the teething monster.

(photo by kristen young.)

the teething monster has officially taken up residence in our household. grayson is drooling, chewing on everything in sight, refusing meals, and generally just being fussier than usual. bless him. he’s not being too too bad just yet though, so I’m thankful for that. I’ve noticed he’s got a swollen area on his bottom gums towards the center, so we’ve been putting oragel on it and letting him chew on whatever he wants… typically his amber teething necklace or anything soft. he likes chewing on your elbow or shoulder… or in this case, daddy’s finger.

I’m looking forward to that pearly white popping up. who ever thought the thing that brings me the most excitement is changes in my little human? just the thought of seeing that tooth kind of makes me want to do a dance. which is, in turn, making me also think I may be a tad bit of a crazy person. oh well, guess there are worse things…

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