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iphone photos: week 12ish…

monday was bumbo impersonator extravaganza… little man sat in this thing for what felt like forever! it was tons of fun watching him. he was cracking up… and baxter kept walking up to him… I could see his little doggy brain trying to work out what was going on… what is this? why is he sitting up? I’m not sure I like this. that was pretty much the highlight of the day. we did lots of just hanging out.

this is so so cute. I heard them on the monitor while I was getting ready for work. I walk in, john’s got the teddy bear we built grayson at build-a-bear when he was still in the belly… he was making it dance and grayson was holding his head up just laughing away. plus, I think g is uber cute in just a diaper. this happens to be a bumgenius elemental aio. I used to hate them, but they’ve grown on me… and ribbit is the color he’s wearing, it’s my fav bg color…

wednesday was my day for organizing! holler. I finally got around to cleaning my poor neglected caboodle and makeup brushes. I LOVE that caboodle. when john and I first got back together I talked about it all the time… he took me to macy’s one day… told the girl at the mac counter, I’ll get her whatever she wants. make it fun for her. I didn’t know this until we were checking out and the girl said, you’ve got a keeper. john’s not huge on romantic gestures… but I’d say that one hit the spot.

thursday was g’s four month birthday… and the day for him to visit the dreaded eye specialist. all in all, it ended up being not a bad day… until I tried to fold laundry with g on my lap… he was NOT enthused! (but of course he cooed all over his daddy.)

friday was my long day at work… the second I got home, I couldn’t strap that baby on me fast enough. I love my beco… it’s my favorite of my babywearing gear. not to mention, the cutest… john ended up going out for dinner with a friend, and g fell asleep pretty quick in the beco… so, I got to spend my night happily perched in front of the tv to catch up on all my girly shows. it was a whole lot of fantastic.

here’s daddy’s photo of the week… day one of eye patching. john said it lasted all of about twenty minutes (it’s supposed to be an hour a day…) it’s definitely gonna take some getting used to. john sent me this photo to make sure I got to see him with his first patch on ::big sigh:: I need to find a patch that’s a tad more fashionable though, there is nothing cute about a boring band aid! (other than the little baby underneath it, hehee)

that’s all I’ve got for this week… see you next week!

oh and p.s. did you take photos with your camera phone this week? you should join in on the fun and link up at amy’s blog… it’s fun to see all the other mama’s photos… and as amy says, the more kids that come out to play, the more fun, right?

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week seven: iphone photos…

well howdy, 2011. you kind of snuck up on me this year. I feel like 2010 was a blur, even though there were a few very pregnant moments where I thought 2010 would never end. funny. this has been a rad week. and I officially am addicted to catching every moment I can on iphone photos. the best part? I’m taking pics of my bebe, everyday.


monday was a little crazy. we’d just had an INSANE blizzard and my sister was stuck here. she wasn’t super keen on it at first… but the idea ended up growing on her and we had some more fun. she ended up getting to stay three extra days. here, we decided to go to chips. this diner that makes delish pancakes in every flavor under the sun. I got the apple almond this time… to die. seriously.

here’s the other side of the table. my boys. love em. g does so well when we go out. I think he really likes the stimulation. I’m thinking he’s gonna be a social little thing.


I’m sorry, but this is just funny. oh, and btw… I LOVE THE BECO. I love that it comes with the infant insert and it’s not some bulky thing. I still love my ergo, mind you… but I think for this stage, the beco is the better bet.

here’s little g in his new monkey suit. my aunt p and her family got it for him… redonkulously cute. he hates having stuff on his head… in fact, his face is beginning to pucker in this photo… but he put on a good show.


my sister went home wednesday night… which made it kind of a bummer day… but since we still had someone to babysit… we decided to go and trade in our 2000 gmc yukon for a 2007 ford escape…

john tells me NOW he didn’t really like the escape, but he knew I’ve wanted one forever (I’m a TOTAL ford girl)… so that’s why he was all about me getting it. sometimes he can be seriously cute.

isn’t she purdy? I kind of want to eat her up. seriously.


this is what I woke up to thursday morning. first off, he’s sleeping in his crib. win. secondly, he’s finally smiling!! I thought he never would! in fact, I was constantly texting my friend katherine, “why isn’t he smiling?!” thank god for supportive mama friends… seriously. she kept me from losing my mind.

this photo cracks me up. this is one of my favorite diapers. sustainablebabyish fitted. just started using the overnight system (this dipe paired with sbish wool longies… LOVE IT)… and he looks mighty cute in them.

as you can see, it was kind of a lazy day for us (my fave!)… our friends dave and norma came over to meet the little guy… afterwards, I think we were both pooped.


new years eve! our three year anniversary! go us!

