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3 years… 3 YEARS!

um, married for three years. nuts.

I guess it’s not that big of a deal for some people… but it’s been quite the journey to get us here… and I’m proud we made it! we’ve been together on and off since 2002… but we were just talking last night about how this is the longest stretch… straight… we’ve been together. it’s been four and a half years of togetherness… woot! it’s hard to believe that next december 31st… we’ll have a one year old!

(here’s a pic of us… circa 2003… I’m jealous of myself in this pic. redonk.)

here’s to many more years of togetherness.

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week seven: iphone photos…

well howdy, 2011. you kind of snuck up on me this year. I feel like 2010 was a blur, even though there were a few very pregnant moments where I thought 2010 would never end. funny. this has been a rad week. and I officially am addicted to catching every moment I can on iphone photos. the best part? I’m taking pics of my bebe, everyday.


monday was a little crazy. we’d just had an INSANE blizzard and my sister was stuck here. she wasn’t super keen on it at first… but the idea ended up growing on her and we had some more fun. she ended up getting to stay three extra days. here, we decided to go to chips. this diner that makes delish pancakes in every flavor under the sun. I got the apple almond this time… to die. seriously.

here’s the other side of the table. my boys. love em. g does so well when we go out. I think he really likes the stimulation. I’m thinking he’s gonna be a social little thing.


I’m sorry, but this is just funny. oh, and btw… I LOVE THE BECO. I love that it comes with the infant insert and it’s not some bulky thing. I still love my ergo, mind you… but I think for this stage, the beco is the better bet.

here’s little g in his new monkey suit. my aunt p and her family got it for him… redonkulously cute. he hates having stuff on his head… in fact, his face is beginning to pucker in this photo… but he put on a good show.


my sister went home wednesday night… which made it kind of a bummer day… but since we still had someone to babysit… we decided to go and trade in our 2000 gmc yukon for a 2007 ford escape…

john tells me NOW he didn’t really like the escape, but he knew I’ve wanted one forever (I’m a TOTAL ford girl)… so that’s why he was all about me getting it. sometimes he can be seriously cute.

isn’t she purdy? I kind of want to eat her up. seriously.


this is what I woke up to thursday morning. first off, he’s sleeping in his crib. win. secondly, he’s finally smiling!! I thought he never would! in fact, I was constantly texting my friend katherine, “why isn’t he smiling?!” thank god for supportive mama friends… seriously. she kept me from losing my mind.

this photo cracks me up. this is one of my favorite diapers. sustainablebabyish fitted. just started using the overnight system (this dipe paired with sbish wool longies… LOVE IT)… and he looks mighty cute in them.

as you can see, it was kind of a lazy day for us (my fave!)… our friends dave and norma came over to meet the little guy… afterwards, I think we were both pooped.


new years eve! our three year anniversary! go us!

I’ve got the iphone 4… which does the flip around thing… and doesn’t take the best photos I’m afraid. this is us… going out on a DATE for our anniversary… thanks to katherine and jon… for being ohsoawesome and watching our little man.

we also ended up hanging out with them afterwards… can I just tell you it’s like food for my soul to hang out with other mamas? seriously, it was a night I was in dire need of. and I love them for enabling us to make it happen.

we found this little gem on the way home… I had to stop… it was just TOO elaborate. way to ring in the new year, right? actually, I’m pretty sure I rang in the new year changing a dipe. oh, how times have changed.

as usual, wordpress hates me. check out agoodlifeblog to link up… the more the merrier… see ya next week!

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