whine, sniff, moan…

the title pretty much says it all. so, I’ll catch you later…

haha, no but seriously, I am a grouchy mofo today. we got home safe and sound from south carolina yesterday to a giddy husband and a clean house… what else can a girl ask for? and then last night happened. it was HELL. my kid, who has been spoiling me… even on vacation… with sleeping through the night decides he needs to be tended to not once, not twice, but four freaking times… but that was not a problem… considering I was already up, puking my guts out.

that’s right friends, the stomach bug from you know where has grabbed hold of this one like no ones business. I had a lovely play-date planned with katherine and everly… but oh no, I decided to puke instead. oh and hey? g didn’t get the memo because the kid was more energetic than he has ever been in his entire life… fact. I would know… considering I’ve know him since HE was the one making me puke… but I digress.

I’m feeling much better as I type this, apart from my grouchiness… I have been able to keep a little mac and cheese down (my nemesis…)… so, that’s good. and now, kiddo is asleep… hopefully on his way to getting back on the lovely schedule I have been yearning for this past week. what’s with going on vacation only to come home even more exhausted? not cool…

anywho, back to wallowing in my sickies… maybe a bath and people magazine are in my future… yeah, I’m thinking so. toodloo for now. see you later… hopefully A LOT less grouchy.

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4 thoughts on “whine, sniff, moan…

  1. Suzanne says:

    Ugh, I am so sorry you’ve got The Pukes. NOTHING is worse than being sick and having to take care of a kid at the same time. You shouldn’t even be expected to take care of yourself when you’re throwing up. Where’s that houseservant when you need him?

  2. randalin says:

    Dude, I totally feel your pain. I was up all night with a migraine and hugging the toilet. It brought make memories of morning sickness all too well. Oh, and Kale was just like Grayson today – energetic and nuts. Not a good match for my gravol hangover. Feel better lady!

  3. Wendy says:

    Sorry to hear you are sick. Hopefully Grayson will sleep better for you tonight. Don’t you just love how they pick the absolute worst time to stay up all night? Hannah did the same thing last night so I’ve been awake since 4am.
    Feel better soon!

  4. Deanna says:

    ugh. i know the feeling! one of the worst things about being a mom is being sick. i hope you’re feeling better!

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