too many chores and a healthy dose of grayson…

today was spent completing as many chores as humanly possible. only two days until john and I head off to texas for our house hunting expedition this weekend. and thursday and friday I work all day. do you have any idea how many chores get done after I work all day? hmmmm, none. yes, I’m one one of thossssse. so today was very important. I got most everything I needed to get done, thankthelordjesus… but more so than anything I spent much of the day today admiring g. I feel like after last nights scare I was even more captivated by him. I mean would you look at this kid…

(photo by kristen young.)

(photo by kristen young.)

he’s growing and learning and shaping himself into a little human! everyday I’m seeing him do something new. he’s becoming more and more aware of the world around him. he currently thinks his hands are the tastiest thing on the planet. he stares out the window while we’re in the car fascinated by the trees and cars passing by. he’s eating us out of house and home. he’s rolling over and over and over. I put him on his mat this morning and two seconds later he had rolled across the room! you can see his little brain working things out now.

I am completely in love with the kid. completely. overwhelmingly so. it’s kind of an amazing feeling… and I think I’m beginning to really appreciate that feeling…

nighty night, friends…

p.s. totally off topic… but I LOVE paul mcdonald on american idol… don’t forget to vote for him! no seriously. V.O.T.E. um, k? k, byyyyyyyyyyye.

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