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oh, what a day.

be forgiving with this post. working on three hours of sleep in the last 48. it may be a little all over the place… and I don’t even want to think about the spelling and grammar errors. puh-lease!

last night I couldn’t sleep. ended up having some family drama. (who doesn’t?) and it had me so wound up, it took john two hours via text to calm me down… by the time he did, it was four am and mister little sunshine was wide awake again. story of my life. long story short, I didn’t get a wink of sleep before my first day of work… so, I was not little miss happypants this morning. I can assure you of that little fact.

once I got to work, it was like a switch clicked on in my head. with my decaf skinny caramel latte in my hand I was happy to be back… happy and not phased about my lack of sleep. it was a GREAT day. our clients were happy. we were busy… not to mention one of the cutest puppies on the planet came in. there are few things in this world I love more than cuddling with a puppy. especially puppies that go home with someone else who can take care of them. hardy har har. the vet on today was fun (she’s one of my favs)… and all in all… great day to be at work. (besides the DOA kitten. had a seizure in front of the clients kids and just dropped dead. that was seriously sad. we get those every now and then…)

I came home. I was incredibly grouchy and the family drama popped up again. this time instead of text… it was via email. I was so over it at this point I let john take care of it. he’s so much better at stuff like that. he’s a more logical type person. doesn’t get so emotional like me. he’s so uhmazing sometimes. I don’t think the drama is over, persay… just muted for now. yay.

took a quickie nap… got up, got ready… and took john and grayson to my work christmas party.

SO MUCH FUN. seriously. it was so nice to hang out with everyone. john got to let loose and have a couple of drinks and I got to laugh and chat with some of my favorite friends. it was great. not to mention, little g got to be oohed and ahhhed over all night. everyone loved him… and more than one person told me he was the first blonde-haired, blue-eyed baby they’d ever seen. it was cute. he loved the attention and was an incredibly content little thing. (I was so happy he didn’t spit up on anyone or poop at their house)… it couldn’t have been a better night. 

best news of all. grayson and I are flying to california monday. we’re going to visit my dad and his family and john’s dad and his family. I can’t wait to see him with my great-grandma… and my grandparents… and johns parents are gonna flip out. my dad and his wife are already beside themselves… it’s awesome.I really didn’t have enough time to see everyone… but seeing as my mom and john’s mom had recently seen him.. it seemed logical to go this route… john’s mom told me tonight, “you’re never going to be able to make everyone happy. we all want to see him, ALL THE TIME.” which is so true.. someone is always going to be bummed… and it’s nice to think I shouldn’t have to feel guilty about it. it’s just the way it goes sometimes. he’s a hot commodity right now. that’s for sure.

so needless to say, I’m excited/nervous/anxious/scaredtodeath/happy/cantwaittoseethelookonmygrannysface! when I told my nana tonight that I was coming she screamed. I”ve never heard her scream about anything. it made the other drama melt away. I’m not kidding, almost instantly. thank god for her. she makes me smile.

anywho, enough of this. gotta get to work on my week in iphone photos :)

next week I’ll have some killer ones! can’t wait! nighty night!

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for the love of work… ?

I’m not going to even try to deny it. I’ve been dreading going back to work. I mean anxiously, not sleeping at night, dreaaaaaaaaaading leaving my son for a set number of hours a day. I’ve thought and thought about how I could rearrange our finances to make it work… and really, we could make it work… but honestly, it’s nice to have a little extra… especially with the baby… and saving for another house… that’s probably priority number one right now. so, long story short, I have to return.

so, today. I went in just for an hour or two… so my co-worker could show me all the changes that have been made (we’re going paperless. woot!). I was all stressed out thinking there was going to be a ton of things for me to learn. nope. it’s pretty much all the same… and my co-worker and I get along famously, so it was nice to go in even if to just chat with her… and honestly, it was a GODSEND. because now, not only am I not anxious about going back… I’m excited. it was nice to be reminded why I love my job.

tomorrow is my first official day back… and I’m ready. I love our clients and their pets… and my co–workers are great… so, I’m looking forward to it. plus, I was actually needed for something while I was there… and I’m not gonna lie, that was nice to know too.

at the moment I’m sitting on the couch in my living room typing on my netbook… with my baby on my chest in his sling. I’m here to tell you, life doesn’t get much better than this. for some reason, something clicked the other day. I was changing his diaper and he looked at me… and the way he looked at me made my heart swell for some reason… like he knew who I was… and since then, I haven’t been able to put him down when we’re together. I could just cuddle him crazy, I swear. but I think it’s been better for the both of us. I”m more relaxed… he’s sleeping better… TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW – FOUR HOUR STRETCHES! woot! now I’m starting to feel like we’re really bonding… it’s kind of exciting.

so, I’m sure you can tell. I’m in a much better place today mood wise. thankthelordjesus… I guess anxiety will do that to you.

well, I”m getting off course and setting into ramblesville… so toodloo for now.

