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cloth diapering…

makes me happy inside… but we already knew that… :)

so, I’ve bought WAY too many diapers… by just about every brand out there. it’s fun! I can’t help it… plus, it’s not like it’s something I won’t use… and the ones I don’t like I’ll just sell on diaperswapper.com… or at least that’s how I’m justifying it. :)

here’s my stash thus far:

(some in the laundry :))

4 sbish fitteds
2 sbish snapless
8 perfect sized fuzzibunz
1 one size fuzzibunz
10 one size bumgenius (even one of the artist series!)
2 bumgenius elementals
3 romparooz
5 grovia (will be adding to this when the new prints debut in Dec)
3 one size kawaii (got them free from kellyscloset.com)
1 thirsties cover
2 thirsties duo diaper
3 proraps covers
2 wool soakers
2 wool longies
2 greenline covers
1 goodmama fitted
7 prefolds (6 indian cotton, 1 thirsties prefold)

I’m sure I’m forgetting one or two here and there, but you get the jist. I went a little shopping nuts. it was fun though. and the cool thing is, I get to keep adding to it! (not at the moment, obviously.) I’m pretty sure my husband would have a heart attack if he saw this list. love you, babes. ;)

my favorites thus far are definitely the sustainablebabyish fitteds. I love the way they fit g. no leaks, tight fit without cutting into his little thighs. also, they plant a tree for every diaper sold. nice touch. not to mention their wool covers! I have a soaker of theirs that is awesome… and some longies in route. plus, the owner, erin… super personable. it’s nice when the company is just as cool as the diapers. so, I would definitely recommend these. I will be buying many more in the future, I’m sure.

the ultimate competition seems to be between bumgenius and fuzzibunz. I bought pocket diapers in both brands. I like them both for sure. I would say if I had to pick a fav I would say I love the bumgenius because they seem to wick away the moisture better than the fuzzibunz… however, the xsmall perfect size fuzzibunz fit my little man like a glove… he’s getting too big for them, which is a bummer… if all fuzzi’s fit like these guys did they might get my vote strictly on that because the inner lining on the fuzzi’s are SUPER soft… so that’s my two cents on that… fav place to buy these are kelly’s closet, jillian’s drawers, and banana peels diapers. I would probably exclusively buy from banana peels because it is run by a mama in her home… but the shipping time seems to be significantly slower than the other two. (which are bigger store/corp. type sites)…

oh, I cannot forget greenline diapers… canadian diaper company I found through etsy (luff etsy!). they have the most adorable prints. I am still waiting for them to arrive, so I can’t comment on durability and fit… but cuteness ratings are through the roof… and the customer service is uhhhhmazing. the owner helped me with paypal difficulties last night over and over… and stayed patient. who does that at 1am?! so, I hope the diaps rock, bc I’d love to buy from them again…

all the rest kind of blend together… the grovia’s and the flips are awesome because they will be my daycare/outing diapers seeing as they have the option of using disposable inserts. hoping my daycare will do the cloth diaper thing. haven’t asked them about it yet. cross yer fingers. :)

well, I’ll stop boring you with my cloth diaper nonsense. if you’re a mommy thinking about cd’ing or preggers and trying to take the leap… check out this blog all about cloth diapers … made me a believer! and I’m so glad it did! (although, nothing against you who use disposables. to each their own…) :)


oh and p.s. slings are amazing! grayson is lying with me right now in his sling and I’m hands free to type this. awesome sauce.

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