leaned down to
say bye to my baby boy. he looked at me, cocked his head, and smiled… like he knew me. I melted… and went back for more… and was nearly late to work… but can you blame me? everyday he’s
doing something new… right now he’s next to me on his play mat cooing at himself in the mirror… I could sit here and watch him do this all. day. long.

yesterday also happened to be my play date with katherine and everly. which I think is more of a mama play date then a baby one considering g can’t really “play” yet. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I look forward to this day every week… it’s so good just to relax and talk to someone I can be
myself with… and it’s so fun to watch a baby that’s in a different stage… everly was highly entertaining… she learned to wink the night before… and watching her scrunch her cute little face and then grin with pride… it was something else. toddlerhood is a lot more entertaining… but I will admit, the thought of g
being mobile is a little nerve-wracking to say the least…

op… someone is soooo over the mat…

toodloo for now…

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3 months.

it’s official. I’ve been a mama for three whole months. it’s nuts. I would say I can hardly believe it… but these past three months have not been easy, nor have they gone by too fast… in fact, I think they’ve kind of crept by… and blurred together.

no one can possibly prepare you for motherhood. it’s unreal. and watching other people do it is nothing like doing it yourself. the fantasy meeting the reality can be harsh… and jolting. but I would not change a thing. I love my little g-man like crazy.

in the past three months he has changed so much. he went from being an orange preemie who needed a little assistance with breathing… to a thriving, kicking, rolling over, babbling, smiling, and laughing baby… and he continues to surprise us daily with his new awareness… I’ve never been so proud or in love with anyone/thing in my life. I have a son! a three month old, beautiful son!

so, happy three months baby g… you’ve made the world a brighter place because you’re in it… and I have a feeling it’s just going to get even better. I love you, grayson hawk.

love, mama

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the time has come.

I have been dreading this post since the dawn of my blog… but some things you just gotta let out…

there is one question I get all too often since little g has come into this world. and I hate it. it grabs my soul and yanks it out of my body… squishes it up… and sticks it back in… and when I answer… give an honest answer and you look at me with shock… and I can see the judgment already beginning… well, that makes me feel about two inches tall. ugh.

what is the question?… you ask?

“so, are you breastfeeding?” or “you’re breastfeeding, right?” or “so, how’s breastfeeding going?”

I’m gonna give you the long version… since this is my blog. most times I’m asked this, it’s the very short, “well, g was a preemie and had some issues at the beginning. we tried, but it didn’t take.” this doesn’t even begin to tell what he and I went through… how many times my heart has broken over this… or the fact that the entire time I was pregnant I would proclaim how there was no way my kid would ever drink formula… and I would breast feed until he was at least a year old… well, honey… some things you just can’t control.

when g was born there was a flurry of things going on. he was wisked away to the NICU and I couldn’t even hold him for the first few hours. once I did hold him, he still had the CPAP on his face, so he couldn’t eat. he wasn’t allowed to eat for the first 12 hours anyway. so, when the time came… for him to eat for the first time… the nurse syringe fed him the colostrum I had pumped while I was asleep. (argh, don’t ask.) the next feeding I came up to the NICU and tried for an hour to breast feed my tiny five-pound screaming baby. the lactation consultant came in and basically told me. no, we need to stop. he needs a bottle. the breasts are supposed to be a “happy place”… I can’t say I didn’t agree… but it was the first defeat. and it felt like crap.

the entire stay in the hospital I pumped with the hospital-grade medela. can I just stop for a minute and tell you that that thing was pure and utter torture? it hurt like you wouldn’t believe. the lactation consultant kept telling me, “it shouldn’t be hurting. is it on the lowest setting?” heck yes it’s on the lowest setting, if it wasn’t I’d be ripping my hair out… but I continued to pump because I didn’t want my milk supply to dry up. so, I sucked it up… when I got home I started using the medela handpump… so. much. better… once my breasts weren’t so sore anymore, I began using the pump-in-style… and that seemed to work just fine.

I tried everyday to nurse g. I went to the best lactation consultant in the area and even she was baffled. they kept saying, “well, it’s just because he’s small. he’ll get it eventually.” um, thanks. I could’ve guessed that before I payed the copay. I cried so hard my first visit… at my second visit they kept asking me, “are you okay? it says in the notes here that we should be very worried about you.” no, I’m not okay. I have all this pressure to breast feed. my kid isn’t cooperating. my breasts are sore. and I can’t even look at my kid without feeling ashamed! but they got the calm and collected, “yes, I’m fine. every thing’s fine.”

and I did feel ashamed. here I was, a serious advocate of breast feeding because after all, it is what’s best for your baby… supposedly anyway. and I couldn’t do it! not to mention, I was having a seriously rough time bonding with baby g because I was so friggin’ focused on breast feeding! redonk.

finally! he started latching! I had an entire week of nothing but breast feeding… he was getting “milk drunk” and life was wonderful. I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing for my baby. win.

but then.

he started pooping blood. what?! so I took him to our peed and he told us he had a dairy/soy sensitivity… and I needed to cut out all dairy from my diet. (easy enough, right?)… well, the bad news was he had lost weight over the week he was solely breast feeding. not good. especially for a preemie not even back up to his birth weight yet. so, the doc said it’s time to start back up supplementing with formula. once the kid got the bottle back… it was all over for the boob.

