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3 years… 3 YEARS!

um, married for three years. nuts.

I guess it’s not that big of a deal for some people… but it’s been quite the journey to get us here… and I’m proud we made it! we’ve been together on and off since 2002… but we were just talking last night about how this is the longest stretch… straight… we’ve been together. it’s been four and a half years of togetherness… woot! it’s hard to believe that next december 31st… we’ll have a one year old!

(here’s a pic of us… circa 2003… I’m jealous of myself in this pic. redonk.)

here’s to many more years of togetherness.

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week seven: iphone photos…

well howdy, 2011. you kind of snuck up on me this year. I feel like 2010 was a blur, even though there were a few very pregnant moments where I thought 2010 would never end. funny. this has been a rad week. and I officially am addicted to catching every moment I can on iphone photos. the best part? I’m taking pics of my bebe, everyday.


monday was a little crazy. we’d just had an INSANE blizzard and my sister was stuck here. she wasn’t super keen on it at first… but the idea ended up growing on her and we had some more fun. she ended up getting to stay three extra days. here, we decided to go to chips. this diner that makes delish pancakes in every flavor under the sun. I got the apple almond this time… to die. seriously.

here’s the other side of the table. my boys. love em. g does so well when we go out. I think he really likes the stimulation. I’m thinking he’s gonna be a social little thing.


I’m sorry, but this is just funny. oh, and btw… I LOVE THE BECO. I love that it comes with the infant insert and it’s not some bulky thing. I still love my ergo, mind you… but I think for this stage, the beco is the better bet.

here’s little g in his new monkey suit. my aunt p and her family got it for him… redonkulously cute. he hates having stuff on his head… in fact, his face is beginning to pucker in this photo… but he put on a good show.


my sister went home wednesday night… which made it kind of a bummer day… but since we still had someone to babysit… we decided to go and trade in our 2000 gmc yukon for a 2007 ford escape…

john tells me NOW he didn’t really like the escape, but he knew I’ve wanted one forever (I’m a TOTAL ford girl)… so that’s why he was all about me getting it. sometimes he can be seriously cute.

isn’t she purdy? I kind of want to eat her up. seriously.


this is what I woke up to thursday morning. first off, he’s sleeping in his crib. win. secondly, he’s finally smiling!! I thought he never would! in fact, I was constantly texting my friend katherine, “why isn’t he smiling?!” thank god for supportive mama friends… seriously. she kept me from losing my mind.

this photo cracks me up. this is one of my favorite diapers. sustainablebabyish fitted. just started using the overnight system (this dipe paired with sbish wool longies… LOVE IT)… and he looks mighty cute in them.

as you can see, it was kind of a lazy day for us (my fave!)… our friends dave and norma came over to meet the little guy… afterwards, I think we were both pooped.


new years eve! our three year anniversary! go us!

I’ve got the iphone 4… which does the flip around thing… and doesn’t take the best photos I’m afraid. this is us… going out on a DATE for our anniversary… thanks to katherine and jon… for being ohsoawesome and watching our little man.

we also ended up hanging out with them afterwards… can I just tell you it’s like food for my soul to hang out with other mamas? seriously, it was a night I was in dire need of. and I love them for enabling us to make it happen.

we found this little gem on the way home… I had to stop… it was just TOO elaborate. way to ring in the new year, right? actually, I’m pretty sure I rang in the new year changing a dipe. oh, how times have changed.

as usual, wordpress hates me. check out agoodlifeblog to link up… the more the merrier… see ya next week!

