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meet the pooches: elsie’s adoption story…

what is it about buying a house that suddenly gives you the impulse to get a large dog? what’s that you say? it’s doesn’t? guess I’m one of the weird ones then. in june of 2007, john and I bought our first house… and for some reason my brain went into hyper drive… WE MUST FIND LARGE BREED DOG ASAP! I am a huge dog person in general, but it had always been small breed dogs up until this point… mainly chihuahuas, which is what I was raised with. stop it. they’re not all bad.

one night I asked john what he thought about adopting a retired racing greyhound. he replied with, well, I love all things fast. so sounds like it’ll fit right in. and with that, he unleashed the beast. I was on the HUNT! I got “retired racing greyhounds for dummies” and read it cover to cover… then I went online and got in touch with an amazing rescue out of the bay area in california, GFFL otherwise known as, greyhound friends for life. they were amazing… and thorough! they came and did a walk through of our house. we were interviewed countless times. it was INSANE. by the end of the process we were wondering what we’d gotten ourselves into… but then this little love walked into our lives…

seeyousoonsweety was her racing name… she apparently wasn’t very good at racing and she had been shuffled from track to track in her three years of life. ending up finally in mexico… once they were done with her she was dumped in the arizona desert with a mama greyhound and her NINE puppies… who does that? I will spare you my rant for now, but seriously… in the desert? I mean really… she was one of the few greyhounds that would get along with small dogs and baxter was already in the picture… so this was huge… and the kicker? black greyhounds are the least desirable. who knew? she does look a bit like a dobie from far away… and her bark is killer. even though she hardly uses it. so… of course I wanted the one no one wanted… and as you can see… she didn’t mind our little mutt in the slightest. in fact, the two became fast friends.

the first night we had elsie, she slept in our room. big mistake. during the night she managed to chew the corner of our bed off (BRAND NEW BED FRAME) and from going in and out of the dog door tenthousandtimes she had mud all over the carpet. did I mention we had just bought this house? yeah, that. she wasn’t my favorite for quite a while after that…

but she grew on me… and now she’s my girl… the only other female in the house! we have to stick together! she’s getting older now though and it’s beginning to show. on tuesday she got four teeth removed. she was under anesthesia for two hours and they only managed to take care of one side of her mouth… that should clue you into how bad her mouth was. reaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllly bad.

a few elsieisms for you…

→ she is wicked lazy. I mean seriously lazy. she wants to go for walks, don’t get             me wrong… but that is where it stops. the rest of her time is spent lounging             and she’s stoked on it.

→ if you piss her off, she will not only hide things from you… but when you                   decide you’re over looking for “it” she’ll destroy it right in front of you.

→ her teeth chatter. it’s an excited/nervous thing… sometimes it’s charming.                 other times it makes you want to scream. i.e. 3am…

→ she’s got the personality of a cat. she wants to be loved on, but on her terms.           okay, I suppose I’ll let you pet me right now… eh, I’m over it. ::struts away::

→ she’s the BEST guard dog ever. she doesn’t bark for fun. she barks when she’s         got something to say… and she sneaks up on you. which is the best kind of                 guard dog if you ask me. and her bark? freaking scary!

→ she has an insane prey drive and she WILL toss your cat over the fence if it               ventures into our yard. or raccoon, or squirrel, or anything small enough…             and slow enough… and dumb enough to come into our yard for that matter.             she’s had about twenty just in case rabies boosters for this very reason.

→ she lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvves john. loves him. thinks he’s hers. she tries to spoon         him if he lets her onto our bed. no can do girlfriend!

→ she’s an amazing runner. should be a given right? still doesn’t make it any less         incredible when you see her in action. the girl has skills!

she’s a ton of work, but she’s been a great addition to the family and I couldn’t picture us without her. there were a couple of moments right after g was born where I thought to myself, is she going to survive this? she kept looking at him like he was a squirrel… and that’s no bueno. but now she’s finally settling into this new routine with our new little human… which is fantastic because with us is right where she belongs…

and that my friends is els’ story… baxter’s will be debuting soon… that’s all for now.


