oh what a night…

this morning started off… well, as if the night never ended. wait… maybe because it didn’t. last night I didn’t even go to my bed until midnight (thanks american idol, pfft.)… once I got up there? grayson woke up… and by woke up I mean SCREAMING over the monitor… you would have thought he’d been thrown out of the crib or something. nope, just needed a change and some food. okay… I can do that. cool. done.

is he going back to sleep? nope. not now, not ever. and we spent the remainder of the night fighting this battle. he’d scream, I’d try to console him… which would just make him scream louder. I’d put him back in his crib, turn his mobile on… more screaming. it. was. awful.

what’s worse is the fact that I had to go to work this morning… I was seriously dragging. I mean seriously. john came home and I about ripped his head off. bless him. he grabbed grayson and let me get showered and out the door…

work ended up being my saving grace. I could focus on tasks that had a beginning and an end. it was a much needed BREAK. thankthelordjesus… and on my way home? I get a text from john…

man, our boy has been the best napper today. one from 10-12 and he’s back to sleep now. (fyi, it was 1pm… I’m pretty sure it was equivalent to nails on a chalkboard… although, john deserves a nice day or two… har har.)

the afternoon only got better.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that I’m turning OLD on saturday. not literally, obviously. I’m turning 26. it’s not an extravaganza… we don’t have family out here… so, birthdays are a bit uneventful. but this one is already looking up! a client from work didn’t want her bugaboo frog anymore (which is in perfect condition, mind you.)… so since I had complimented her on it about fortythousand times she asked me if I wanted to buy it… and let me tell you… if she didn’t give me it for the price she did… I couldn’t even DREAM of owning this stroller… and what’s better? the birthday money my mom sent me paid the whole thing… thanks mom! she was going to charge me more, but I told her my birthday was on saturday and she cut the price in half. I hugged her… several times.

after packing this drool worthy piece of baby gear in my trunk I had to scurry back home to meet john and grayson at the doctors office. today was the day we were finding out if we needed to get a helmet for g’s flat spot on the back of his head… I cut it close… but luckily I made it…

while we waited for the doc, we giggled and talked about what to do next… it was so amazingly nice to hang out with john in good spirits and well-rested!

the appointment ended up going really well. grayson is now 26.75 inches long and weighs 16 pounds and 3 ounces… are you kidding me with this kid? he’s almost tripled his birth weight… but wait for it…

NO HELMET NEEDED!!!! ::riverdance:: yes… I could just faint from excitement at this point… doc said his head has improved immensely and for us to just continue doing whatever we’re doing. done. sold. thankthelordjesus…

oh and another awesome tid bit… the doc said grayson is way more vocal, alert, and social than most babies his age… and the doc said this unprompted… no shocker there… his mama and daddy are BOTH talkers. baahahahha.

after the appointment john and I decided we would take full advantage of grayson’s good mood and go to outback… I cannot tell you the last time we went out and sat down for dinner… probably our anniversary. it was so much fun. I really like hanging out with them!

no babies were harmed in the making of this photo… highly adorable photo. daddy thought he was funny.

something new I learned today? straws are a huge source of entertainment… he kept wanting to pick it up and then he’d just stare at it. it’s neat to watch him take it all in. he’s growing up! it’s crazy!

this moment I just happened to catch. tell me that’s not sweet.

after outback we rushed home so john could get some sleep. he’s only going to get about five hours before he goes to work… but you know what? totally worth it in my opinion. I need my whole family… and I feel like I don’t get to enjoy them together much. today was an honest to god’s treat.

when we got home I HAD to show john my new toy. he loved it. obviously. it’s MUCH… LOADS better than our previous stroller…. so, I’ll leave you with a pic of grayson chilling in his new ride… toodloo for now…

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One thought on “oh what a night…

  1. Wendy says:

    So glad grayson doesn’t need a helmet! (lol…riverdance…).
    Your hubs sounds like an awesome daddy. Oh and grayson is so stinking cute in his new stroller, he looks like a little doll with his big eyes. :)

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