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week nine: iphone photos…

this week started off with mama trying to get a good photo for the happy heiny’s baby of the month contest…

it took quite a few tries… but it was super fun… and how can I resist that little face?

later in the day we ended up going to sonics… what? ct has a sonics? yeah, seeing was believing… and it was mighty tasty. I’m glad he got to wear this outfit… (daddy picked it out) because he’s already almost grown out of it!

I had a really hard time leaving this to go to work tuesday morning… luckily, I only had to work until noon… so, it didn’t take much time to get back to him.

tuesday was my favorite day of the week… it was our playdate with katherine and everly. as you can see, he’s definitely a fan of katherine.

everly and I put her pants on her head. yes, I agree, she’s the cutest baby girl on the planet… even with pants on her head! (it may even add a tad to her cuteness factor…)

wednesday had a KILLER storm over here in ct… we got like two and a half feet of snow. as you can see, the jetta was covered… I’m not gonna lie, sometimes it’s nice to be snowed in…

I got to get a ton of stuff done… including diaper laundry… thanks for the help, elsie!

after her hard work, I let her take a much deserved break… oh yeah and yes… we let our furrballs on the furniture! how dare we?!

thursday I had to work all day… but I came home for lunch and look! fluff mail! I had to order this dipe because one, I’ve never heard of this brand (what?!)… and two, it’s jet black… including buttons. it’s awesome… essentially though, it’s much like a fuzzibunz… and lord knows, I’ve got plenty of those.

this is my favorite photo. I think g looks adorable in it… and this is my outfit of choice by far… I love putting a sustainablebabyish dipe on him with sbish longies and calling it a day. he likes it too… as you can see, he’s pretty relaxed here.

had to take a pic of this gnarly icicle on my way out the door to work… death by icicle anyone?

that night g and I worked on his tummy time… he was NOT a fan. but he was cute, regardless…

my boys. sigh. love them.

this little birdy has been living in our back porch. we’ve been trying to rehome him (outside) for forever… but he keeps getting in. apparently, he thought he’d test out the real inside of our house… it took us forever to get him back outside… but I have not laughed that hard in forever… watching john run around with a towel trying to catch the little creature before baxter did was highly, highly hilarious.

and that’s our week! did you take pictures of your week in phone photos? link up with us and join the fun at this awesome mommy blog. (wordpress hates the code, and it makes me want to strangle wordpress, not gonna lie.)

toodloo! see ya next week!

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skype. target… and, well… that’s a lot for one day!

me and my main man ventured to target today. I thought it would be dead considering friday is the wonderous black friday… but ohhhhhhhhhhh no… everyone and their brother had that idea. it was still nice to get out of the house… especially considering the power went out on our whole block… the only thing I don’t like about target is that it’s a bankaccountsuck… I walked in there to get john some hair gel and me some aveeno… walked out with baby jumpers, leggings, bath soap, diaper rash creme, a bundle me… I mean it’s redonkulous what the baby section does to me.

but it was fun.

little g looked super cute in a new outfit we got him last week. my hubs loves all things aviation… so when babies r us had this little outfit marked down… and I had a gift card (thanks ryan and anna!)… he’s looking mighty stylish… :)

last night was little g and I’s first skype session with my mom and stepdad… it was actually really fun… once you get over the looking at someone while talking through the computer. it’s a little strange. I’m definitely not a phone person… so being a “skype” person is going to take some getting used to…

here’s what we got the joy of experiencing. hardy har har. they can be highly hilarious sometimes. (oh and don’t forget how cute the chihuahua little guy is… he used to drive me nuts (high school)… but now I love him to pieces…

so, that’s all folks. nothing too too exciting around here. I seriously need to take pics of the recent etsy purchases. I could just die by pure cuteness value…

hmmm, maybe that’ll be next.


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week one: iphone photos…

trying to get on the photo train… here goes nothin’. oh, and this is yet another post idea I borrowed. I got it from a couple of other fab mommy blogs.

I guess I’m supposed to put what day of the week each picture was taken. pheff, I’m lucky to know when it’s daytime. highly unlikely for me to recall which day each of these were taken… but right now, it’s all bebe… all the time.

diaper duty :)

this shirt is awesome. I found it on etsy. it’s blink baby’s shop. luff her.

am I a terrible mother for thinking this is adorable? I can totally hear him saying, “mama! no photos!” plus, this is an adorable diaper from rumparooz. they have the best prints. not my fav diaper, but awesome prints.

