just breathe.

sooooooooooooo. my mood is much improved since the last time we met. we’ve been super busy… and for sara? busy is best. right now I’m exhausted… it was 105 here today! the past few days have been spent running around texas… today we went to the dallas world aquarium… flipping amazing. but we’ll have to catch up later… as for now… I’ll leave you with my favorite picture from today. a father and son moment. john works A LOT. so moments like these make my heart happy. I feel overwhelmed with pride when I look at this… because you can totally see that in john. he’s incredibly proud to be able to take his son to his first aquarium… it was incredible to watch. I needed it. anywho, that’s all for now. night night friends…

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2 thoughts on “just breathe.

  1. Wendy says:

    Cute! Grayson really seems to like the aquarium.

  2. randalin says:

    Ok, I always think that G is the spitting image of you but when I look at this picture, I really see how much he looks like John!!!

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