oh the drama…

today has been… a day. a horrid kind of day. the kind of day you want to rewind and skip! but, obv we can’t do that, so why don’t I blog about it already.

g has had an INSANE rash for the last couple of weeks (yes, it’s been that long. not exaggerating.). we’ve seen the peed three times for it and nothing seems to be helping. if it’s still here in a week I have to take him back to the peed for some tests. it’s a very angry rash that worries the crap out of me… and up until the last couple of days he didn’t seem to notice… but the last couple of days he’s been super whiny and obv uncomfortable… so it’s been not so smiley around here. combine that with teething and a monstrous growth spurt (21 and a half pounds!!!)… and you’ve got yourself a recipe for an incredible grouchy baby and a frantic mama. I’m tired! so… long story short… I’m glad today is done. hoping and praying this rash goes away soon and it becomes a distant memory… until then, pray my nerves don’t curl up in a ball and die. mmmk? moving on to the happy stuff…

g army crawled for the first time today!!!! best part? john and I BOTH witnessed it! it was all kinds of awesome. he saw a toy he wanted and he dragged himself on over to it… all kinds of amazing. on the flip side… he now knows he can get where ever he wants… which is not always a good thing… but it’s still fun to watch him explore his surroundings…

on another awesome note… g’s smartrike came today! it’s a gadget I’ve been eyeing since before he was born, but it’s wicked expensive… so I wasn’t going to get one. but then the other day good ole’ zulily had a sale on it… I couldn’t help myself… I pounced!! it took about a million years to put together and a million breaks to tend to my super grouchy and mega whiny almost 8 month old, but once it was done… it was fabulous! I’m super stoked on it. once I got it put together g and I took a walk. which was great because it gave both of us some much needed fresh air and it gave him some time to chill out… okay, gave both of us some time to chill out… best part? the greenbelt in our neighborhood was full of little brown bunnies! they must have followed us here from connecticut! they were so cute!!! anywho, it was the perfect end to a challenging day… and now g is sound asleep and I? well I get to have time to RELAX. nighty night friends…

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2 thoughts on “oh the drama…

  1. John has a similar rash, we tried everything, changing diapers every thirty minutes, all the creams nothing. Doctor Ogden told us to go the the feed store and get bag balm wala it worked.

  2. Randalin says:

    Yay for crawling! That’s awesome that you and John were both there to see it.

    And now I’m going to google “smartrike in Canada”

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