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ergo = bliss

first off… I need to tell you, I had just woken up from a nap when this lovely gem of baby happiness gear arrived. so, my hair looks disgusting and I look incredibly groggy. there’s my disclaimer. hardy har har.

the only thing I really wanted for christmas this year was an ergo carrier. I wanted it in galaxy gray with the infant insert in the same pattern. so, when my mom asked what I wanted this year I practically shouted the ergo. and of course, here it is. thanks mom and abe.

I had to put it on right away… and luckily grayson was awake… and pretty fussy. two seconds after I put him in it, the kid was out. I mean hardcore sleeping. uhhhhhhhhhhmazing. not to mention, it’s completely adorable. I am in love…

in other news, my christmas shopping, including cards (hallelujar), is complete. I’m so proud of myself this year. even johns presents were easy this year. (he was pretty open about what he wanted.)… so, I’m a happy camper. now, to sit back and enjoy grayson’s first christmas. I ordered him a exersaucer from the disney store (thanks disney points!), which I doubt he’ll remember… but it’s his first christmas… I had to get him something!

anywho, that’s all for now. going to go walk around my house aimlessly with my bebe. can’t wait for the weather to be better… aka warmer, it’s frickin’ cold here… so we can take walks with the dogs… it’ll be much easier to maneuver with two dogs trying to drag me. (sorry caesar, not the best “pack leader”…) that’s for sure.


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six week checkup = bebe and mama in tears…

today was baby g’s six week checkup as well as mine. mine was first. holymotherofmary, that was the most awful… well, we won’t get into that. it was nice to see my doc. luff her to pieces. she was asking me how soon she would be seeing me for the next one… next year, perhaps? I looked at her like she was from another planet. no. I need at least a year of not being pregnant to consider that… at least. I told her I am finally enjoying food again… and call me selfish, but I would like to relish in that for the moment. not to mention, I’d like to hog grayson for at least a little while! she also said the night I was in labor, she had four other women laboring… and I was the easiest one. she said john and I were already showing off our laid-back parenting style… he wants to come 4 weeks early? ok, no biggie. (what she didn’t know was I was FREAKING out in my head…) oh well, what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. :)

grayson’s six week checkup was awesome. our peed (who is uhmazing, btw.) said he’s right on track. he’s already 10 pounds 5.5 ounces and 21.25 inches long! he’s nearly doubled his birth weight. makes me happy to know that although everything hasn’t gone as planned, our efforts have not been wasted… he also liked the cloth diaper. he had tons of questions about it, surprisingly. he asked me if I laundered them myself or if I sent out for a service? (uhm, do I look rich to you? hardy har har)… he also was happy we were doing it because of how sensitive our little man’s skin is. it’s nice to get a little affirmation from a guy who obviously knows what he’s talking about. he also told us that little g is very vocal for his age. this is not surprising to me… the kid talks in his sleep, when he’s eating, when he’s hanging out. he’s a funny little thing.

then the dreaded time came…

shots. ugh. they make me want to hurl myself off a cliff. I hate seeing the needle dive into my tiny son’s legs. last time, he had no issue with it. didn’t make a peep… not today. he let out the most heartbreaking, unbearable squeal I’ve ever heard come out of him. I started to cry, then he started to cry… it was all bad. but, it’s all over now. thankthelordjesus. until next month anyway. can’t wait to see what he weighs then!!

grayson on our way to the peed. isn’t he darling? I just want to squeeze him!

baxter making sure grayson is ok after his peed visit. baxter is such a love.

