why I am officially OVER being a working mama…

tonight I didn’t get off of work until 6:15pm. once I got home, around 6:45pm, g was so tired he could barely smile while greeting me. once he realized it was me, he perked up… but only long enough for me to change his dipe, put his pj’s on, snuggle him for a minute… and he was ready for bed.

it. was. heartbreaking…

honestly, I’m pretty sure it was one of the worst feelings ever. on one hand, I am super proud of myself for getting him on such a stellar schedule… on the other? just this once, I wish he was feeling the need to stay awake for an hour… just an hour. I just needed to be around him… but he was tired. I could tell he and daddy had a very busy day… go daddy!

the good news? two weeks from tomorrow I am officially a member of the SAHM club! and I’m GIDDY about it. am I going to have bad days? yes… most definitely. more power to those of you mamas out there who continue to work… and I’ve had more than one day where I needed to go to work, but I’m so so so happy john has worked his butt off and made it possible for me to stay home and be the primary caregiver for our son. I imagine this is not the last of my working days… I plan to finish my degree in the coming years… and hopefully have a big girl job eventually… but for now, I’m going to enjoy my time being a mom and a wife… I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. ::sigh::

::a moment I don’t want to miss… bath time… he’s finding his hands!::

enough of the blubbering I tell you.

the last couple of days I’ve decided to enjoy john as much as possible. don’t get me wrong, we usually have no trouble enjoying each other, but especially right now… because it looks like we’re going to be apart for a while once he starts his new job. I’m NOT looking forward to it… and I’ve been a bundle of nervous stressy energy about it as of late. I rely on him for a lot. he’s my sounding board. he’s my partner in parenting… he’s my best friend! what can I say? I like spending time with the guy… and to not have him around for two to six weeks? scary. sad. stressful. not looking forward to it… and as a result? I’ve been a mega grouch. so, I’ve told myself I’m not going to do that. I mean come on… I need him to still at least like me when we reunite! hahaha… but seriously, moving is stressful enough as it is… we don’t need the added snarkiness… am I right?

here’s a couple more reasons I have a rad husband… (just in case you needed more reason to consider me the sappiest person on the planet…)

tuesday he hung out with me most of the day… and then that night? I got to go out with a couple of girlfriends and indulge in these…

which is something I haven’t been able to do since g was born… it was all kinds of fabulous. girl talk. martinis. and no baby worries… it may have only been for an hour, but it was an incredible gift. he even said when I came home… you need to do that more often, it’s nice to see you come home happy. hmph, maybe I just need a martini on occasion…

wednesday he hung out with us all day again… this is yet another reason I love my husband… he gives up precious sleep to share moments with us like this…

he was entertaining g while we waited for john’s turn in the barbers chair. pretty freaking amazing… needless to say, I love the guy. how could I not? he gave me that gorgeous little piece of baby heaven.

besides the seemingly never-ending back pain I’m experiencing and the mounting stress of the move… life is good. I need to remind myself of that on occasion… so I can stop being such an ungrateful brat! (I used another word, but deemed it inappropriate… use your imagination…)

that’s all for now… sorry for being lazy at blogging lately… too much going on around here! I’ll try to be better… until then, toodloo…♥


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2 thoughts on “why I am officially OVER being a working mama…

  1. randalin says:

    Congrats on becoming a SAHM! That is really great for you and your family :)

  2. Wendy says:

    So freaking jealous that you will be a SAHM! I hope your move is easy and your time away from John goes by fast.

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