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elsie love…

here’s the muttly I never talk about. our six year old greyhound… she’s a good dog… the only reason I don’t really talk about her much is this is all she does…

pretty fan-freaking-tastic life right? sleep all day in YOUR chair. take a walk when you feel like it… oh and the best part? eating anything and everything you want without gaining weight… yes, I am definitely jealous of MY DOG.

so there it is. today has been pretty fantastic. got to hang out with john… AWAKE. we went to sonics and grocery shopping… ooh and to target. I forgot what shopping with him to help me was like. kind of amazing. and I just realized a year ago yesterday our entire lives changed… I found out I was pregnant. I remember wishing for it for my birthday… and I got my wish five days early! that’s right, I’ll be twenty-OLD on saturday. (codeword for twenty-six, incaseyouwerewondering.)… that’s enough update for right now. john’s stepdad is coming to stay tomorrow… need to take full advantage of this naptime! toodloo!

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lazy sunday.

lazy sundays are rad.

that is all.

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people and their pets.

so, as we all are well aware… I work in the veterinary field. I wasn’t going to blog much about this… because to me, well, it’s kind of boring… but something happened yesterday that made me want to scream… and punch someone! (and I’m not a violent person, incaseyouwerewondering.)

yesterday afternoon we got a phone call. a woman was frantic… irate actually. she was screaming to the technician that her cat was “pissing” all over her house and she was sick of it. the technician tried to schedule an appointment. “no!” the client said… “I want him dead, NOW!” she kept screaming this over and over to the technician… and finally settled on, “well, I’m bringing him in… I don’t care if I have to pay extra. I want him dead as soon as possible.”

the technician hung up the phone and we waited. not sure what it was going to be like when this woman arrived with this cat we had never seen before.

when she flew into the parking lot with her gigantic over-priced gas-guzzling suv… we knew it was her. she jumped out and ran to the door with the cat flung over her shoulders. she claimed he was ten… we all settled on about three. she practically threw the cat at the technician… barked at me asking what she owed… and ripped a check out of her checkbook… all the while, mumbling to herself, “I’ve spent over four thousand dollars fixing my carpet because of this damn cat…” I mumbled something back like, “oh yeah, interesting.” what do you say? the woman obviously has no heart. she can pay four thousand bucks to replace the carpet but cannot pay seventy for an office visit to see what’s going on with the cat?

worst part? the cat was fractious… we all wanted to NOT euthanize the pet… because the owner obviously didn’t care what we did with him… but we needed to examine and run a urinalysis on him to see what was going on. not. going. to. happen. he wasn’t having it.

here are two main problems with this scenario.

a: who knows if this cat is vaccinated for rabies… and without proof, it’s assumed that it’s not.

b: we have to chop it’s head off if it bites someone. (yep, the state requires it to test it for rabies. or six months quarantine, but who’s gonna pay for that? the cat is homeless.)

it was heartbreaking. I just don’t get it. why have a pet if you’re more attached to your carpet? accidents happen lady. it doesn’t have to be a common occurrence if you bring it to the vet and find out what’s going on… but it happens… and most of the time, when a cat is urinating/defecating outside the litter box – it’s cat for – help! I don’t feel good! this just completely drives me nuts. cats and dogs die all the time because of irresponsible people. it makes my heart hurt.

all it takes is two seconds. if you’re considering getting a pet, just think to yourself, “can I really afford to take care of this dog/cat for the next ten to twenty years?” if the answer is no… or even maybe not… don’t do it! wait! there will be others when you’re READY. if everyone took this advice… we’d have a lot less moments like the above mentioned. I’m not trying to get preachy though. I got my little baxter when I couldn’t afford him… and that seemed to turn out well. sometimes, I think pets show up right when you need them… he certainly did that for me.

other than that, nothing too exciting happened at work. other than the woman who came in with a brand-spankin new puppy (so squishy and cute.)… and she kept telling me how she hated her 16 year old son because he was “disgusting.” what does that even mean? I’m not gonna lie though… it was highly entertaining. people are funny.

all is well on the home front. john has the weekend off… and so do I, yippee! so, I’m looking forward to some family time. all of us, no obligations…

gonna go back to cuddling with baxter and baby g now… toodloo!