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acid reflux is my new least favorite word(s)…

my kiddo is having some serious issues with this. initially when he was born, we thought he was just a spitter upper. he would spit up (a lot), but then be fine… like he didn’t even know he’d spit up… but now he spits up, gags, gives his mama a heart attack, and then cries. he looks friggin’ miserable. I’ve started feeding him sitting up and he gets “special” formula for this and for the dairy sensitivity. he’s going to his six week (six week!) checkup on monday and I’m going to see if there are other things we should be trying… or if he thinks we should be giving him a prescription… yippee. seriously though, when your kid is gagging and turning bright red it’s scary… I asked my mom when I was going to stop worrying so much and she said, “never. it only gets worse.” well, there is a gem to look forward to.

he also strains to poo. like super, gets his face red as a tomato strains… it stresses me out! he makes pooping look seriously painful… and they aren’t even solid yet! (sorry if tmi)… doc said it’s nothing to worry about as long as he isn’t having blood in it anymore… but it’s still worrisome.

so there is my daily dose of drama… not very interesting… but it’s definitely where my head’s at. about to start dinner (I know it’s 10pm… but john works nights, and tonight is his night off… so there.)… but I had to wait for my kid to quit projectile vomiting. now he’s sleeping. bless his little cotton socks.

oh! I almost forgot the best part. I’m pretty sure he smiled at me yesterday… and it wasn’t gas. it made me cry.

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cloth diapering…

makes me happy inside… but we already knew that… :)

so, I’ve bought WAY too many diapers… by just about every brand out there. it’s fun! I can’t help it… plus, it’s not like it’s something I won’t use… and the ones I don’t like I’ll just sell on diaperswapper.com… or at least that’s how I’m justifying it. :)

here’s my stash thus far:

(some in the laundry :))

4 sbish fitteds
2 sbish snapless
8 perfect sized fuzzibunz
1 one size fuzzibunz
10 one size bumgenius (even one of the artist series!)
2 bumgenius elementals
3 romparooz
5 grovia (will be adding to this when the new prints debut in Dec)
3 one size kawaii (got them free from kellyscloset.com)
1 thirsties cover
2 thirsties duo diaper
3 proraps covers
2 wool soakers
2 wool longies
2 greenline covers
1 goodmama fitted
7 prefolds (6 indian cotton, 1 thirsties prefold)

I’m sure I’m forgetting one or two here and there, but you get the jist. I went a little shopping nuts. it was fun though. and the cool thing is, I get to keep adding to it! (not at the moment, obviously.) I’m pretty sure my husband would have a heart attack if he saw this list. love you, babes. ;)

my favorites thus far are definitely the sustainablebabyish fitteds. I love the way they fit g. no leaks, tight fit without cutting into his little thighs. also, they plant a tree for every diaper sold. nice touch. not to mention their wool covers! I have a soaker of theirs that is awesome… and some longies in route. plus, the owner, erin… super personable. it’s nice when the company is just as cool as the diapers. so, I would definitely recommend these. I will be buying many more in the future, I’m sure.

the ultimate competition seems to be between bumgenius and fuzzibunz. I bought pocket diapers in both brands. I like them both for sure. I would say if I had to pick a fav I would say I love the bumgenius because they seem to wick away the moisture better than the fuzzibunz… however, the xsmall perfect size fuzzibunz fit my little man like a glove… he’s getting too big for them, which is a bummer… if all fuzzi’s fit like these guys did they might get my vote strictly on that because the inner lining on the fuzzi’s are SUPER soft… so that’s my two cents on that… fav place to buy these are kelly’s closet, jillian’s drawers, and banana peels diapers. I would probably exclusively buy from banana peels because it is run by a mama in her home… but the shipping time seems to be significantly slower than the other two. (which are bigger store/corp. type sites)…

oh, I cannot forget greenline diapers… canadian diaper company I found through etsy (luff etsy!). they have the most adorable prints. I am still waiting for them to arrive, so I can’t comment on durability and fit… but cuteness ratings are through the roof… and the customer service is uhhhhmazing. the owner helped me with paypal difficulties last night over and over… and stayed patient. who does that at 1am?! so, I hope the diaps rock, bc I’d love to buy from them again…

all the rest kind of blend together… the grovia’s and the flips are awesome because they will be my daycare/outing diapers seeing as they have the option of using disposable inserts. hoping my daycare will do the cloth diaper thing. haven’t asked them about it yet. cross yer fingers. :)

well, I’ll stop boring you with my cloth diaper nonsense. if you’re a mommy thinking about cd’ing or preggers and trying to take the leap… check out this blog all about cloth diapers … made me a believer! and I’m so glad it did! (although, nothing against you who use disposables. to each their own…) :)


oh and p.s. slings are amazing! grayson is lying with me right now in his sling and I’m hands free to type this. awesome sauce.

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grumpalump grayson.

why didn’t anyone tell me it was grumpalump thursday? just so you know, not a nice surprise. my poor little man is super grumpy today. it’s the first (though, I’m sure it’s not the last) time I’ve seen him this way. can’t get comfortable. unhappy even in his fav places. the only reason I’m even getting to type this right now is because my MIL took him for a wee bit of relief.

