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best. salad. ever.

my boss’ wife made the most incredible salad at our christmas party. so incredible, I actually took some to-go. yep, it was delish. today when I was at work I got an itch for this salad… so, I headed out to trader joe’s… got the goods and raced home to make john and I a rockin’ lunch. and let me tell you… just as good as I remember… too good to keep to myself. so here goes…

my boss’ wife sent me the recipe for the dressing. she likes it more vinegar-ey… whereas, I like it a little toned down. so, if you like the vinegar taste follow her recipe… if you like it not as strong, do three parts oil to one part vinegar :)

classic vinaigrette dressing:
4 TBL extra virgin olive oil
2 TBL balsamic vinegar
a bit (like 1/2 tea) of mustard (dijon)
one crushed garlic clove
herbs de Provence

note: if you’re planning on making a larger batch, don’t multiply the garlic per these instructions… you’ll be keeping the vampires away for dayyyyssss…

the salad itself includes:
baby spinach
candied pecans (walnuts are good, too…)
goat cheese (although, I thought the goat cheese was a little strong, so we tried feta this time… de-freaking-lish. seriously.)

and that’s all it takes! I’m telling you, it’s stellar. seriously delightful, filling salad. john was a fan :)…

anywho, that’s all I’ve got for now. going to be posting my week in iphone photos later… just thought I’d share the tastiness with you guys.


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thankies… and etsy yummies…

as we all know, today is the stuff your face, watch the parade, laugh with family awesomeness we refer to as thanksgiving… for john and I it’s been a couple of lonely years on thanksgiving. the first couple of years spent in connecticut we had our feast alone. last year it was kind of awesome, because I decided to take it upon myself and make our meal… (thanks, martha!) considering I’ve not really cooked much in my life (last year was when I decided to teach myself…), it turned out pretty friggin’ fabulous… but I digress… fast forward one year, to now. we. are. a family. how thankful am I for that? um, pretty dang thankful.

god is good. that’s all I have to say about that.

this last year has given me a HUGE amount of reasons to be thankful… and here are just a few (don’t want to keep you here for days, do I?). my completely awesome husband who I’m so lucky to be married to. he’s also becoming such an incredible daddy. I’m really proud of him. (especially because he said he never saw himself having kids. but then he married me… that’s what he gets! hehe) GRAYSON. from the second I got pregnant with him I loved him. which is lucky considering I had a miserable pregnancy. it kept me going. thank god for that. our amazing family. I’ve been extremely blessed with incredible in-laws as well. both my MIL (and family) and my FIL (and family) are all uhmazing… and I’m so happy grayson is going to have four sets of fabulous grandparents and two loving aunts. he’s a lucky kid. I’m thankful that I’ve gotten to grow up with all of my grandparents and my great-grandparents. granny, (great-grandma, most uhmazing woman ever, who I adore) gave us a scare this past year. (she’s 91, fyi.) she’s doing better now… but it scared me and for a second there I was hating life that we lived over here… I’m thankful my husband has a job he loves and is getting his mba (go him!)… and I’m super happy his job enabled me to take three months maternity leave! oh, and we cannot forget my adorable pooches, elsie and baxter man. without whom, I may have a lot less stress and a lot less half-eaten chucks… but they’re worth it. (I’m curious why elsie targets my chucks anyway? nothing else is ever chewed up…)

needless to say, it’s been a great year. with the addition of grayson, I feel like john and I are moving in the right direction. it’s awesome. finally starting to settle into married life… and past a few gigantic bumps… we’re still here! hooray!

one of the newest additions to my bank of thankfulness is ETSY. I luff it so friggin’ much. it makes those painful late nights with little g… slightly less painful. here are a couple of the recent digs… tell me what you think…

this is the cutiepatootiehat seen in my six-week checkup post on grayson. it’s darling and john loves it. it’s his hat of choice for grayson right now and he had me order another one in the next size up and a brown one. the seller of these hats is totally awesome. she goes by “mama mac” and it totally suits her. totally cool chick. you should check out her shop. the hats are totally affordable and I can totally attest to the great quality. check her out: daddy mack hats.

this was a total impulse buy… and I’m totally glad I got it. it’s a diaper wallet. (not to mention completely adorable!) it’s just big enough to hold a couple grovia biosoakers, some grovia wipes, and my debit card/license, and my iphone. I’ve used it several times already. it’s awesome for when you’re just running out. it makes me a little happy inside. they are a little spendy, but in my opinion, totally worth it. plus, they have tons of designs… and they make baby bedding too… very cute shop… check em’ out here: everafter.

this onesie I couldn’t pass up. it’s from blink baby. she’s one of my favorites. I love the onesies she makes… she is also a very cool seller… it seems to be a trend on etsy. (part of the appeal)… the adorable hat, I couldn’t pass up. it’s made in maine…. which for some reason made it more appealing… new englander kinship maybe? plus, it’s hubby approved… which is always a plus. (too big for him right now. but looking forward to when I can see his cute lil head sporting this.) she’s got tons of cute ones… check em’ out – babbidge patch.

saved one of my fav’s for last… so originally, I ordered the longies (which are FAB btw.) for g to wear over some sustainablebabyish fitteds he has… but the seller accidentally sent me these ridiculously cute soakers. she messaged me and told me she’d made a mistake (before I even got them!) but told me to keep them… I tried to refuse… she wouldn’t take no for an answer. needless to say, it was a good day for me. please, please check her out… taryn stuff. she rocks.

if you’ve made it this far, congratulations… you’ve won an virtual air high five from yours truly. I hope I didn’t bore you to tears… but I could yack about etsy for about eighty hours, so consider yourself lucky. sorry about the picture quality. can’t find our good camera, had to settle for the iphone.

hope everyone out there has a fantastic thanksgiving… eat lots! it’s a get out of guilt free day.


oh and p.s. a huge thankies to my fabulous model, baxter… without whom, these pics may be a little less colorful.

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heaven = slow cooker

since my MIL left on monday it’s been take-out city around here. I feel like every time I think about making dinner, grayson has some minor crisis. or I take it that way… so, today I decided no more of this crappy take-out… I’m gonna make something! and let me tell you, it smells delightful! It’s a simple flank steak recipe with onions, green chilis, chili powder, garlic, and a few other things… I’m going to serve it in tortillas and make it a fiesta :)… super excited about it. plus, doing it in the slow cooker meant I could put it together while john was awake to watch the kiddo and I could have the freedom to cook… luff it.

in other news, I have fallen in love with a handbag I can’t afford to purchase. let me rephrase that, I don’t want to afford it… so of course I forwarded the link to it, to my hubs. christmas anyone?

I want it in brown with the black heart print… but you get the idea. it’s friggin’ darling. and I love that you can customize any of her bags… of course, I found her on etsy. :)

so, I’m hoping my hubs finds it in his heart of hearts to buy me this dream machine of a bag… I will love him forever if he does… and if he doesn’t I still will so I guess that’s a lame deal…

now I’m rambling. see you on the flip side.

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