and away we go…

big weekend!

john’s leaving for a business trip this morning. ::sad face:: I’m a little sad to see him go, but on the other hand, he’s gotta do it… so, no sense wallowing in my miss him’s… because he’ll be back before I know it… and that’s that, right?

g and I are flying to south carolina tomorrow night. I’m super stoked about it. my family there has yet to meet g… the crazy part? I was my cousins age when they were born… and now they’re little teenagers and I have my first child! it’s crazy how time flies. we won’t see john before we go, but we’ll be back next wednesday…. it’s just a long weekend trip. katherine rocks, as usual, for being so kind to take us to the airport…

took the dogs to their vacation home last night… my friend shelly, who’s a vet tech watches them. elsie will mope for a week when I bring her home. she LOVES it there. shelly has a backyard that is to die for and elsie takes full advantage of her time there. while I was there, shelly and I got to catch up. I swear she’s caesar in girl form. she’s got this awesome herd of amazingly well behaved pit bulls… and the second my dogs walk through the door they are better behaved then they ever are for me. she kind of blows my mind in that way. best part? I never have to worry about my dogs when I’m away… because I know if anything were to happen she’d take them right to the vet, without thinking about it… and my dogs LOVE it there. who am I kidding? I love it there, too. we had such a good time eating mexican food and chatting. not to mention, her fiance is highly hilarious… it was just a really good night… since g was born, I feel like it’s easy for me to neglect my kidless friends… so, I’m glad I’ve tended to this relationship… because, well… she’s rad.

nothing too too crazy, just a little update on the haps… I have to say though, it is a little weird sitting here typing without baxter on my lap and elsie passed out on the floor… ::big sigh:: but it’s always nice to have a little time away from adult life. responsibilities and such. g doesn’t count. I don’t think of him as “work” like I sometimes do with the dogs… he’s just… my baby! hehe. I’m rambling. I get this way when I’m excited. I love traveling with g. he did so well on the planes last time… and this time we’re flying when he should be asleep… so I’m hoping if I put him in a fresh dipe and feed him when the planes taking off he’ll just sleep the whole flight. it’s only about two hours… my aunt was shocked when I told her I cloth diaper… her reaction was, why? I get that a lot… and I’m starting to see, I have a new answer every time…

this post got away from me. I’ll catch ya’ll (getting my sc accent back, already!) later… toodloo

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