I’ve got the iphone 4… which does the flip around thing… and doesn’t take the best photos I’m afraid. this is us… going out on a DATE for our anniversary… thanks to katherine and jon… for being ohsoawesome and watching our little man.

we also ended up hanging out with them afterwards… can I just tell you it’s like food for my soul to hang out with other mamas? seriously, it was a night I was in dire need of. and I love them for enabling us to make it happen.

we found this little gem on the way home… I had to stop… it was just TOO elaborate. way to ring in the new year, right? actually, I’m pretty sure I rang in the new year changing a dipe. oh, how times have changed.

as usual, wordpress hates me. check out agoodlifeblog to link up… the more the merrier… see ya next week!

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little g’s first trip to the homeland.

well, I’d say little g’s first trip to cali was a success. we had a really good time and the kid is a charmer! I’m telling you! we both caught something we’re still trying to fight off at the moment… nothing like vacationing with a seriously snotty nose, a cough, and a sore throat. yippee for us! but he was such a trooper. he met a gang of people and just cruised right through it.

he got to see every one of his grandparents. my dad and connie, my mom and abe, john’s dad and patti, john’s mom and norm… I mean it was like grandparent central. and boy, let me tell you. the kid knows how to make people smile. he was chatty kathy. he also got to spend some time with his great grandparents, my nana and papa… nana sure knows how to calm down a baby. I realize she’s got two kids, five grandkids, and eight great-grandkids… but seriously, she’s got skills! he also got to spend some time with a couple of uncles and one of his aunts. my stepbrothers, kyle and blake… we nicknamed blake the “baby whisperer”… all he had to do was pick baby g up and he was content. he’s gonna be a great dad one day. kyle is going through the broody teenage thing (he mentioned to me a couple of times he’ll be 17 in July… I thought he just turned 16! silly me.)… heather, my sister, got to meet baby g for the first time. she told me a funny story. I went over to granny’s to get the car keys and I was over there for a while (we always get started talking…) little g stayed with heather and nana… heather said he started crying and she didn’t know what to do… nana walked over and went, “lalalala…” and g looked at her and cracked a half smile… like I said, she’s got skills :)… the biggest thing for me, grayson got to meet and spend time with his great great grandma, my granny. I’ve wanted him to meet her since before he was born. she’s had some health issues over the past couple of years, so to be honest, I wasn’t sure he’d get to meet her… for me, it was a wish come true. she’s been such a huge influence on my life and to have her hold and cuddle my baby… I can’t even describe it. seriously uhmazing.

so, it was a long… very eventful week. I got maybe three – four hours of sleep a day if I was lucky… which made for a slightly grouchy mama, but I think I pulled it off. being sicko didn’t help either. I must’ve called the peed three times for baby g. they basically told me if he didn’t have a fever and he was eating, we just had to ride the wave sucking the snot out of his nose along the way. joy. he’s still snotty today, but we’re working it out. :)

the first couple of days were spent with john’s dad and stepmom. they were so much fun. he pretty much slept through their visit. he finally had his eyes open and was interactive the second day they were here. we went to my dad’s house to hang out and he had his eyes open and was kicking his legs and making coos at everyone. I was happy because they kept saying how much they wanted to see his eyes. not to mention, we found out where the little kink in grayson’s ears came from… chris! john’s dad has the same exact ears. way too adorable for words. patti was redonkulously excited. the first night they were there… we went to house of beef (my granny worked there years ago)… and she was introducing everyone there to her first grandchild… I could’ve died. she was so proud. it made my day. when they left on thursday, I wasn’t ready. I can’t wait to see them again…

my dad and connie got to hang out with us quite a bit. which was nice, because the last couple of times I’ve been out to california I haven’t been able to hang out with my dad. not to mention, I feel like I finally got to know connie… and she’s definitely a keeper. she’s got grandma written all over her. I think my dad hit the nail on the head… she reminds me of nana… and she was a super grandma… so g-man is a lucky little thing.

