insert nervous laughter, obnoxiously weird facial expressions, and talking too flipping fast…

I give you…

my first vlog.

lord help us.

and p.s. youtube? thanks for the rad freeze frame.

p.p.s. why yes, those are my waytooawesometotakeoffafterwork red scrub pants… and a tee that says “nothin’ tips like a cow…” what? it’s fashion people!

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6 thoughts on “hi!

  1. randalin says:

    YOU ARE SO ADORABLE!!! Haha – love the vlog!
    Yay for moving!! I have always wanted to visit Texas. Hope you like house guests.

  2. Elena says:

    Hahaha…. Connecticut didn’t really do the work, duh, I did. You are so funny. What fun to see your shinning face and hear your voice. Can’t wait to follow your adventures in Texas!

    As for vlogging, I approve.

  3. Katherine says:

    you kill me with the cute!!!!!!! i smiled the WHOLE time. love you girly :)

  4. Deanna says:

    i think youtube purposely picks the worst freeze frame that they can.

  5. Deanna says:

    also…how exciting for moving!?!

  6. Wendy says:

    Finally got to watch AND listen to this! So cute! I love it!

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