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all I want for christmas…

this year is the first year I’ve been excited about christmas in a very long time. so many things have changed… the past two christmas’ spent in connecticut have been a tad dreary. first off, I couldn’t wait for christmas day to open presents, so when it rolled around there weren’t any to open! (redonkulous!)… and we don’t have any family over here, so they’ve been very isolating and lonely… I’ve just chalked it up to growing up. no more fun in christmas. it’s just another day.

this year already feels different.

grayson has changed most everything about my life… so why would christmas be any different? I know he won’t remember this christmas… but I most certainly will. our first christmas as a family. he’s already brought the excitement back. not to mention, all of the presents are STILL under the tree… wrapped and waiting… best of all? sissy. that’s right, my little sister is coming for christmas this year. I’m super stoked about having her here. I’m planning on making cornish game hens, cranberry cornbread, berry cobbler… the list goes on. especially since, I’ll have the extra help to watch the kiddo.


even the music this year is not annoying. if only I could find my copy of muppets christmas… it would be complete. growing up it seems that was one of the only things that stayed the same. we ended up having two christmas’ every year. we always had our christmas with mom about a week prior. our christmas with dad was with him and his family on christmas day. one thing I seriously miss is waking up at nana and papa’s on christmas day. hearing the sliding glass door slowly creak open as granny entered. smells of berry cobbler and hot cocoa filling the room. papa walking around waking everyone up with his infamous cackeling. waiting anxiously for everyone to awaken so we could open presents… spending the day eating the most delish food on the planet and playing cards. phase 10 anyone? no christmas has been the same since. I haven’t felt that feeling… you know, that comfortable, homey, warm, happy feeling…

but it’s not about me anymore.

and that has changed things. it’s brought the excitement and wonder back… in a whole new way. I can’t wait until grayson is at the age where he understands… and I can tell him all about what christmas means to me. I can’t wait to start new traditions. us. as a family.  

and I can’t help but wonder, what will he look forward to every year?

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oh, what a day.

be forgiving with this post. working on three hours of sleep in the last 48. it may be a little all over the place… and I don’t even want to think about the spelling and grammar errors. puh-lease!

last night I couldn’t sleep. ended up having some family drama. (who doesn’t?) and it had me so wound up, it took john two hours via text to calm me down… by the time he did, it was four am and mister little sunshine was wide awake again. story of my life. long story short, I didn’t get a wink of sleep before my first day of work… so, I was not little miss happypants this morning. I can assure you of that little fact.

once I got to work, it was like a switch clicked on in my head. with my decaf skinny caramel latte in my hand I was happy to be back… happy and not phased about my lack of sleep. it was a GREAT day. our clients were happy. we were busy… not to mention one of the cutest puppies on the planet came in. there are few things in this world I love more than cuddling with a puppy. especially puppies that go home with someone else who can take care of them. hardy har har. the vet on today was fun (she’s one of my favs)… and all in all… great day to be at work. (besides the DOA kitten. had a seizure in front of the clients kids and just dropped dead. that was seriously sad. we get those every now and then…)

I came home. I was incredibly grouchy and the family drama popped up again. this time instead of text… it was via email. I was so over it at this point I let john take care of it. he’s so much better at stuff like that. he’s a more logical type person. doesn’t get so emotional like me. he’s so uhmazing sometimes. I don’t think the drama is over, persay… just muted for now. yay.

took a quickie nap… got up, got ready… and took john and grayson to my work christmas party.

SO MUCH FUN. seriously. it was so nice to hang out with everyone. john got to let loose and have a couple of drinks and I got to laugh and chat with some of my favorite friends. it was great. not to mention, little g got to be oohed and ahhhed over all night. everyone loved him… and more than one person told me he was the first blonde-haired, blue-eyed baby they’d ever seen. it was cute. he loved the attention and was an incredibly content little thing. (I was so happy he didn’t spit up on anyone or poop at their house)… it couldn’t have been a better night. 

best news of all. grayson and I are flying to california monday. we’re going to visit my dad and his family and john’s dad and his family. I can’t wait to see him with my great-grandma… and my grandparents… and johns parents are gonna flip out. my dad and his wife are already beside themselves… it’s awesome.I really didn’t have enough time to see everyone… but seeing as my mom and john’s mom had recently seen him.. it seemed logical to go this route… john’s mom told me tonight, “you’re never going to be able to make everyone happy. we all want to see him, ALL THE TIME.” which is so true.. someone is always going to be bummed… and it’s nice to think I shouldn’t have to feel guilty about it. it’s just the way it goes sometimes. he’s a hot commodity right now. that’s for sure.

so needless to say, I’m excited/nervous/anxious/scaredtodeath/happy/cantwaittoseethelookonmygrannysface! when I told my nana tonight that I was coming she screamed. I”ve never heard her scream about anything. it made the other drama melt away. I’m not kidding, almost instantly. thank god for her. she makes me smile.

anywho, enough of this. gotta get to work on my week in iphone photos :)

next week I’ll have some killer ones! can’t wait! nighty night!

