meet the pooches: elsie’s adoption story…

what is it about buying a house that suddenly gives you the impulse to get a large dog? what’s that you say? it’s doesn’t? guess I’m one of the weird ones then. in june of 2007, john and I bought our first house… and for some reason my brain went into hyper drive… WE MUST FIND LARGE BREED DOG ASAP! I am a huge dog person in general, but it had always been small breed dogs up until this point… mainly chihuahuas, which is what I was raised with. stop it. they’re not all bad.

one night I asked john what he thought about adopting a retired racing greyhound. he replied with, well, I love all things fast. so sounds like it’ll fit right in. and with that, he unleashed the beast. I was on the HUNT! I got “retired racing greyhounds for dummies” and read it cover to cover… then I went online and got in touch with an amazing rescue out of the bay area in california, GFFL otherwise known as, greyhound friends for life. they were amazing… and thorough! they came and did a walk through of our house. we were interviewed countless times. it was INSANE. by the end of the process we were wondering what we’d gotten ourselves into… but then this little love walked into our lives…

seeyousoonsweety was her racing name… she apparently wasn’t very good at racing and she had been shuffled from track to track in her three years of life. ending up finally in mexico… once they were done with her she was dumped in the arizona desert with a mama greyhound and her NINE puppies… who does that? I will spare you my rant for now, but seriously… in the desert? I mean really… she was one of the few greyhounds that would get along with small dogs and baxter was already in the picture… so this was huge… and the kicker? black greyhounds are the least desirable. who knew? she does look a bit like a dobie from far away… and her bark is killer. even though she hardly uses it. so… of course I wanted the one no one wanted… and as you can see… she didn’t mind our little mutt in the slightest. in fact, the two became fast friends.

the first night we had elsie, she slept in our room. big mistake. during the night she managed to chew the corner of our bed off (BRAND NEW BED FRAME) and from going in and out of the dog door tenthousandtimes she had mud all over the carpet. did I mention we had just bought this house? yeah, that. she wasn’t my favorite for quite a while after that…

but she grew on me… and now she’s my girl… the only other female in the house! we have to stick together! she’s getting older now though and it’s beginning to show. on tuesday she got four teeth removed. she was under anesthesia for two hours and they only managed to take care of one side of her mouth… that should clue you into how bad her mouth was. reaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllly bad.

a few elsieisms for you…

→ she is wicked lazy. I mean seriously lazy. she wants to go for walks, don’t get             me wrong… but that is where it stops. the rest of her time is spent lounging             and she’s stoked on it.

→ if you piss her off, she will not only hide things from you… but when you                   decide you’re over looking for “it” she’ll destroy it right in front of you.

→ her teeth chatter. it’s an excited/nervous thing… sometimes it’s charming.                 other times it makes you want to scream. i.e. 3am…

→ she’s got the personality of a cat. she wants to be loved on, but on her terms.           okay, I suppose I’ll let you pet me right now… eh, I’m over it. ::struts away::

→ she’s the BEST guard dog ever. she doesn’t bark for fun. she barks when she’s         got something to say… and she sneaks up on you. which is the best kind of                 guard dog if you ask me. and her bark? freaking scary!

→ she has an insane prey drive and she WILL toss your cat over the fence if it               ventures into our yard. or raccoon, or squirrel, or anything small enough…             and slow enough… and dumb enough to come into our yard for that matter.             she’s had about twenty just in case rabies boosters for this very reason.

→ she lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvves john. loves him. thinks he’s hers. she tries to spoon         him if he lets her onto our bed. no can do girlfriend!

→ she’s an amazing runner. should be a given right? still doesn’t make it any less         incredible when you see her in action. the girl has skills!

she’s a ton of work, but she’s been a great addition to the family and I couldn’t picture us without her. there were a couple of moments right after g was born where I thought to myself, is she going to survive this? she kept looking at him like he was a squirrel… and that’s no bueno. but now she’s finally settling into this new routine with our new little human… which is fantastic because with us is right where she belongs…

and that my friends is els’ story… baxter’s will be debuting soon… that’s all for now.


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