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week 15ish: iphone photos…


I woke up this morning thinking it was sunday and that I had completely forgotten this post. mama brain anyone?

here’s our week in iphone photos… it’s been a crazy week… I’m glad it’s over… haha. no, seriously.

hallelujar for sun! we actually got to leave the house! it’s been so stinking friggid here!

the rest of the day was spent pretty much like this… oh and fyi, if you don’t want people assuming you’ve had a girl… leave the pink owl at home… he loves it, but I had a man tell me, wow. daddy’s gonna have to get the shotgun out for that one… bahahahahahaha. john didn’t get it. I had to tell him once we were in the car.

sunday also marked the first day g got to wear his skull and crossbones eyepatch the lovely emily bilbrey made him! LOVE IT. love it even more so now, considering he doesn’t mind it much…

monday, katherine and I went to the sloomb studio which is the home of sustainablebabyish dipes… um… heaven. I used all the iphone pics I took in the post I wrote about it… so, if you want to see how our day went… go check it out here.

tuesday, john wasn’t feeling so great so I stayed home from work that morning to take care of g… instead of resting, he worked on school work! I guess you gotta do what you gotta do, right? baxter kept him company though. I swear that dog totally knows when you’re not feeling great.

thankfully, later in the day he was feeling up to some grocery shopping. hallelujar because it’s not as fun doing it alone…

yes, we’re definitely married.

wednesday I had some orders to take care of for our business… so, bax kept me company…

I managed to squeeze it in during naptime… holler!

thursday was BUSY. I worked in the morning… went and picked up an awesome stroller… and then had to race to make it to g’s head check at the dr’s office.

after g’s dr’s appt john and I took full advantage of g’s good mood and headed to outback… it was awesome to be out to dinner as a family. I don’t think we’ve done that yet! dern schedules!

g was pretty tuckered out from the day… so he was fast asleep pretty shortly after we returned home… have I mentioned how much I hate this rolling over business? it’s definitely not my favorite milestone…

thursday night, john’s stepdad arrived… so I decided to make dinner friday night… meatloaf and sweet potatoes… it’s good. trust me. g kept me company in the kitchen… he looks like he’s saying say what?

this picture? I dunno. he’s just cute… in my very humble opinion… har har.

here’s the pic from daddy daycare this week… I LOVE getting this photos when I’m working. it helps me remember why I get up and go to work in the first place! haha

so, that’s our week. today is my birthday. I can’t believe I’m 26 and I have baby. this time last year I was just finding out I was peeing on sticks like a crazy person. it was just so fun to see positives! I did read a journal entry from my 16-year old self today though… one of my teachers asked us to write about where we see ourselves in 10 years and I held onto it… I’ll write more about that later. it’s crazy how much everything has changed…

did you take photos with your camera phone of your week? join in over at amy’s blog… the more the merrier!

toodloo… see you next week!

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