john’s mom and stepdad came up for only a couple of hours on sunday. which was nuts because they had a 4-5 hour drive from lake almanor to my dad’s house. but they wanted to. grandpa norm had yet to meet little g so I think that made it worth the trip :). I could see how proud they were too, which made me even more sad john had to miss it. I don’t think he realizes just how happy everyone is about our little man because he hasn’t gotten to see it for himself. but they had a good time… and it was awesome to see them.

my mom and abe met me and little g in sacto for a little breakfast and a impromptu shopping trip to goore’s in carmichael. it was super fun. I think my mom was surprised she got to see us (as I had told her she wasn’t going to)… and abe hadn’t met him yet, so he was super stoked. it was hard to leave, as it was only a couple of hours… but I’m glad we went, because I think they needed to see him… 3000 miles is a long way.

my grandparents got to hog us the most. we stayed there. which was nice because nana and I are both night owls so we stayed up late and watched home movies, talked, laughed… it was such a breath of fresh air. I needed it. I feel like every time I stay out there, I get to know nana more… which I think is practically impossible seeing as I spent every weekend and summer out there for half of my life. but I spent a lot of that time at granny’s house. they used to call her guard granny… because she would let me sleep late and not let anyone through the door of her house. she’s funny. I love her. papa was funny this trip too. he said he wasn’t good with babies… and I had to put a load of diapers in the wash (yep, traveled with cloth! not as bad as I thought it would be! thank god rockin’ green ships! :)) and grayson started to cry. they were really dirty diapers so I kept throwing them in (had to take the inserts out)… and when I came out he was half asleep on papas shoulder… papa saying, ” oh it’s okay grayson…” I wish I could have caught it on video. not good with babies? pheff!

to tell you the truth, we didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. nothing exciting to tell… but it was food for my soul I think. to be able to share my little one. MINE. with so many people that I love was out of this world. it was a trip I will never forget. and the kid travels like a rock star… so I’m sure we’ll be doing it again. I’m happy to be home, because I missed john terribly… and my baby pooches… but I already miss california and all of our family. it easy to forget what life is like when you live close to family. for the first time in a long time, I really wish we did. part of me thinks we’ll be back someday… but I don’t want to get my hopes up too far… and trips like this make up for it, even if just a little. (pics to follow :))

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for the love of work… ?

I’m not going to even try to deny it. I’ve been dreading going back to work. I mean anxiously, not sleeping at night, dreaaaaaaaaaading leaving my son for a set number of hours a day. I’ve thought and thought about how I could rearrange our finances to make it work… and really, we could make it work… but honestly, it’s nice to have a little extra… especially with the baby… and saving for another house… that’s probably priority number one right now. so, long story short, I have to return.

so, today. I went in just for an hour or two… so my co-worker could show me all the changes that have been made (we’re going paperless. woot!). I was all stressed out thinking there was going to be a ton of things for me to learn. nope. it’s pretty much all the same… and my co-worker and I get along famously, so it was nice to go in even if to just chat with her… and honestly, it was a GODSEND. because now, not only am I not anxious about going back… I’m excited. it was nice to be reminded why I love my job.

tomorrow is my first official day back… and I’m ready. I love our clients and their pets… and my co–workers are great… so, I’m looking forward to it. plus, I was actually needed for something while I was there… and I’m not gonna lie, that was nice to know too.

at the moment I’m sitting on the couch in my living room typing on my netbook… with my baby on my chest in his sling. I’m here to tell you, life doesn’t get much better than this. for some reason, something clicked the other day. I was changing his diaper and he looked at me… and the way he looked at me made my heart swell for some reason… like he knew who I was… and since then, I haven’t been able to put him down when we’re together. I could just cuddle him crazy, I swear. but I think it’s been better for the both of us. I”m more relaxed… he’s sleeping better… TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW – FOUR HOUR STRETCHES! woot! now I’m starting to feel like we’re really bonding… it’s kind of exciting.

so, I’m sure you can tell. I’m in a much better place today mood wise. thankthelordjesus… I guess anxiety will do that to you.

well, I”m getting off course and setting into ramblesville… so toodloo for now.

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