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week eight: iphone photos

this has been a full week. sitting here typing this post has been one of the first moments all week of sara-time… but I’ll tell you right now, I wouldn’t change a thing. full = busy. busy = happy sara. happy sara = happy household… and the list goes on. so, without further ado… here are my iphone photos for this week…

I feel like this kid has transformed. he’s suddenly so aware… he’s smiling and laughing. it’s freaking awesome. other than that, monday was pretty chill… just me and little man hanging out. john had school that night, so he had to sleep most of the day, head to school at 4pm… and head to work straight after… it was a loooonnnngggg day for me.

went back to work this week… on weekdays… and this was posted still. this is g’s birth announcement. I can’t believe he was ever that small. and he was sooooooooo cute… but it didn’t help with my missing him. I missed him like crazy… my entire shift.

this is one of the views from my desk… and one of the vets (awesomestvetever!) that I work with… her dog, miles, is helping her with the appointment… he’s highly hilarious.

john sent me this during my shift… I’m not gonna lie, I kind of liked that my baby missed his mama (or at least that’s how I’m gonna take it… he could’ve just been hungry.)

wednesday is john’s other day he goes to school… so, since it was dinnertime just for moi… I decided to treat myself to sushi…

it was yum. and I’m a cow.

we sent this to john while he was at work that night… we really did miss him. I feel like I don’t see him for a full 24 hours when he sleep/school/works it up.

thursday was by far the best day of the week. you can go read about it here… or you can just take baxter’s word for it.

holy snowstorm, batman! we got hit pretty hard while I was at work on friday. so hard actually, I didn’t get to work my whole shift. typical. but it sure was purdy.

took me two hours to get home in traffic… but it was so worth the wait when I walked in the door to this. he totally reminds me of a water baby in this… remember those? I used to carry that doll around everywhere…

I’m pretty sure I carried him around the rest of the night. I had missed him! (he’s wearing sbish dipes and longies here btw… peacoat!)

here’s my little baxter-man on our way to work saturday morning. he was so excited to go for a bye-bye!

he wasn’t as excited when he found out where he was going… and that he was going to get a bath with lulu (my friend jessica’s loveydog.)… he was much happier to get in the car and drive AWAY…

and that’s our week. wonder why there’s no photos of john this week? because we hate him. KIDDING… haha… well, he slept a lot because his schedule was funky this week… and every time I saw him and g doing something picture worthy I couldn’t find my friggin’ phone… typical. seriously.

anywho, wanna link up? come join in on the fun with your week in iphone/other pic phone photos… wordpress hates the code… so check out to get the code and link up!

see you next week! toodloo!

oh and p.s. I just started my account over on twitter. come follow me (username: hiyo_mama_cbp)! I don’t know how to work it yet, so you may have to be patient… but it could be fun!

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top ten of twenty-ten…

I’ve been thinking about twenty-ten a lot today. only natural I suppose… this was a huge year for me. for a lot of reasons. many involving my little g-man… but not all. I’ve read tons of blogs today and many of them are posting top ten photos of twenty-ten. totally amazing… and some of the mamas got some great photos… but I don’t have photos for my top ten moments… so I thought I’d just write at cha’ about em.

these are in no particular order of importance. maybe in chronological order…

one – positive pregnancy test(s). I still remember the look on john’s face. whatthefrigginfrackdoidonow?! he was not thinking it would happen so soon. I remember telling my sister on the phone… a week before I even took the tests that I knew I was pregnant. call it mother’s intuition I suppose.

two – there’s movement! our 12 week ultrasound was incredible. definitely the best one of the entire pregnancy and I had what seemed like many. I just remember the feeling of lying on the chair while the technician ran the wand around thinking… this is real… this is happening… then, he started kicking and shoving his little arms at the wand every time she pushed even slightly on my tummy. he was already a feisty little one. by far, one of the best days of twenty-ten… possibly one of the best days of my life.

three – surprise! memorial day weekend john’s stepdad, norm was scheduled to come and visit on his way to his daughters house in mass. well, not only did he arrive… but john’s mom did, too! I was so happy to see them… and the surprise of having her here for the entire weekend was so freaking fabulous. I loved every minute… even though I puked the entire time… plus, the last day of their trip, I felt g move for the first time. it was a fantastic weekend and I’ll never forget it.

four – it’s a boy! I knew g was a boy. I just knew it. but seeing it on a screen and knowing it for sure… was magical. I would have been happy either way. in fact, in the beginning I was sure I wanted a girl… but there was something about my pregnancy, I was sure he was a boy… and I was happy about it. really, really, happy about it… and you should’ve seen the look on john’s face. holy lord, he was excited. uber frickin’ excited.

five – showers, showers, and more showers…! in the end, I ended up having three showers. two thrown in california by family and one here in connecticut by my boss… they were all awesome and they were definitely a treat. it’s really awesome to see how much people love your bebe even before he’s born. I do not recommend traveling when pregnant… (if you’re having a pukey pregnancy)… I’m pretty sure the entire plane could hear it… and it was not pleasant.

