project 31: my personality and comfort food…

project 31: day 18 ::day 4::

describe your personality

okay, so I’m gonna answer this in two parts. I know, I know… I never answer her questions the way she writes them. I can’t help it! just the way my brain works.

things I like about my personality:

– I’m kind-hearted. I really do wish/hope for the best for others.
– I’m loud. I love that I’m never ashamed to be loud.
– I’m easy-going. guess it’s the california girl in me.
– I’m silly. poop jokes make me laugh for dayyyyyyssss. what? it’s funny!
– I am a good friend. I’m loyal. especially to my favorites.
– I’m dependable.
– I love hard.
– I care about the little things (this can be good and bad.)
– I’m a talker, but I also like to listen.
– I can usually find the positive in almost any situation.

things I don’t like about my personality:

– I gossip. too much.
– I can be judgemental. (I’m really working on this one.)
– I can be sensitive sometimes. take things to heart.
– I am wishy washy about my future. (HATE THIS.) I have no idea what I’m going to do with my life. time passes, whether you do something with it or not… time just keeps passing!
– I am so emotional. I’m really working on not being so emotional. I am kind of over crying when I’m happy/sad/indifferent.
– I get intimidated easily. which is redonk because most of the things/people that intimidate me are really not that intimidating. (I know, I totally just contradicted myself.)

so there you have it. I have to say I’m much more comfortable with who I am as a person these days… but I’m still young… and there’s still work to be done. overall, I’d call myself a sensitive outgoing crazy person. sound about right? hahaha.

project 31: day 19 ::day 5::

Write about your favorite comfort food (we are women- we ALL have comfort food!)

I have lots of comfort foods. when I was pregnant it was macaroni and cheese… because some days it was the only thing I could keep down… and most days it was just the easiest thing to throw up. now though, you couldn’t pay me to eat the stuff. it makes my stomach turn just thinking about it. my go-to comfort food… is peanut-butter toast. I LOVE melted peanut butter on bread. to die. it’s making my mouth water just typing it! thankthelordjesus I’ve already had my lunch. teehee.

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2 thoughts on “project 31: my personality and comfort food…

  1. Wendy says:

    I’ve been on a mac n cheese kick lately. When I was pregnant it was allll about the french fries. Needless to say, I gained way to much weight.

    Fun post!

  2. randalin says:

    We definitely share some things about our personalities that we don’t like. Also – I love peanut butter on toast.

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