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take a walk with me to randomland.

feeling the need for a random post today. to take my mind off of today’s (well, technically now it would be yesterday) horrid events. it was g-man’s 10 week check-up and the vaccines were even more traumatic then last time… I was bawling and john was working… (best day for him to have a “day” meeting… let me tell you.) and the nurse kept telling me, “oh, it’s ok. he won’t remember this…” um, k… but I will remember his shrill screams! thanks for understanding. definitely not my fav nurse. we’ve had her before unfortunately…

so, I was looking at pics on john’s phone today (wasn’t snooping, I swear!)… and I found some I hadn’t seen before… so I thought I’d share… listening to my little man sleeping on the monitor as I type this. thank god, no more vaccines for at least six weeks. I’m gonna need that long to prepare myself… and john is DEFINITELY not getting out of next time. little bugger.

these pics are super interesting to me! this was the day my water broke. so, these are the last pics of me pregnant outside the hospital… look at me! no idea my life was suddenly about to change! I was just depositing checks!

apparently, john thought he was a master photographer. look how patriotic! haha, he cracks me up. I’m glad I found these. we didn’t take many pics of me pregnant… I didn’t show until I was like 7 and a half months along!

this picture says it all. it was taken right after they took grayson away from me. what you don’t see is the neonatologists are putting g into a little tube like cradle thingy to wheel him to the nicu. I felt like I had failed him…

wouldn’t be a complete post without at least ONE photo of the little man. before we figured out he had a sensitivity to dairy/soy… the kid was always frowning… I would be too if I was in pain all the time!

that’s all I’ve got for now. definitely interesting the things he caught on his phone… I went from having 250 pics on my phone (mainly of my furrbabies…) to over a thousand since g was born… funny how they do that to you. I feel like I need to take a picture of every moment… it’s going by so fast!

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week one: iphone photos…

trying to get on the photo train… here goes nothin’. oh, and this is yet another post idea I borrowed. I got it from a couple of other fab mommy blogs.

I guess I’m supposed to put what day of the week each picture was taken. pheff, I’m lucky to know when it’s daytime. highly unlikely for me to recall which day each of these were taken… but right now, it’s all bebe… all the time.

diaper duty :)

this shirt is awesome. I found it on etsy. it’s blink baby’s shop. luff her.

am I a terrible mother for thinking this is adorable? I can totally hear him saying, “mama! no photos!” plus, this is an adorable diaper from rumparooz. they have the best prints. not my fav diaper, but awesome prints.

“baxter, you know I don’t speak spanish!” – ron burgandy, anchorman.

this could easily be a bebe picture of me. nuts.

I never mug like this for the camera, but this is too frickin’ cute.

luff my sling. so does he.

sorry my pics are all the same… not getting out much right now. hopefully you mamas understand :)…

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