six – “you’re gonna have the baby this weekend…” jenna (my lovely co-worker) said on my way out of work. I had left early that day. I wasn’t feeling to savvy. I was thirty-five weeks preggo… but I had been thinking he was going to come early. I shrugged it off and went on my way… when I called her at five am the next morning to tell her she was going to have to work for me that day… I doubt she was super happy about her prediction… (I’m giggling right now to myself… still cracks me up.)

seven – “you can do it, babe… you’re doing so well!” my husband surprised the crizap out of me when I was in labor. he was supportive. he’d hunt down a nurse when he had to… and he got me popsicles all the time. when it came time to push he was so supportive… and even when I puked on him… he just kept telling me to keep going – we were almost there. he was a pain in my butt while I was pregnant… but he was killer when I was in labor… I guess I’ll take it. <3

eight – you’re mine. once the initial shock of mommyhood wore off… and the baby blues seemed to melt away (I’m sort of feeling like they’re still not fully melted as of late)… I finally got that feeling of holy cow, he’s mine… I’m the person that is in charge of this handsome little blob of bebe. he’s starting to develop a little personality now… and he’s smiling… so, lately has been a lot more fun… but I have to admit I still look at him from time to time and think… holy cow, you’re mine! it’s a trip, this whole motherhood thing.

nine – dad, mom, john’s mom, heather… having so much family out here this year has meant the world to me. I needed the help and support… and I needed to be around people that I didn’t have to “think” while I was around… if you know what I mean… just no work involved. especially my sister. we got to gripe at each other… and as crazy as it sounds… it was super comforting.

nine and a half – granny, nana, and papa. seeing my grandparents with my bebe was beyond amazing. since before g was born I was plotting on how soon I could get him out there to see them. especially granny, since she is 91… I wanted to make sure I (selfish, I know) had the chance to be around her with my son. I love them all to death… and it was an awesome experience… as well as being able to show him off to my dad, stepmom, john’s dad and stepmom… the trip to california was amazing.

ten – baxterlove. (as I sit here and type this, baxter is cuddling my side. trying to bring inspiration, I guess.) the entire time I was pregnant I fretted and fretted about baxter and how he was going to react to baby g. he’s been the only baby in my life for five years and I have spoiled him rotten. he’s gotten to go to work with me. he’s gotten to ride with me on errands. he’s moved several times with me. he’s been the best dog I have ever had in my entire life. and I was worried sick. and then we brought grayson home… baxter acted like it was no big deal. he’d sit on my lap with me and g while I cried trying to breastfeed. he’d mess up my pile of diapers as I tried to fold them (over and over because of his little bum.)… he’d lay with me as I’d try to get baby g to sleep. he’s been amazing. it’s almost like after five years of me taking care of him, he feels like it’s his turn to take care of me. and I freaking love him more than I ever have. which I thought was impossible. people told me my feelings for my pets would change after grayson was born. and I’m not gonna lie, my feelings for elsie have changed. I still love her to pieces… just not the same as I did before… but baxter. he’s still my little soul-dog. there hasn’t been one like him for me before… and there probably never will be again… so I’m going to take advantage of the time I have with him… and I’m going to hopefully instill in g the importance of animals… and what they bring. I better stop now. I could go on for days. I seriously love this dog. I tell john all the time I wish there was a pill out there that made dogs age like people… not seven-times as fast. see, here I go. I could go on for days.

so that’s my top ten of twenty-ten… there were many more moments that have been ingrained in my memory… but these were the first to mind. 2010 was a stellar year… and I can only imagine was twenty-eleven will bring. I have some ideas. but we’ll see what happens. I’m finding that what I want to happen and what actually happens don’t always coincide. ah, such is life.

bring it on, twenty-eleven. totally looking forward to it.

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week six: iphone photos

hello christmas. goodbye christmas. thanks for visiting.

it really does come and go quick, doesn’t it? the anticipation is insane… and then it gets here and it’s over in a blink. I’ve had an incredible week. my sister is here visiting… and we’ve had a really great visit. she and I have one of those relationships where we adore each other… but we’re also happy to see each other go if you know what I mean. this visit has kind of been the perfect amount of time. I about died from excitement when she got here… and I’m not quite ready for her to go home… but that’s kind of nice feeling. we were just talking about that earlier, actually…

anywho. on with the show. here’s a recap of my week… in iphone photos.

oh yeah, and merry christmas!


