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growing up grayson: eight months…

dear grayson,

QUIT IT!!! stop growing up SO FAST! you’re killing me!

hehe… kidding, only kidding of course. starting off as a 35 weeker and not knowing as to what pace you were going to grow, you are a BEST CASE SCENARIO… in every way possible. you have lit up my life and made it better in every way. you are my sunshine! (yes, your mother is ALL kinds of nerd. might as well come to terms with it now…)

this month has been the funnest. you have grown a TON! you are a whopping 22 pounds now! (and that’s only estimating… since we went to the doc two weeks ago)… you’re chowing down on solid foods like a champ. you LOVE getting ice cubes in your little munchkin netty contraption (p.s. THANK you to the awesome person who invented that little piece of baby genius!)… you are a mamas boy, there’s no doubt about that… but you get so excited to see your daddy. in fact so excited… you’re first legit word was DADA this month… and now you say it nonstop… we’ve had to patch that little eye of yours two hours a day this month… which you’ve been gracious enough not to mind… thanks for that, btw… you are officially on the move. if you want something… you go and get it! I hope this is a tell of what you’re going to be like when you grow up… your daddy is something of a go-getter himself… I’m sure you’ll make him proud… in fact, I know you already are…

the three of us woke up slowly this morning… and I asked your daddy what he thought about this stage. I told him I missed the newborn snuggliness and he said he wouldn’t go back if you paid him… he’s enjoying the stage you’re in right now. laughing, giggling when you’re tickled (you are wildly tickelish… EVERYWHERE.), picking up toys, eating our food, driving the dogs batty with your newfound mobility… what can I say kid? you’re the bomb. the apple of our eye I suppose… and I would not trade a moment of being your mama for anything. you are a true gem. I love you with every ounce of my being… so keep growing, eating us out of house and home, waking me up at all hours of the night, pooping in public places (cloth diapers make this interesting…), and spitting up on every one of my outfits… because you’re worth it all… every single crazy minute…

you’re all the baby I could ask for… can’t wait to see what kind of kid you become. (it’s okay if you take your time though…)



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sisterly love.

are you sure you want her to stay for EIGHT days? my mom exclaimed over the phone…

yes, mom… she’s great with g. I could seriously use the break… I said with a sigh. it was only my forth time telling her this. we were trying to iron out the details of my sisters upcoming trip to texas.

alright then. I’ll book it when I get home tonight. and with that, my mom hung up the phone with a giggle. my sister was only 21 days away from coming to visit! I could hardly wait!

the night I went to pick heather up from the airport I was filled with excitement. I could not WAIT to squeeze her and see her love on her nephew for only the third time since his birth… I could not wait to show her our new home and stay up late talking and eating… but the one thing I forgot all about…

the fighting.

my sister and I are honest to god sisters. no mushy stuff with these two. we’re the kind that want to kill each other at the end of each day. I suppose it’s partly because we can be our truest selves with each other… and those selves? could not be more opposite. and if there is one thing my sister can do better than anyone… it’s get one my nerves!! this trip was packed full of the highest highs and the lowest of lows… and there was more than one occasion when I seriously wanted to punch her in the mouth… and I’m sure she had the same thought a time or two. for us? it’s just part of being sisters. we grouch at each other… and by the last day of her trip? I. Was. Done.

OH. MY. FREAKING. GOD! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I heard my sister scream from her room… she came stomping out, not unusual for her… but this time I knew something was up…

they cancelled my flight and booked me on another one to LA at 9:30! it was 9:00, there was no way we were going to make it.

okay, okay, calm down… call them and they’ll get it figured out for you… don’t stress… as I said the words I just had to laugh… the last visit we had she got stranded in connecticut because of a huge blizzard. this was just too funny.

she did get the flight all squared away, but it wouldn’t be until the next day. I think it was a blessing in disguise. she and I went out… had frozen yogurt… giggled at g when he had a massive poopy diaper in uber snobby belks… and talked like we hadn’t been annoying the snot out of one another for the past eight days. it was awesome. it was god’s little way of saying, hey… you only have one sister! come on!

the trip ended up ending on a high note. which was nice. we grouched at each other the entire way to the airport, you’re breathing loud! stop smacking! get on your side of the armrest! but hey, we lasted a whole extra day people. the second she stepped out of my little suv that was currently holding my sleeping almost eight month old (tomorrow! AHHH!), my heart swelled with sadness. overwhelmingly so. I was going to miss her. deeply. as I watched her walk away there was a fresh lump forming in my throat… unexpected as we literally griped at each other as we got out of the car, are you seriously going to leave your empty soda cup in the center console?… but here’s the thing. she’s my one and only sister… and for better or worse… I love her. even if we still can’t figure out how we could possibly be related… and I hate that as I sit here typing and listening to g sing his goodnight songs to himself, she’s in the air flying fifteen hundred miles away from me to her home. I will miss you heather… even if sometimes you could use a good punch in the mouth. love always, your one and only, OLDER and WISER sister, sara. xoxo.

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just breathe.

sooooooooooooo. my mood is much improved since the last time we met. we’ve been super busy… and for sara? busy is best. right now I’m exhausted… it was 105 here today! the past few days have been spent running around texas… today we went to the dallas world aquarium… flipping amazing. but we’ll have to catch up later… as for now… I’ll leave you with my favorite picture from today. a father and son moment. john works A LOT. so moments like these make my heart happy. I feel overwhelmed with pride when I look at this… because you can totally see that in john. he’s incredibly proud to be able to take his son to his first aquarium… it was incredible to watch. I needed it. anywho, that’s all for now. night night friends…

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motion = madness…

someone wise once told me, enjoy this time… because once your baby starts crawling around? it’s all over. I listened, half-heartedly, and shoved it away into a deep crevice in my brain where all the other useless information other parents give out… whether you ask or not.

well. this person? was right on the money. my kid has been in motion for about a week… and? it’s all over people. I can’t set him on the floor with a toy anymore and do the dishes. I can’t even put him in his bouncer for ten minutes and expect him to be content… this baby wants to MOVE. he knows he can do it now… and nothing else is even close to that kind of cool. which leaves me feeling both clausterphobic and exhausted. also now that he knows these new cool tricks? he is boycotting sleep. he’ll give in the occasional nap… and he’s back to waking up two to five times a night again. I’M GROUCHY!!! I could seriously rip my eyes out of their sockets at the moment. I literally want to pull my hair out. I’m tired and during the daytime I’m a grouch… I now know that sleep is a precious gift… and when you’re not getting it? well… we’ve already gone over that… haven’t we? I love my baby… but I’m a much better mama when I’m well rested… so g, GET SOME SLEEP! I’m wondering if he’s getting teeth, too? I’ve been thinking he was teething for months now… and we still have no teeth. I guess they could be on their way.

in nicer news… my sister is here visiting! we’ve just been hanging out. watching girly tv shows. taking care of the little man. we took him to the fort worth zoo the other day… awesome zoo, but it was TOO FREAKING HOT. yet another thing on my to-do… SUMMER WARDROBE! anywho, I should get back… just thought I’d say hello… that’s all for now… toodloo…

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