pregnancy bytes.

well, it bites too… but here are a few tidbits… from my recollection.

john and I decided to start actively trying for a baby in february twenty-ten. holyfrickenmoly, february 28th we found out we were pregnant… when I showed him the redonkulous amount of preggo tests I’d taken… and they all were positive, he simply said, “oh. ok.” and walked away. shock, anyone?

first visit to the docs office – march 16th. I think I’m 8 weeks along. hardy har har.

first ultrasound to confirm pregnancy and gestational age… march 29th. I’m only 8 weeks along… and there’s a blood clot in the uterus. nothing to worry about, they say. funny. how can a first time pregnant mama-to-be not worry about something like that… at least we have our official due date, november 9, twenty ten.

early april. morning sickness is a myth. it’s all day, all night sickness. I wonder what I’ve done.

late april. 1st trimester screening. there he is! we didn’t know he was a he at this point, but seeing him moving around and kicking and punching at the u/s wand… pure awesomeness.

mid-may. holy constipation, second trimester is here! why am I still puking? furthermore, why is it getting more frequent?

june. still puking. my co-workers nickname him, hellraiser. I agree. I joke he’s my little parasite. other preggo mamas-to-be get super offended. how could you call him a parasite? he’s your little miracle of life! I’m sorry, but I’ve lost twenty pounds since I’ve gotten pregnant and this is when I’m supposed to be able to eat whatever I want! not to mention, my husband thinks I don’t know how to puke. (seriously, he would tease me about it. not a good time to tease your wife, when her face is in the toilet, while she’s baking your baby.) so, there. lady.

late-june. 20 week u/s… it’s a boy! I knew it all along. had a spidey sense or something. we decide we’re going to name him, grayson hawk. grayson, because it’s darling… and not super common… and hawk because daddy was a blackhawk crew-chief in the military. that settles that.

july. codeword- longest month ever. hot. sticky. grouchy sara. puking in the humid heat is the worst thing ever. not to mention, even though I’m 5-6mo preggo… still not showing. want to open that pregnant chick’s door for her? nope. she’s not pregnant, she’s just fat. pheff.

august. hello, belly! finally, showing. still wearing normal clothes, thanks to the weight loss… but there is definitely a bump there. flew to california for two baby showers. one hosted by my mom and one by my dad’s wife. it was fun. it was uhmazing to see how many people loved our son, already. and it was nice to not have my hubs mocking my puking technique for a week or two. that’s right, I said it. I needed a break. best part: when I came home, he had missed me so much… he shuttheh-e-doublehockeysticksup about my puking. phew, there is a god, and I’m thinking he loves me.

september. when’s this going to end? I don’t want to puke my whole friggin’ pregnancy! am I ever going to enjoy this? now exhaustion is setting in… work. puke. sleep. repeat. my life in september. probably the worst month of the pregnancy. I felt like he was going to come early. I told my doc this. she said it was a common worry… and that I should relax. he was going to wait for another couple of months.

october. he’s coming. I just know it. I tell john we need to get the dog gates up and buy the pack n’ play. he happily obliges (he’s a do-er)…

october 9. my water breaks. ahem, I hate to tell you I told you so.

october 10. grayson hawk makes his debut.

october 10. last day of puking. hallelujar. (even with the zofran drip in my iv, I puked all through my labor.)

now: late-november: I’d do it all over again… but not for a while. it’s so much fun to eat now! and cook! and be awake in general! so buyer beware, pregnancy is not all about glows and lollipops… it’s hard work… and sometimes it can kick the living crizap out of you.

but, some things are worth it. totally. freaking. worth it.

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