I see a bath in his not so distant future. thankthelordjesus for johnson’s bedtime bath. works every time. so far anyway.

sometimes I wish the breastfeeding was going better. he seems to be soothed there when we can sync up. which hasn’t been very often unfortunately… but once again, not quite ready to go there.

time to get back to my little grumpalump.

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hello, bebe…

it’s crazy how much this whole motherhood thing changes you. seemingly, overnight. people tell you before your baby comes that he/she will change everything… and you think, “ha. whatever.” but seriously, it does.

for instance, yesterday I went to lunch with one of my favorite friends in the world, shellybellyfelly. I have not seen her in about six weeks. I was giddy to go… once I got there I couldn’t even focus. all I could think about was grayson. was he ok? did they need me? did they remember to give him the gas drops? and the list goes on… I still enjoyed seeing my friend and I would kill to be able to hang out with her more… and not worry about my little man the whole time… they say it gets better… who are “they” again? I wouldn’t mind fact checking a bit… har har.

also, it’s amazing how much one can get done on four hours of sleep. in. a. row. I will def be happy when my little boogie butt starts sleeping longer. 3 hours is about his max at a stretch right now and honestly, he’s kicking my pooper.

when we first brought him home, I had a serious case of the baby blues. well, I don’t have anything to compare it to, but it was not fun… I know that. when he was first born I felt really guilty about the fact that he came early. like really effing guilty. I thought there had to be something I could have done to keep him in… and people kept telling me, “it was just his time to come…” or “he was ready…” all I thought when I heard these things was, no – he wasn’t ready. he had to be on a friggin’ breathing machine. but I digress.

I was still functioning. I was getting up to feed him and change him. and I smiled trying to find what I was supposed to feel. I kept looking at this little person wondering, “is this it? is this all I’m going to feel?” I faked it though. I kept him near me as much as possible, trying to force myself out of the cloud… and I wouldn’t tell my hubs or mom what was going on. I wanted them to think I was good at this. that I was handling everything like a supastar. but every time someone else took him, i.e. my mom or john… I just wanted to curl up in a ball and cry… and I did. over and over. but I hid all of this… and looking back, I wish I hadn’t. I’m lucky to have a ridonkulously patient and understanding husband that luffs the crud outta me… and my mom, though our relationship has been rather bumpy at times, I think she would have understood… and they could have helped me have a little validation… which I think may have been… well, comforting.

luckily, it didn’t last long. something strange pulled me out of it. he started to have blood in his poop. I freaked out and called the peed. I ended up taking him in that day (he was a week old) while my hubs slept (he works the night shift)… and I found that needing to take care of him and make sure he was ok helped me finally connect with him. plus, I had to take care of me too… finally realizing that john was going to be working a lot… and it was just going to be me and little man. and that he was going to need me. clear-headed me. end of story.

and that’s all it took. I’m smitten. (oh, and p.s. he’s fine now. he’s got a sensitivity to cow’s milk protein and I have to stay away from dairy… and the formula (gasp!) we supplement him with can’t have it in it either. code word, outrageously expensive)… but he’s totally worth it. and I’ll touch on the whole breastfeeding game later. I can’t deal with that now. I’m too pooped to poop… and the night has just begun. lucky meh.

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no turning back now…

so, here I am. I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while now, but honestly… didn’t have a clue what the h-e-double hockey sticks I would have to write about. I’m what you’d probably refer to as vanilla. I like the day to day nononsense kinda life…

and then he came along.

say hello to Grayson Hawk. he’s 1 month old today, which is what prompted my decision to finally take the plunge. now let’s see if I can stick to it, shall we? I’m probably the most non-comital person on the planet. the only two things I’ve committed to in my life thus far are a: my completely adorable loving totally awesome favorite person on the planet husband, John and b: my five year old cutest mutt you’ve ever seen, Baxter. We also have a greyhound, Elsie, but we got her together and she only tolerates me… she’s a daddy’s dog. but I digress…

so, I’ve officially survived my first month of motherhood. I wasn’t sure I was going to there for a little while. hello, babyblues, troubles breastfeeding, sleep deprivation, pet meshing… the list goes on… but here I am, lived to tell about it.

and tell I shall…

but not until after dinner. my MIL is here… and it smells delightful. toodloo for now…

p.s. I’m excited. this should be fun, er something.

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