“baxter, you know I don’t speak spanish!” – ron burgandy, anchorman.

this could easily be a bebe picture of me. nuts.

I never mug like this for the camera, but this is too frickin’ cute.

luff my sling. so does he.

sorry my pics are all the same… not getting out much right now. hopefully you mamas understand :)…

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no more cabin fever…

I don’t wanna bug, but today has been a fanfreakingtastic day. so many things happened and they all had me smiling… how often does that happen after one hour, let me repeat that, one hour of schleep…?

well, I suppose I better start at the beginning.

this morning, shortly after john got home, we were sitting in the living room catching up. I like to sit in the recliner indian style with mah bebe in between my legs on my lap. we talked and talked… (he had some drama at work last night…) and boogie butt started to fuss, so I lifted him up to pat him on the back… and then I felt something warm and thick… yep, folks my bebe shat all over me… mind you, I had just showered. all over my legs (3/4 pants, what?), my hands and my shirt… part of me wondered, how long had that been there? I didn’t notice it come out… that’s neither here nor there… I suppose the point of this story is I laughed my frickin’ tail off… it was highly hilarious. gross, yes… but hilarious.

once I was re-showered and dressed, we decided it was time to take little man out for the first (well, sorta. lots of peed visits)… outing. we decided to take him to babies r us to pick up some (gasp!) formuala… it was so fun. he was sleeping the whole time and it was nice to hang out with the hubs away from the house… and all of its distractions… we always have had so much fun together. so his first outing was a success. since he was a preemie, I think he looks days old instead of a almost five weeks. I’m sure peeps were glaring and thinking I was nuts for bringing him out… but we have to start taking him out at some point, right? plus, I’ve never been so happy to push a stroller…

when we returned home, unfortunately it was time for john to hit the hay. so I decided it was time for baxter, grayson, and I to take a walk around the neighborhood. it was the first time we’d gone by ourselves and it was delightful. it was very freeing to put grayson back in his carseat and take him… by myself. plus, it was the first day I realized I don’t need to be locked up in the house all of the time… it’s not good for my psyche… probably not good for anyone… so, I’m happy to have gotten out. now the rain seems to be on its way, so I’m going to try and get out as much as humanly possible. it’s going to be a long winter, I’m sure.

I walked in the house and decided I wanted to cook tonight. one of the biggest issues I had in my pregnancy was puking. I mean 24/7 puking… once on zofran (thankthelordjesus for the person who invented this wonder drug)… I was only puking a couple of times a day and I could function again… but I still couldn’t cook because the smells would get my stomach churning… and touching meat? forget it. disgusting. so of course, the obvious choice of meals was meatloaf. putting my hands in that loaf mixing it up was amazing. starting to feel like pre-pregnancy sara, just with an adorable kiddo in tow. plus, john had been begging for meatloaf for a while… so it seemed only natural. and I hadn’t lost my touch, it was delish.

so all in all, perfect day. I’ve been needing one of these for a while…

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no turning back now…

so, here I am. I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while now, but honestly… didn’t have a clue what the h-e-double hockey sticks I would have to write about. I’m what you’d probably refer to as vanilla. I like the day to day nononsense kinda life…

and then he came along.

say hello to Grayson Hawk. he’s 1 month old today, which is what prompted my decision to finally take the plunge. now let’s see if I can stick to it, shall we? I’m probably the most non-comital person on the planet. the only two things I’ve committed to in my life thus far are a: my completely adorable loving totally awesome favorite person on the planet husband, John and b: my five year old cutest mutt you’ve ever seen, Baxter. We also have a greyhound, Elsie, but we got her together and she only tolerates me… she’s a daddy’s dog. but I digress…

so, I’ve officially survived my first month of motherhood. I wasn’t sure I was going to there for a little while. hello, babyblues, troubles breastfeeding, sleep deprivation, pet meshing… the list goes on… but here I am, lived to tell about it.

and tell I shall…

but not until after dinner. my MIL is here… and it smells delightful. toodloo for now…

p.s. I’m excited. this should be fun, er something.

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