growing up grayson: 5 months…

can you believe this kid is five months old already? it totally boggles my mind. I was just staring at him today and all I could think was… you are SO different! he has changed A TON in the past five months… he’s definitely not snooki orange anymore, that’s for sure. I’ve decided I’m going to put more energy into his monthly posts. I’ve kind of been slacking on them because I’ve been in a bit of a cloud lately… but I’m getting better… and I’m going to regret not taking the time when he’s sixteen and I can hardly remember the days when all I worried about was spit up and if I had to get up with him in the middle of the night…

I ordered some “month” stickers to put on onesies for g’s pictures from etsy… they haven’t arrived yet, so I had to make do with my lil homemade stickums… it seemed to work okay… he drooled ALL over it… I’m pretty sure that added to the cute value… why did I not jump onto the sticker bandwagon when he was born?! I SO regret it… but, better late then never, right?

here’s a pic before I had my light bulb moment… he was more interested in rolling over then taking pictures… which ended up making it my favorite shot… know why? because that is truly grayson right there… he’s OBSESSED with rolling over at the moment… obsessed may not even be a strong enough word… and come on, those feet? they are so cute… I could eat them. I’m telling you…

this is my favorite from the sticker photo part… he gives me THIS look all the time… it’s like, mama, really? more pictures? I mean seriously. I need a break… it makes me smile. he’s already got such a big personality.

plenty more pics to come… but let’s get to what went on with little g this month, shall we?


height: 26 3/4 inches

weight: 16 pounds 3 ounces

I have no idea what percentile that puts him in… and frankly, as long as he’s growing… I don’t really care. they judge him by his due date… which I find super dumb… but whatever…

changes this month…

chewing on hands. pretty much his new favorite thing, ever.

drooling… oh the drooling. bless him. it’s giving him rashes. (you can see it               in these pics actually. the red cheeks and chin. sigh.

laughing. he’s laughed before, but this is full-on laugh action. it’s freaking                  awesome.

→ recognizes mama and daddy. without a doubt.

started sleeping through the NIGHT!

reaching out for things and grabbing them.

playing with TOYS. he loves his pink owl…

baby tricks perfected this month…

rolling over from back to belly. and then he gets stuck that way and sends                 out a frustrated sos… or he sleeps like that. not my favorite as you know.                   neurotic much? why yes, thankyouverymuch…

sitting up supported. LOVES the bumbo impersonator. gets excited when I              whip it out… but even just chilling on the couch. he’s not into lying down                    anymore… he’s a big boy, you know… stubborn already!

babbling. he’s babbled since he was DAYS out of the belly… but he now                      knows that we listen when he talks so he’ll have little baby conversations with          you. it’s all kinds of fun. probably one of my favorite things about him. he’s              quite the social little thing.

things I adore about little g this month…

we all know I love this kid to pieces… but he’s morphing into a little person right in front of my eyes. it really is amazing. he’s becoming more aware of his surroundings… he’s so so so lovey. he’s gotten to where when he cries for me in the middle of the night… I’ll pick him up out of his crib and the first thing he does is wrap his arms around my neck. it pretty much melts me… AND he’s started this giggle thing where he cocks his chin towards his chest, grins wildly, and gurgles… stop it right now! I can’t handle the amount of cute pouring out of him when he does this. it’s also pretty freaking amazing that he recognizes john and I. just the other day I took him to work to pick up ::cough, cough:: girl scout cookies… and he got all excited to see my co-worker jason (picture scruffy face and brown hair)… he’d never met jason, so I was like… well, that’s odd… jason held him for a couple of minutes until g’s face shriveled up and he started to cry… personally? I think he thought jason was daddy… and when he figured out he wasn’t? NOT HAPPY. I found it highly hilarious. you should have seen how fast jason handed g back like, I didn’t do anything! I swear! oh boys…

below you’ll find the highlight reel of our photo shoot today… enjoy!


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4 thoughts on “growing up grayson: 5 months…

  1. Wendy says:

    Five months old!!! How exciting!
    I remember once Hannah turned 6 months she really started to change. It’s hard to remember all that she was doing so I think it’s so great that you will have this post to look back on. I have a hand written journal that I’ve been writing my love letters for Hannah in since I was pregnant. That’s usually how I figure out what happened when.
    Grayson is such a cutie pie. I love his big smile!

  2. Katherine says:

    i mean really, he is SO cute. and SO BIG! 5 months! insane!

  3. randalin says:

    Happy 5 months to the little man! He looks so BIG in these pictures!! He’s definitely a baby now and no longer a newborn. Also, he looks so much like you!!!

  4. darcy says:

    YAY five months! what a cutie!
    i LOV ELOVELOVE laughter in these little guys. i am pretty sure i wouldn’t need to eat for days or weeks if you just played that sound to me, it’s so beautiful and fun and pure and awesome.

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