but… I continued to pump with the hopes that he would get breastmilk in the bottle and I would stop eating dairy. anything for the little man…. and then my supply said, “nah, no thanks.” it’s still there… but it’s drops… compared to the ounces I was pumping previously.

it. was. a friggin. nightmare.

when we went in for g’s recheck appointment I was really upset. I was tired. I was disappointed. I felt like I sucked, basically. the peed looked at me and said, “stop breast feeding. it’s affecting your relationship with your son…” and he was so right. I couldn’t even look at g for the first few weeks without feeling like I had wronged him in some way. it’s amazing the feelings that come swarming up when you give birth. at least in my experience.

I came home and john and I talked. I told him I wanted to continue. he said he thought that might be a tad selfish and giving it up may be the better decision for g. I trust my husband… and especially because he knew how much this meant to me. how much I longed to do the whole “natural” parenting thing.

but here’s what I’ve learned about parenting in the three short months I’ve been one… you’ve got to roll with the punches. not everything is going to go exactly how you think/hope/want it to go. especially breast feeding.

with that, I did give up. I packed up my pump. cried for three days. and gave my kid the dreaded formula. here’s the thing. he’s happier. he’s gaining weight. he’s hitting most of the milestones right on time. he’s thriving. and that’s more important to me than any predisposed notion I had.

so, no… I’m not breast feeding. but my son is kicking ass. so, there.


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week eight: iphone photos

this has been a full week. sitting here typing this post has been one of the first moments all week of sara-time… but I’ll tell you right now, I wouldn’t change a thing. full = busy. busy = happy sara. happy sara = happy household… and the list goes on. so, without further ado… here are my iphone photos for this week…

I feel like this kid has transformed. he’s suddenly so aware… he’s smiling and laughing. it’s freaking awesome. other than that, monday was pretty chill… just me and little man hanging out. john had school that night, so he had to sleep most of the day, head to school at 4pm… and head to work straight after… it was a loooonnnngggg day for me.

went back to work this week… on weekdays… and this was posted still. this is g’s birth announcement. I can’t believe he was ever that small. and he was sooooooooo cute… but it didn’t help with my missing him. I missed him like crazy… my entire shift.

this is one of the views from my desk… and one of the vets (awesomestvetever!) that I work with… her dog, miles, is helping her with the appointment… he’s highly hilarious.

john sent me this during my shift… I’m not gonna lie, I kind of liked that my baby missed his mama (or at least that’s how I’m gonna take it… he could’ve just been hungry.)

wednesday is john’s other day he goes to school… so, since it was dinnertime just for moi… I decided to treat myself to sushi…

it was yum. and I’m a cow.

we sent this to john while he was at work that night… we really did miss him. I feel like I don’t see him for a full 24 hours when he sleep/school/works it up.

thursday was by far the best day of the week. you can go read about it here… or you can just take baxter’s word for it.

holy snowstorm, batman! we got hit pretty hard while I was at work on friday. so hard actually, I didn’t get to work my whole shift. typical. but it sure was purdy.

took me two hours to get home in traffic… but it was so worth the wait when I walked in the door to this. he totally reminds me of a water baby in this… remember those? I used to carry that doll around everywhere…

I’m pretty sure I carried him around the rest of the night. I had missed him! (he’s wearing sbish dipes and longies here btw… peacoat!)

here’s my little baxter-man on our way to work saturday morning. he was so excited to go for a bye-bye!

he wasn’t as excited when he found out where he was going… and that he was going to get a bath with lulu (my friend jessica’s loveydog.)… he was much happier to get in the car and drive AWAY…

and that’s our week. wonder why there’s no photos of john this week? because we hate him. KIDDING… haha… well, he slept a lot because his schedule was funky this week… and every time I saw him and g doing something picture worthy I couldn’t find my friggin’ phone… typical. seriously.

anywho, wanna link up? come join in on the fun with your week in iphone/other pic phone photos… wordpress hates the code… so check out to get the code and link up!

see you next week! toodloo!

oh and p.s. I just started my account over on twitter. come follow me (username: hiyo_mama_cbp)! I don’t know how to work it yet, so you may have to be patient… but it could be fun!

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there are no words. (actually, there might be a bunch…)

today has been pretty close to perfect. if my kid wasn’t spitting up in massive amounts as I type this and if I didn’t have a major mama booboo last night… it may have been perfect… but hey, I’m definitely not complaining… close to perfect is pretty freaking fantastic if you ask me.

last night when I went to bed at about 11:00… I checked the monitor, like I always do… about 18 times before my head hit the pillow. I cannot hear a thing through the wall between our room and g’s room, so I’m paranoid… (80 year – old insulation, who knew?)… apparently, I’m not paranoid enough, because when I woke up this morning at 7:30 I realized at some point in the night (which had to be relatively soon after I fell asleep)… the monitor had died. being the smartiepants I am, I didn’t have it plugged in. so, I flew out of bed and raced into my sons to room to him screaming bloody murder… my heart broke. I felt like the biggest schmuck on the planet… but he was forgiving… and thankfully, the diaper I had put on him last night had been too… no leaks. thanks gro-via! (it was a gro-via all-in-one… and I put it on him at 9:00 pm… way to go gro-via!) needless to say, it was a rough start to the day. I still feel kind of sick about it. considering he slept most of the day, which he hasn’t done in ages, I can only imagine how long he’d been lying there crying. ugh.

