motion = madness…

someone wise once told me, enjoy this time… because once your baby starts crawling around? it’s all over. I listened, half-heartedly, and shoved it away into a deep crevice in my brain where all the other useless information other parents give out… whether you ask or not.

well. this person? was right on the money. my kid has been in motion for about a week… and? it’s all over people. I can’t set him on the floor with a toy anymore and do the dishes. I can’t even put him in his bouncer for ten minutes and expect him to be content… this baby wants to MOVE. he knows he can do it now… and nothing else is even close to that kind of cool. which leaves me feeling both clausterphobic and exhausted. also now that he knows these new cool tricks? he is boycotting sleep. he’ll give in the occasional nap… and he’s back to waking up two to five times a night again. I’M GROUCHY!!! I could seriously rip my eyes out of their sockets at the moment. I literally want to pull my hair out. I’m tired and during the daytime I’m a grouch… I now know that sleep is a precious gift… and when you’re not getting it? well… we’ve already gone over that… haven’t we? I love my baby… but I’m a much better mama when I’m well rested… so g, GET SOME SLEEP! I’m wondering if he’s getting teeth, too? I’ve been thinking he was teething for months now… and we still have no teeth. I guess they could be on their way.

in nicer news… my sister is here visiting! we’ve just been hanging out. watching girly tv shows. taking care of the little man. we took him to the fort worth zoo the other day… awesome zoo, but it was TOO FREAKING HOT. yet another thing on my to-do… SUMMER WARDROBE! anywho, I should get back… just thought I’d say hello… that’s all for now… toodloo…

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4 thoughts on “motion = madness…

  1. randalin says:

    Eeek! So sorry you’re tired mama, but it’s pretty normal for babies to wake more at night when they’re mastering a new skill. Baby G just wants to practice!! I know, that doesn’t make the lack of sleep any easier to deal with, right? Hopefully he’ll be back to being a champion sleeper soon. If it makes you feel any better, Kale wakes 2-5 times a night every night. Like, every night for the past YEAR.

  2. Deanna says:

    oh….you think it’s bad now?

    ::insert maniacal laughter::

  3. hahahah – I know. I know. I’ve been spoiled by his awesome sleeping for the past six months. and randalin!! I would die. you’re a stronger woman than I am!!

  4. Wendy says:

    Oh crawling is pretty tough. I think because you’re never quite ready for it. The transition to walking was much easier (even though people say it’s not). I kinda think it’s easier now that Hannah can walk because I don’t have to carry her everywhere.

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