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seriously need to get more organized.

things are going a bit haywire lately. grayson and I still have not managed to get on a schedule. I keep making excuses like, “well, if he was breastfeeding better…” or “well, the formula he’s on is pre-digested, so he can’t possibly be able to sleep longer than 2-3 hours.” but, it’s time to figure something out.

for one thing, I go back to work this saturday. (crazy, how fast these 8 weeks have flown.) but it’s only saturdays right now. I’ll go back fullish time in jan/feb. I need to have something worked out by then, because I can’t be sleeping at work from 8-12! plus, last night was particularly painful. I’m trying to get him to sleep in his crib (he’s been sleeping in his swing because of the massive amounts of spit up.)… and it’s just been a rocky road. I wish I was one of those moms that could let him cry it out… but I’m having a hard time with that.

plus, if I don’t start sleeping at night, john and I are never going to see each other. I feel like we haven’t hung out in forever… and I can’t have that. I love my little man… don’t get me wrong… but I love my husband, too… and I feel like I have not been tending as much to that relationship as I need to. so, there.

last night I ordered a few books on getting the baby on a sleep schedule. please god, let them work. right now, I’m downstairs listening to him on the monitor… he’s just babbling… the kid does not sleep unless he’s rocked and cuddled… and even then, when you put him down, he’s wide awake. I know I did this. I’m just trying to fix it now. friggin’ frack.

last night I was so friggin’ anxious with his noises and whatnot while in the crib, I couldn’t sleep. plus, by the time john got home my nerves were so friggin’ fried everything he was doing was driving me insane! I had to take two advil pm to get to sleep this morning…

so that’s my gripe session for today. wish me luck. I’ve gotta get this house back on track… for all of our sanity. including baby g.

in other news, I got our christmas tree today… came all the way from the basement :) …
it’s just a cute little fakie, but it works. the less I have to clean up come new years, the better. can I get an amen?

welp, I’m off. until next time, toodloo.

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ergo = bliss

first off… I need to tell you, I had just woken up from a nap when this lovely gem of baby happiness gear arrived. so, my hair looks disgusting and I look incredibly groggy. there’s my disclaimer. hardy har har.

the only thing I really wanted for christmas this year was an ergo carrier. I wanted it in galaxy gray with the infant insert in the same pattern. so, when my mom asked what I wanted this year I practically shouted the ergo. and of course, here it is. thanks mom and abe.

I had to put it on right away… and luckily grayson was awake… and pretty fussy. two seconds after I put him in it, the kid was out. I mean hardcore sleeping. uhhhhhhhhhhmazing. not to mention, it’s completely adorable. I am in love…

in other news, my christmas shopping, including cards (hallelujar), is complete. I’m so proud of myself this year. even johns presents were easy this year. (he was pretty open about what he wanted.)… so, I’m a happy camper. now, to sit back and enjoy grayson’s first christmas. I ordered him a exersaucer from the disney store (thanks disney points!), which I doubt he’ll remember… but it’s his first christmas… I had to get him something!

anywho, that’s all for now. going to go walk around my house aimlessly with my bebe. can’t wait for the weather to be better… aka warmer, it’s frickin’ cold here… so we can take walks with the dogs… it’ll be much easier to maneuver with two dogs trying to drag me. (sorry caesar, not the best “pack leader”…) that’s for sure.


