since I can’t move, I might as well blog…

had an interesting wake-up call this morning. I awoke to what felt like a thousand needles in my back/neck/shoulders and a tingling sensation in my fingertips… as I eased out of bed I realized it was going to be a complicated morning. my head felt as if it was a hundred pounds and my neck could barely handle its weight. I then walked down the stairs as steadily as I could manage, all the while trying to keep my sanity as I listened helplessly to my baby cry for his morning feeding and cuddle sesh. once I reached the bottom of the seemingly endless stairs I caught john’s eye…

“omg, what’s wrong with you?” he asked, as if I looked as bad as I felt. thanks for the reminder, dear.

“I pulled something in my back.” was all I could manage. then the tears came. I’m such a wimp. cramps? tears. contractions? DEFINITELY tear action. puking? tears. bad headache? chance of tears… like I said, wimp.

“aww, babe. I’m sorry. sit down. I’ll get the icy hot.” he then rushed into the kitchen and came back armed with icy hot and some excedrin…

now mind you, john never once held my hair while I puked every day during my pregnancy. he almost always gets annoyed when I’m sick… he doesn’t like seeing me that way so he chooses to ignore it. so, I was definitely caught off guard when he rushed to my aid this morning. I’m pretty sure he could tell the pain was overwhelming… since he did make mention later in the day how the first thing he found odd was that I came down the stairs this morning sans baby g. which never happens… if he’s awake, he’s going to join his family…

that was the beginning. now here I sit, 8 excedrin, 4 rounds of icy hot, one piercingly hot bath, and many hours of the heating pad later… and? a little bit better. I still can’t lift my arms above my chest and it hurts so much for my neck to hold my head up I hunch over when I’m standing… but… any type of “better” is good by me at this point… I haven’t had back pain like this for at least a couple of years. DERN YOU STRESS!

when john had to go to bed at 5pm… I thought I was going to have a meltdown… up until that point I hadn’t lifted g at all today. thankfully, his bedtime routine was seamless… it was almost as if he knew he needed to take it easy on me tonight. do you think that’s possible? it sure seemed like it. he’s sleep moaning over the monitor right now. have I told you how obsessive I am about hearing him breathe at night?

his monitor is sort of flat. so it’s been velcro-d to the upper inside of g’s crib… why? so I can hear him breathe. I am OVER the top when it comes to this. it was something the doctors said over and over when he was in the nicu… we just have to make sure he’s breathing ok… and that has really stuck with me. even when he sleeps through the night I get up to make sure he’s breathing about eightythousand times… so when he sleep moans? I’m pretty much the happiest camper on the planet… like I said, he’s taking it easy on me tonight. bless him.

I could not be more grateful for these two today. john being such a trooper and tending to g’s every need… (and a few of mine!) and g for being a good little baby today. hanging out, taking it easy on mama and daddy… so the day could go as smoothly as possible. and it was kind of fun to watch. it was like I got to be a fly on the wall in daddy daycare… love them.

well, that’s all for now. toodloo…

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One thought on “since I can’t move, I might as well blog…

  1. randalin says:

    I hope you’re feeling better today!

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