so, this week has been the week of baxter being cuter than usual. he seems to find the cutest places to curl up and fall asleep. this is g’s bouncy seat… I’m pretty sure bax would beg to differ… when I saw him here I had to snap a pic. thankthelordjesus I had my iphone nearby…

here’s a pic of g right before his doc appt. he had just pitched a GIGANTIC fit… thank god I have learned the art of packing a diaper bag for every possible bebe disaster. he took a earthshattering… doodie after this. but, thankfully, I had everything I needed. I think the medical assistant about died when I opened up that cloth diaper and it was full of youknowwhat… hallelujar for an uhmazing wet bag. all in all, HORRID appt… I’m never going without john ever again. I was a mess when I got home…


it suddenly occurred to me on tuesday that christmas was right around the corner. seriously awesome that I had some self control this year and didn’t open presents as they arrived. made christmas… well, christmas. worth it.


what’d I tell you… he was sleeping in the cutest places. I could eat him. he’s darling.

oh yes, and he’s pretty sure he’s the bebe. he was claiming the downstairs changing station here. he’s a funny little thing.



shopping at the most fab mall in ct… stopped for a bite at pf changs. love the lettuce wraps. seriously, delish.

my sister’s nickname in our fam is “monkey”, so it was only fitting that she make little g a monkey at build a bear… we named him p diddy… isn’t he the cutest? oh and p.s. the checkeroutter lady did NOT find it humorous. she looked at us like we were annoying when she announced the name of our new little bundle of cotton… hey, can’t win em’ all.

friday: christmas eve

hanging with my little man on his FIRST christmas eve. I love the outfit he’s wearing. one of our finds on our random shopping excursion on wednesday. it’s a cashmere jumper that says happy. too. friggin’. cute.

later on in the day we decided to go have lunch at on the border. I married a crazy. it makes me giggle.

I. love. her. and she loves g. which I think makes me love her more.

saturday: CHRISTMAS… g’s FIRST christmas!

funny, last year we were just starting to broach the subject of kiddos. look at us now.

one of my fav photos of the day. precious.

one of our presents to heather. doesn’t she look adorable in it?!

and that about sums up the week. it’s been a great one. seems to be a trend lately. not complaining!

merry christmas from our family to yours… hope you get to spend it with people you love… lord knows, it makes all the difference.

see you next week.

oh and p.s. as usual, if you’d like to link up… check out this blog. her blog rocks… plus, wordpress sucks and won’t let me post the linky thing. have a great week! toodloo!

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week five: iphone photos

well, today has been exhausting… so I’m super glad you can’t see me right now… I’m a scary sight. couldn’t sleep last night… worked from 8-2pm… came home to a grumpalump bebe… and a super tired husband.

long story short, I’m lucky to have a moment to myself to post this… not to mention diaper laundry! so happy I made it downstairs to the basement! it’s the little things.


this pic cracks me up. baxter was ECSTATIC when little g and I walked through the door monday night. once we got settled, he was right up on my lap and had to get as close to g as possible. I know g looks uncomfortable, but they both slept like logs… so apparently it wasn’t too terribly so.


another highly hilarious photo of baxter. this dog is a serious ham. if I bring out the camera or phone… he looks straight at me, poses, and waits. he was pouting. he would NOT look at me. he seriously cracks me up. who even knows what he was pouting about…

here’s my other pouty dog, elsie. she’s had a TON of changes to her lifestyle since little man has arrived… so I don’t blame her for pouting. we’re slowly easing her back into a little more freedom on this side of the gates… but I’m so flippin’ nervous! I’m sure it’ll be fine… she’s a kind-hearted dog… we’ll figure it out. oh and p.s. she’s totally sporting her christmas collar.


um, he’s super cute. that’s all. oh and p.s. I have no idea where we were going.


apparently, the ergo makes us both happy inside. john says this pic makes me look like I’m about to eat little g. well, he’s so frickin’ adorable sometimes I want to just take a bite! lol… kidding, only kidding.


can you believe how much he’s grown? it’s unbelievable to me! I can’t wait for his dr appt on monday. dying to know what he weighs! btw, do you think it’s kosher to bring the peed cookies? I was thinking of making those peanut butter cookies with the kisses on top… oh and regarding the pic, he was wicked grouchy. it’s crazy how cute he is even when he’s being a grumpalump.

and that’s it for this week. I know, we’re terribly entertaining. in fact, here’s g’s opinion of this post…

thanks a lot for your support little man.

welp, that’s all for this week. can you believe the next time I post this, it’ll have pics of g’s first christmas? where did this year go? I was just telling john I was pregnant!…

if you’d like to join in on the fun… and I seriously suggest you do… check out this blog and link up… or just check it out because you like awesome mommy blogs.

the end.

