the naked face challenge…

as usual highly hilarious deanna over at delirious rhapsody is up to her usual antics. she’s become one of my favorite blogs. she never fails to amaze me with the funny. this chick is overflowing with the funny!

now onto the matter at hand… I checked her out today and she had a pic of herself. no makeup, just showered. clean faced. she deemed this the naked face challenge. freaking brilliant. first off, deanna you’re still gorgeous! as for me… I don’t wear a ton of makeup in general… so this challenge wasn’t all that scary. for me, the hard part was she said to only take one picture. ONE! well, alright… here’s what you get on a first take with sara…

yes – I always have some stupid expression on my face. that’s my personality. before g came along I would never leave the house without makeup on… let alone post my naked face on the internet! but you know what? it was hecka fun… and it got me out of my head for a while. deanna, thanks for rocking this idea.

that’s all for now. toodloo…

oh and p.s. calling all bloggers! get your face naked and let us see! don’t forget to let deanna know you’re participating! see you around…

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One thought on “the naked face challenge…

  1. Deanna says:

    yay! thanks for participating. i think you look like a cutie! :)

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