thankfully, this was the only moment of today that was less than pleasant. john came home shortly after “the incident”… and we had a pretty swell morning. he was awake and in a good mood and it was nice to hang out. which since we are both working now… and he’s back in school… oh yeah, and we have a newborn… has been a tad seldom. it was exactly what I needed after youknowwhat happened.

soon after, fedex arrived with a package practically about to burst open with cloth diapering goodness. sustainablebabyish wool and snapless multis. I seriously almost melted on the spot. I ran into the kitchen and ripped open the bag… and there they were. two pairs of the softest wool longies ever (in peacoat and squash – gorg!)… and three pairs of wool shorties (natural, mocha, and air… I won the natural pair! go me!)… I spent much of the afternoon lanolizing them… and they’re ready to wear now… yay! the package also had a wool shaver to keep them in good condition and five snapless multi diapers… seriously, I was in cloth diaper HEAVEN.

but the best was yet to come. for serious.

about twoish… katherine and everly arrived.

can I just take a minute to tell you how much I love this chick? (and of course her adorable bebe?!) I love her. not only because she’s totally fun to hang out with and she’s a westcoaster at heart like moi… she’s been a huge help to me since g was born… she’s leant her ear on many occasions when I thought I might lose my mind. her advice is always solid… and, wait for it… she got me into cloth diapering… that’s reason enough to love her as it is.

when she got here we just chilled for the first bit. I had run out and gotten us some wraps from roly poly… and we ate those while everly ate her turkey sandwich… e was giving me some serious baby girl fever… her cute little pink outfit and the way she would sign “please” and say… “more?” with her cute little inquisitive eyes and her baby accent. seriously, if I didn’t love this kid on contact I would be a crazy person. she’s a doll…

our visit went on with lots of giggles, stories, and babytalk – even a toddler spill… thankfully, she was fine… and her mama handled it like a champ… I think I was more shook up than anyone. yet another testament of how amazing katherine is as a mom. I seriously, seriously, needed this visit. it could not have come at a better time… and I think katherine hit the nail on the head… “having girl time… is like therapy…” and let me tell you, you can’t buy this kind. it was three hours of pure bliss. I felt like I was in high school and we were chatting in my room… but instead of talking about boys and school… we were chatting about husbands and babies… oh, how life has changed. who woulda thunk?

I wasn’t ready for katherine and everly to leave when the time came… which was kind of a good feeling. proved to me, I wasn’t faking it (which let’s face it… not every friend is a right fit… ifyouknowwhatimean.)… I really enjoyed every minute. we made promises to meet up next week… this time at her casa… and let me tell you… can’t friggin’ wait.

this got wayyyyyyyyyyy sappier then I was intending. what can I say? today was a ten.

oh and p.s. the day is not over yet… itttttttsssssssssss tshirt time!!!! new jersey shore tonight! yeah, I’m one of those

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should be doing diaper laundry right now, but….

I just don’t feel like it. I’m totally having kind of a downer day. not sure why… I went to work this morning… and it was a really good day. always nice to go to work… I like feeling productive… and I like being around adults… and a break from being covered in spittle is always nice. then I came home and both john abd baby g were in good moods… baby g smiled at me right when I walked in. it hit me then, that I had missed him like crazy. that’s the only part of this working thing thats a bummer… I feel like I’m going to miss things. I guess I AM going to miss things… and I don’t want to. miss. anything.

maybe that’s what’s got me down. maybe I’m a tad californiasick – it happens on occasion. it’s getting less and less frequent… but I just wish we had more family around. I could use the support. hanging out with katherine over the weekend just proved to me how much I miss hanging out with friends and family. (she’s coming over on thursday, eep! we’re gonna hang out and do a diaper swap. it’s the little things.)… and I’ve been missing john a lot lately. when I was pregnant and he was working third shift it was great. I was having a lot of trouble sleeping at night and frankly, I didn’t miss his snoring. plus, we had much more time together during the day… when I would come home from work… but now, in a flurry of babymania… I’m feeling more lonely than I’ve felt in a long time. don’t get me wrong, I love g to pieces… but he’s not huge on conversation, ifyouknowwhatimean…

on a happier note, he’s sleeping much better at night. he fell asleep last night at 7:30… gave him a (gasp!) bottle at 10:30, he fell right back to sleep. he got up once more at 2:30… and then I got up for work at six… and he still hadn’t woken up. thankthelordjesus… he seems to be settling into a routine. I actually went to work today feeling semi-rested… what? yeah, you heard me. semi-rested. win.

john just came down the stairs. he looks like the walking dead… told him he should go back to sleep… he looks at me glossy-eyed and says, “but I really want to hang out with you…” at least it’s not just me.

toodloo for now.

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