day one with daddy gone…

well, I’m happy to report day one sans john has gone pretty well. I was telling him yesterday as I drove him to the airport that the nights are not going to be hard because he’s been working nights forever… but I knew days would be a challenge. john usually watches g during the day. even when I wasn’t working he would stay up until threeish and hang out with us… I miss that. I miss having him around… and somehow, knowing that he wasn’t going to be able to relieve me at any point today? wore me out just thinking about it… military families and single moms get some serious props from me today because honestly? freaking exhausting.

we did a whole lot of this today… he’s such an awesome cuddler… but I’m almost positive you can see that it’s only day one… and this mama is TIRED!

so I definitely miss my husband… but g and I are working it…

in other news… grayson is six months old today! when did that happen? I will post his six month post later… I have to keep this short because I am typing while entertaining him… in case you haven’t heard… motherhood makes you a master at multitasking… I’m also trying a new formula with him today… he’s been on a predigested formula because of the dairy sensitivity and the peed finally gave the go-ahead to try something with dairy in it… I’ll keep you posted on that one… as of now? not sure. he’s a tad grumpier than his normal content self… but I can’t tell if that because I’m overanalyzing…

today has been a bit of a comedy of errors… I woke up this morning to a FREEZING 48 degree house because I forgot to turn the heat back on. I went to pull g’s diapers out of the wash and realized I never turned it on, either! then I went to shake up his ready to feed formula and I hadn’t secured the cap… as I type this I have formula in my hair… hawt.

on a happy note. elsie found a bunny nest in the backyard… I counted at least FIVE! they are so so so cute. I just hope I can keep the dogs away from them… and every other predator for that matter.

welp, the exersaucer is officially boring… that’s all for now… toodloo…

I must admit the exersaucer is all kinds of amazing… what did mama’s do before they had these?!

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One thought on “day one with daddy gone…

  1. randalin says:

    Wow, Grayson is 6 months old?! When did THAT happen??

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