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and now we’re back… from outerspace!


it’s certainly been a while, hasn’t it! well, long story short… moving, is well… moving. a whole lot of details had to be ironed out. I’ve had about fifty thousand people in and out of my house… hooking up things, selling things, some successful, some not… last but definitely not least to be hooked up? that’s right, you guessed it… internet. so here I am… coming to you live from our new bedroom floor (no computer desk yet…) with speedy internet. woo hoo.

g and I have been keeping busy. unpacking. hanging with new people… (we signed up for three mommy and me groups… overzealous? why yes… slightly.) trying to get the lay of the land… it’s certainly an adventure. yesterday my mother’s day present arrived… john got me a dslr. color me stoked. I’ve been clicking pictures like a mad woman… I just need to learn how to use the dern thing… stay tuned…

g had an appt with the eye specialist this morning… at godawfulearly o’clock… LOVE the new doc. the one in ct was so dry and cold… the one here was pleasant and kind. and they even had a sign on the wall that said they would pray with us if we would like (LOVE THAT.). his eye is not getting better, unfortunately. he’s gotten even more far sighted in both eyes since the previous visit in ct… and he does have a “drifting” eye… we’re going to continue to patch and pray to god it gets better. we’ll see. I have to say though… this kid is a charmer. he had everyone in the office stopping to say hello. he’s almost scary chill though… sometimes I wonder…

dare I say it… g is becoming mobile! he’s not really getting anywhere yet, but the kid is on all fours and rocking back and forth… he’s grabbing for things far away and lunging his body to get them… it’s exciting to watch. I’m hopeful that when he does decide to crawl john will be here to witness it… and even if he’s not, I may not tell him. I don’t want him to feel like he’s missing anything… not really lying, right?

the house is coming along. it’s been a long time since I’ve been happy to come home to a house… it’s relaxing… I’ve got a kitchen worth cooking in… it’s exciting. once I get everything situated, I’ll post pics… we have a whole agenda of visitors coming this summer, so I want to get it ready before they arrive! can’t wait to see them all… can’t wait to see g in the pool this summer… just so much to look forward to!!!

I suppose that’s all there is time for now… just a little update on life… toodloo…

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