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week three: iphone photos

this has actually been a sort of eventful week. hooray! maybe not eventful for some people… but a brand spankin’ new mama to an eight week old? this week was busy! har har.


yes, john is putting baxter in the box. yes, baxter looks pitiful. yes, john is wearing cutiepatootie pj pants. no, you do not need to call animal welfare. there were no animals harmed in the taking of this photo.


ergo. nuff said. even fun to wear without the baby apparently.


say hello to little g’s poop face. he’s cute even when he’s doing that.


I love this thing. it’s my very own magic. keeps little man warm, but also keeps him very content. makes for a happy mama… who can be PRODUCTIVE!


hi mama! it’s four am.. just thought I’d let you know!


Christmas Party!

best vet ever. love her.

one of my favorite friends. she was SO nervous to hold him. it was funny. it took some convincing. :)

a veterinary part would not be complete without a kitty on the counter!

saved the best for last. my ct bff4g… love her.

and that’s our week! it was a good one… toodloo!

if you’d like to join in on the fun… which I seriously suggest you do. check out this blog: a good life bc a) wordpress apparently hates linking and b) you will love her blog. the end. see you next week!

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oh, what a day.

be forgiving with this post. working on three hours of sleep in the last 48. it may be a little all over the place… and I don’t even want to think about the spelling and grammar errors. puh-lease!

last night I couldn’t sleep. ended up having some family drama. (who doesn’t?) and it had me so wound up, it took john two hours via text to calm me down… by the time he did, it was four am and mister little sunshine was wide awake again. story of my life. long story short, I didn’t get a wink of sleep before my first day of work… so, I was not little miss happypants this morning. I can assure you of that little fact.

once I got to work, it was like a switch clicked on in my head. with my decaf skinny caramel latte in my hand I was happy to be back… happy and not phased about my lack of sleep. it was a GREAT day. our clients were happy. we were busy… not to mention one of the cutest puppies on the planet came in. there are few things in this world I love more than cuddling with a puppy. especially puppies that go home with someone else who can take care of them. hardy har har. the vet on today was fun (she’s one of my favs)… and all in all… great day to be at work. (besides the DOA kitten. had a seizure in front of the clients kids and just dropped dead. that was seriously sad. we get those every now and then…)

I came home. I was incredibly grouchy and the family drama popped up again. this time instead of text… it was via email. I was so over it at this point I let john take care of it. he’s so much better at stuff like that. he’s a more logical type person. doesn’t get so emotional like me. he’s so uhmazing sometimes. I don’t think the drama is over, persay… just muted for now. yay.

took a quickie nap… got up, got ready… and took john and grayson to my work christmas party.

SO MUCH FUN. seriously. it was so nice to hang out with everyone. john got to let loose and have a couple of drinks and I got to laugh and chat with some of my favorite friends. it was great. not to mention, little g got to be oohed and ahhhed over all night. everyone loved him… and more than one person told me he was the first blonde-haired, blue-eyed baby they’d ever seen. it was cute. he loved the attention and was an incredibly content little thing. (I was so happy he didn’t spit up on anyone or poop at their house)… it couldn’t have been a better night. 

best news of all. grayson and I are flying to california monday. we’re going to visit my dad and his family and john’s dad and his family. I can’t wait to see him with my great-grandma… and my grandparents… and johns parents are gonna flip out. my dad and his wife are already beside themselves… it’s awesome.I really didn’t have enough time to see everyone… but seeing as my mom and john’s mom had recently seen him.. it seemed logical to go this route… john’s mom told me tonight, “you’re never going to be able to make everyone happy. we all want to see him, ALL THE TIME.” which is so true.. someone is always going to be bummed… and it’s nice to think I shouldn’t have to feel guilty about it. it’s just the way it goes sometimes. he’s a hot commodity right now. that’s for sure.

so needless to say, I’m excited/nervous/anxious/scaredtodeath/happy/cantwaittoseethelookonmygrannysface! when I told my nana tonight that I was coming she screamed. I”ve never heard her scream about anything. it made the other drama melt away. I’m not kidding, almost instantly. thank god for her. she makes me smile.

anywho, enough of this. gotta get to work on my week in iphone photos :)

next week I’ll have some killer ones! can’t wait! nighty night!

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