now that wasn’t so bad…

oh my goodness gracious… today was such an awesome day. from start to finish. g’s rash is finally ::knocking on wood vigorously:: starting to subside. he was in a great mood from the moment he woke up this morning. john got to hang out with us… we went to the park in our subdivision and g got to swing for the first time ever… and slide down the slide with daddy. looking at the pics cracked me up. I thought g got his skin tone from me… but dang! my husband is WHITE! haha. the cast of the jersey shore would have a hay day with us… it was an awesome morning…

THEN! after I went grocery shopping BY MYSELF… ::win:: I came home to an awesome package from g’s grandma and grandpa j… grandma j made g the most amazing quilt. I cannot wait to post pictures! it’s so so so adorable… and? it’s super soft. g was already smooshing his face in it. they also sent him a really cute stuffed frog… (he was all over that in about two seconds flat…) a shirt from one of their recent trips… best part (aside from the quilt, of course)? COWBOY BOOT SOCKS! I about died from cute alone. I could not WAIT to put them on him. they are SO ADORABLE… and they sent a pair in about every color… this kid is really a texan now people…

anywho, I’m tired. SO SUPER EXCITED that john has a three day weekend. I cannot remember the last time john had a three day weekend that did not involve moving. I. am. giddy! plus, on tuesday my sister arrives!!! can’t wait to show her around texas… I’ve got some fun stuff planned for her, g and I while john is working… looking forward to it!

that’s all for now… nighty night friends…

p.s. is this sort of turning into a photo blog? okay maybe… but I am OBSESSED with this camera… and getting photos of the little man everyday never hurt, right?

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