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thank. you. god.

this is a beautiful thing.

and the first time it’s happened all. day. long.

it’s been a frustrating day. I got a quickie nap this morning (thank you john.)… and when I woke up I could tell it was going to be one of those days. I came down the stairs to a look from john that was like, “help!” he told me about  a half an hour before I woke up he was halfway up the stairs to get me. bless him. I needed the extra half an hour. especially for this afternoon.

from the second I woke up, he’s been fussy. I mean FUSSY. he wouldn’t eat, I changed him (worst changing session ever, mind you. he was squirmy screamer mcsquirmyson…), I fed him, I rocked him, cuddled him, put him on the playmat, fed him again, changed him, put him back on the playmat…

finally, sleep. thank you playmat. now he’s in the swing, rocking happily. phew, what a relief.

onto other news, I have something exciting going on that I can’t say anything about for a couple of weeks. I know, why even bring it up? well, I’m about to burst with excitement, that’s why! so, there’s a little teaser. come back to find out what it is. it’ll be worth the wait. I’ll take LOTS of pictures. trust me.

oh, and if you like the blanky in the pic, you can go grab something similar here. the red pistachio has THE cutest prints and her stuff is amazing. I’m a HUGE fan of hers and her sister over at the spotted barn. go check em’ out. if you have a baby shower coming up… they have THE cutest gifts. no joke.

anywho, away I go.



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week two: iphone photos

well, this week I was smarter. I remembered which day was which. hooray for me!


mondays are always rough. I think it’s because john goes back to work sunday night… and it’s always a little hard to get back into my no sleep groove with grayson. monday afternoon when I woke up from my nap… john made me lunch. a half cooked pot pie. bless him. he’s adorable.


here’s my cute little man, being about as cute as can be.

here he is two seconds later.
gotta love babyhood…


john will absolutely hate me for this one. but I think it’s too cute. it was a neat moment. he was down there on the floor (grayson’s on the playmat)… talking to him… it was priceless.


happy first thanksgiving little man!
also his first time in the highchair.
also, my first time cooking without worrying about him.
all in all, good day.


no story behind this photo.
he’s just stinkin’ cute.

see ya next week!

for some reason, wordpress is being redonkulous and not letting me post the linky thing – so go here, if you’d like to join in on the fun and link up… or you could just go there to read an awesome blog… that’s ok by me too… :)

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there’s a new sheriff in town…

better watch out…
this is yet another etsy find (the fun ones are starting to roll in.)
hutch is the shop. she makes uber cute onesies.
I got two others. one says, “there’s a new sheriff in town” and the other one says, “if I’m too loud, you’re too old.”

priceless. thanks again etsy, for making me giggle.

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skype. target… and, well… that’s a lot for one day!

me and my main man ventured to target today. I thought it would be dead considering friday is the wonderous black friday… but ohhhhhhhhhhh no… everyone and their brother had that idea. it was still nice to get out of the house… especially considering the power went out on our whole block… the only thing I don’t like about target is that it’s a bankaccountsuck… I walked in there to get john some hair gel and me some aveeno… walked out with baby jumpers, leggings, bath soap, diaper rash creme, a bundle me… I mean it’s redonkulous what the baby section does to me.

but it was fun.

little g looked super cute in a new outfit we got him last week. my hubs loves all things aviation… so when babies r us had this little outfit marked down… and I had a gift card (thanks ryan and anna!)… he’s looking mighty stylish… :)

last night was little g and I’s first skype session with my mom and stepdad… it was actually really fun… once you get over the looking at someone while talking through the computer. it’s a little strange. I’m definitely not a phone person… so being a “skype” person is going to take some getting used to…

here’s what we got the joy of experiencing. hardy har har. they can be highly hilarious sometimes. (oh and don’t forget how cute the chihuahua little guy is… he used to drive me nuts (high school)… but now I love him to pieces…

so, that’s all folks. nothing too too exciting around here. I seriously need to take pics of the recent etsy purchases. I could just die by pure cuteness value…

hmmm, maybe that’ll be next.


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