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and now we’re back… from outerspace!


it’s certainly been a while, hasn’t it! well, long story short… moving, is well… moving. a whole lot of details had to be ironed out. I’ve had about fifty thousand people in and out of my house… hooking up things, selling things, some successful, some not… last but definitely not least to be hooked up? that’s right, you guessed it… internet. so here I am… coming to you live from our new bedroom floor (no computer desk yet…) with speedy internet. woo hoo.

g and I have been keeping busy. unpacking. hanging with new people… (we signed up for three mommy and me groups… overzealous? why yes… slightly.) trying to get the lay of the land… it’s certainly an adventure. yesterday my mother’s day present arrived… john got me a dslr. color me stoked. I’ve been clicking pictures like a mad woman… I just need to learn how to use the dern thing… stay tuned…

g had an appt with the eye specialist this morning… at godawfulearly o’clock… LOVE the new doc. the one in ct was so dry and cold… the one here was pleasant and kind. and they even had a sign on the wall that said they would pray with us if we would like (LOVE THAT.). his eye is not getting better, unfortunately. he’s gotten even more far sighted in both eyes since the previous visit in ct… and he does have a “drifting” eye… we’re going to continue to patch and pray to god it gets better. we’ll see. I have to say though… this kid is a charmer. he had everyone in the office stopping to say hello. he’s almost scary chill though… sometimes I wonder…

dare I say it… g is becoming mobile! he’s not really getting anywhere yet, but the kid is on all fours and rocking back and forth… he’s grabbing for things far away and lunging his body to get them… it’s exciting to watch. I’m hopeful that when he does decide to crawl john will be here to witness it… and even if he’s not, I may not tell him. I don’t want him to feel like he’s missing anything… not really lying, right?

the house is coming along. it’s been a long time since I’ve been happy to come home to a house… it’s relaxing… I’ve got a kitchen worth cooking in… it’s exciting. once I get everything situated, I’ll post pics… we have a whole agenda of visitors coming this summer, so I want to get it ready before they arrive! can’t wait to see them all… can’t wait to see g in the pool this summer… just so much to look forward to!!!

I suppose that’s all there is time for now… just a little update on life… toodloo…

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week eight: iphone photos

this has been a full week. sitting here typing this post has been one of the first moments all week of sara-time… but I’ll tell you right now, I wouldn’t change a thing. full = busy. busy = happy sara. happy sara = happy household… and the list goes on. so, without further ado… here are my iphone photos for this week…

I feel like this kid has transformed. he’s suddenly so aware… he’s smiling and laughing. it’s freaking awesome. other than that, monday was pretty chill… just me and little man hanging out. john had school that night, so he had to sleep most of the day, head to school at 4pm… and head to work straight after… it was a loooonnnngggg day for me.

went back to work this week… on weekdays… and this was posted still. this is g’s birth announcement. I can’t believe he was ever that small. and he was sooooooooo cute… but it didn’t help with my missing him. I missed him like crazy… my entire shift.

this is one of the views from my desk… and one of the vets (awesomestvetever!) that I work with… her dog, miles, is helping her with the appointment… he’s highly hilarious.

john sent me this during my shift… I’m not gonna lie, I kind of liked that my baby missed his mama (or at least that’s how I’m gonna take it… he could’ve just been hungry.)

wednesday is john’s other day he goes to school… so, since it was dinnertime just for moi… I decided to treat myself to sushi…

it was yum. and I’m a cow.

we sent this to john while he was at work that night… we really did miss him. I feel like I don’t see him for a full 24 hours when he sleep/school/works it up.

thursday was by far the best day of the week. you can go read about it here… or you can just take baxter’s word for it.

holy snowstorm, batman! we got hit pretty hard while I was at work on friday. so hard actually, I didn’t get to work my whole shift. typical. but it sure was purdy.

took me two hours to get home in traffic… but it was so worth the wait when I walked in the door to this. he totally reminds me of a water baby in this… remember those? I used to carry that doll around everywhere…

I’m pretty sure I carried him around the rest of the night. I had missed him! (he’s wearing sbish dipes and longies here btw… peacoat!)

here’s my little baxter-man on our way to work saturday morning. he was so excited to go for a bye-bye!

he wasn’t as excited when he found out where he was going… and that he was going to get a bath with lulu (my friend jessica’s loveydog.)… he was much happier to get in the car and drive AWAY…

and that’s our week. wonder why there’s no photos of john this week? because we hate him. KIDDING… haha… well, he slept a lot because his schedule was funky this week… and every time I saw him and g doing something picture worthy I couldn’t find my friggin’ phone… typical. seriously.

anywho, wanna link up? come join in on the fun with your week in iphone/other pic phone photos… wordpress hates the code… so check out agoodlifeblog.com to get the code and link up!

see you next week! toodloo!

oh and p.s. I just started my account over on twitter. come follow me (username: hiyo_mama_cbp)! I don’t know how to work it yet, so you may have to be patient… but it could be fun!

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