welcome home.

as if moving isn’t stressful enough… as my friend katherine so eloquently put it, moving is where happy marriages go to die. can I get an amen? it’s been a wicked stressful week… but we made it to texas… john and I are still together and we close on the house tomorrow… for sure. hallelujar. so for the moment, I was feeling happy, relieved, confident that everything with this move was going to work out just fine…

and then… at waytooearly o’clock the front desk rang my room. john was already gone to work… and g and I were back to sleep after a five o’clock feeding…

hi mrs. s, sorry to bother you so early…do you own a ford escape that’s parked in our rear parking lot?

um, yes.

I think it’s been broken into. there’s glass all around it. would you like me to call the police?

um, yes.

and that was that. half asleep g and I ventured to the parking lot to check out the damage… they busted my drivers window for a friggin’ tom tom. I’m not gonna lie, I would have much rather handed them a hundred bucks for them to go buy a tom tom then to have to replace the window. I’ve never loved a car like I love this one, so it was sort of sad to see her like this…

under normal circumstances… especially with this huge move going on… I would have FREAKED out about this. yelling and screaming and being completely immature. tears may have even been involved. which is ridiculous. LIFE HAPPENS SARA. that’s what I’ve been telling myself all week with all the hiccups with closing on the house. it’s not worth the outburst… and you know what? I heard some awful news yesterday about a friend of a friend… and let me tell you… it really puts things in perspective. it’s just a car. it’s just a house…

I have a healthy 7 month old son (TODAY, EEP!), a happy gainfully EMPLOYED husband (who’s not too hard on the eyes ::wink, wink::), and two adorable sometimes annoying dogs. that’s what’s worth worrying about. these guys (and girl, sorry els)… all the rest? just fluff.

so for the rest of the day I will be waiting for the glass guys to get here and hanging out with my little man while john’s at work. so excited tomorrow is closing! we are going to own a house! for the first time in three years it will be nice to feel sort of settled again… never got that feeling in connecticut. we set it for 9am tomorrow, which means the walk through on the house will be at 8am… john asked if we could be ready to go by then… to which I replied…

are you kidding me? I’m gonna bounce out of bed like a five year old on christmas morning! no joke.

that’s all for now. take a minute to stop and be thankful for your peeps today… because honestly? that’s all that really matters. toodloo.

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One thought on “welcome home.

  1. randalin says:

    I’ve missed you!!! That’s crappy about the car, but glad you’re looking on the bright side and letting the stress slide.

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