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have you gotten a chance to check out my new fabulous header? of course you have, if you’re reading this. considering I have ABSOLUTELY no graphic design skills there is no possible way it came from me… so I have to say, I am so incredibly thankful to elise… my friend from high school… who, as you can see definitely has graphic design skills… and she was going on NOTHING… because as I’ve said many times before… I’m not creative either. so, go… check out her adorable blog, kyle and elise … and make friends with her… because maybe she can fluff up your blog… she’s kind of awesome that way!

oh and p.s. I’m pretty much FAILING at the 365 gig… It’s a ton of work keeping up two blogs… so, don’t hate if I don’t update it… as much as I’m supposed to, ::bows head in shame::

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week 11ish: iphone photos…

we’re back! had to skip last weeks iphone post… was soaking up every second of my girls weekend with soph… this week has been stressful and draining… so, I’m a little shocked to even see myself posting… but I love this… it’s fun… and I love seeing all the other mama’s photos… this post is not going to be my typical post…

the week started with saying goodbye to soph… and ended with some notsupergreat news from g’s peed. (nothing too crazy… details to come later…) all in all, I’m tired. but enough of my tiny violin… here are a couple photos from our week… one from daddy daycare!

this face kept me going this week… I just want to squeeze him, he’s so stinking cute! (in my very objective opinion… har har)

baked pears with a little vanilla bean ice cream… to. die. for. delish.

this is a pic from under my desk at work… guess where I was on my lunch hour?

drumroll please…. here’s daddy’s first photo! he sends me photos while I’m at work to keep me from missing the little man too too much… this photo was taken right after g had rolled over twice. I still have yet to see him roll over… makes me a little jealous… but at the same time, it’s nice john’s the one getting to experience it… he’s needs daddy and g moments!

and that’s all I’ve got for this week. we’ll be back next week… hopefully much more organized and in brighter spirits!

if you’ve got some iphone photos (or any other camera phone…) you’d like to share of your week… come on! link up and play along!!! for some reason, the linky code hates me… so go over to amy’s blog… a good life and link up! (or you can just read her blog… it’s pretty awesome…)

that’s all for now! toodloo!

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