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iphone photos: week 12ish…

monday was bumbo impersonator extravaganza… little man sat in this thing for what felt like forever! it was tons of fun watching him. he was cracking up… and baxter kept walking up to him… I could see his little doggy brain trying to work out what was going on… what is this? why is he sitting up? I’m not sure I like this. that was pretty much the highlight of the day. we did lots of just hanging out.

this is so so cute. I heard them on the monitor while I was getting ready for work. I walk in, john’s got the teddy bear we built grayson at build-a-bear when he was still in the belly… he was making it dance and grayson was holding his head up just laughing away. plus, I think g is uber cute in just a diaper. this happens to be a bumgenius elemental aio. I used to hate them, but they’ve grown on me… and ribbit is the color he’s wearing, it’s my fav bg color…

wednesday was my day for organizing! holler. I finally got around to cleaning my poor neglected caboodle and makeup brushes. I LOVE that caboodle. when john and I first got back together I talked about it all the time… he took me to macy’s one day… told the girl at the mac counter, I’ll get her whatever she wants. make it fun for her. I didn’t know this until we were checking out and the girl said, you’ve got a keeper. john’s not huge on romantic gestures… but I’d say that one hit the spot.

thursday was g’s four month birthday… and the day for him to visit the dreaded eye specialist. all in all, it ended up being not a bad day… until I tried to fold laundry with g on my lap… he was NOT enthused! (but of course he cooed all over his daddy.)

friday was my long day at work… the second I got home, I couldn’t strap that baby on me fast enough. I love my beco… it’s my favorite of my babywearing gear. not to mention, the cutest… john ended up going out for dinner with a friend, and g fell asleep pretty quick in the beco… so, I got to spend my night happily perched in front of the tv to catch up on all my girly shows. it was a whole lot of fantastic.

here’s daddy’s photo of the week… day one of eye patching. john said it lasted all of about twenty minutes (it’s supposed to be an hour a day…) it’s definitely gonna take some getting used to. john sent me this photo to make sure I got to see him with his first patch on ::big sigh:: I need to find a patch that’s a tad more fashionable though, there is nothing cute about a boring band aid! (other than the little baby underneath it, hehee)

that’s all I’ve got for this week… see you next week!

oh and p.s. did you take photos with your camera phone this week? you should join in on the fun and link up at amy’s blog… it’s fun to see all the other mama’s photos… and as amy says, the more kids that come out to play, the more fun, right?

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