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acid reflux is my new least favorite word(s)…

my kiddo is having some serious issues with this. initially when he was born, we thought he was just a spitter upper. he would spit up (a lot), but then be fine… like he didn’t even know he’d spit up… but now he spits up, gags, gives his mama a heart attack, and then cries. he looks friggin’ miserable. I’ve started feeding him sitting up and he gets “special” formula for this and for the dairy sensitivity. he’s going to his six week (six week!) checkup on monday and I’m going to see if there are other things we should be trying… or if he thinks we should be giving him a prescription… yippee. seriously though, when your kid is gagging and turning bright red it’s scary… I asked my mom when I was going to stop worrying so much and she said, “never. it only gets worse.” well, there is a gem to look forward to.

he also strains to poo. like super, gets his face red as a tomato strains… it stresses me out! he makes pooping look seriously painful… and they aren’t even solid yet! (sorry if tmi)… doc said it’s nothing to worry about as long as he isn’t having blood in it anymore… but it’s still worrisome.

so there is my daily dose of drama… not very interesting… but it’s definitely where my head’s at. about to start dinner (I know it’s 10pm… but john works nights, and tonight is his night off… so there.)… but I had to wait for my kid to quit projectile vomiting. now he’s sleeping. bless his little cotton socks.

oh! I almost forgot the best part. I’m pretty sure he smiled at me yesterday… and it wasn’t gas. it made me cry.

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