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growing up grayson: eight months…

dear grayson,

QUIT IT!!! stop growing up SO FAST! you’re killing me!

hehe… kidding, only kidding of course. starting off as a 35 weeker and not knowing as to what pace you were going to grow, you are a BEST CASE SCENARIO… in every way possible. you have lit up my life and made it better in every way. you are my sunshine! (yes, your mother is ALL kinds of nerd. might as well come to terms with it now…)

this month has been the funnest. you have grown a TON! you are a whopping 22 pounds now! (and that’s only estimating… since we went to the doc two weeks ago)… you’re chowing down on solid foods like a champ. you LOVE getting ice cubes in your little munchkin netty contraption (p.s. THANK you to the awesome person who invented that little piece of baby genius!)… you are a mamas boy, there’s no doubt about that… but you get so excited to see your daddy. in fact so excited… you’re first legit word was DADA this month… and now you say it nonstop… we’ve had to patch that little eye of yours two hours a day this month… which you’ve been gracious enough not to mind… thanks for that, btw… you are officially on the move. if you want something… you go and get it! I hope this is a tell of what you’re going to be like when you grow up… your daddy is something of a go-getter himself… I’m sure you’ll make him proud… in fact, I know you already are…

the three of us woke up slowly this morning… and I asked your daddy what he thought about this stage. I told him I missed the newborn snuggliness and he said he wouldn’t go back if you paid him… he’s enjoying the stage you’re in right now. laughing, giggling when you’re tickled (you are wildly tickelish… EVERYWHERE.), picking up toys, eating our food, driving the dogs batty with your newfound mobility… what can I say kid? you’re the bomb. the apple of our eye I suppose… and I would not trade a moment of being your mama for anything. you are a true gem. I love you with every ounce of my being… so keep growing, eating us out of house and home, waking me up at all hours of the night, pooping in public places (cloth diapers make this interesting…), and spitting up on every one of my outfits… because you’re worth it all… every single crazy minute…

you’re all the baby I could ask for… can’t wait to see what kind of kid you become. (it’s okay if you take your time though…)



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growing up grayson: SEVEN months (what?!)

um… excuse me… how did this happen? how did we cross the halfway mark of my sons first year without a blink? this month has been insane. emotionally draining, stressful, and lonely for me… but at the same time it allowed a LOT of mama and grayson time… which I’m super thankful for… because? a RIDICULOUS amount of changes are happening with this kid. ridiculous I tell you… it’s all kinds of amazing.

◊ stats…

weight: 18 pounds 14 ounces (as of april 30th… I’m sure he’s gained since…)

height: honestly? not sure… I know he’s grown since last month, though…

◊ changes this month…

obsessed is not a strong enough word for grayson’s relationship with his feet. he is ALWAYS playing with his feet. it’s quite possibly the cutest thing ever. in the car on our cross country trip I would watch him in the mirror. I’m almost positive he held onto his feet for at least 12 hours of that trip.

he’s putting sounds together. right now it’s “boo… boo.” and it sounds like he’s reallllllly sounding it out like, “booooooooooboo.” which is my nickname for him. I’m always saying, what are you doin’ boo boo!

he’s sitting up unassisted. don’t get too excited though… it’s only when he’s in the mood. he’d still rather be doing push ups.

the most exciting new trick?! he’s getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth!!! it’s so close to crawling I could spit! seriously… he gets up… looks at me and rocks wildly! I cheer so loudly I’m sure the people in this hotel think I’m a weirdo…

◊ tricks perfected this month…

he officially puts himself to sleep. I can put him to bed at 7:30, he’ll talk to himself for about ten minutes… and then… ::SLEEP:: he’s a rockstar when it comes to sleep, but now all I have to do is his night time routine and put him in his crib. he’s the bomb. this was huge for me. night time is when I get ME time.

◊ things I adore about baby g this month…

this has been my favorite month so far. grayson is becoming a little human! he’s laughing. he’s grabbing things. he’s pinching me with his toes (which cracks me up because I pinch john with my toes all the time)… he’s sitting up. he’s bouncing. he’s enjoying going out and observing his surroundings. the kid is just SO fun right now. we spent much of the month just the two of us… and I enjoyed being able to hog him… (it was challenging at times, don’t get me wrong…) he totally kicked butt on our cross country road trip… takes after his mama, likes being in the car. although, I must admit I really think he got his personality from john. so laid back. so easy going. not really moody like mama… he’s a great fit in our little family. I feel like I fall in love with him more and more every day.

here are our pics from our seven month “hotel special” photo shoot… my memory card ATE all of my photos from the road trip and wouldn’t work for me… so I had to take these with my iphone… sorry for the crappy quality. not for long though! john got me a dslr for mothers day! fabulous pics coming soon to crazybabypants! woo hoo!!

until next time… toodloo!

happy seven months baby boy… mama loves you.

p.s. he’s OBSESSED with this drum. we saw it over at katherine and everly’s and my mom bought it for him shortly after that… this was a life saver when we were driving cross country. he LOVED banging on it. I did too… it’s NOT ANNOYING.

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growing up grayson: SIX freaking months (belated…)

(photo by kristen young.)

welp, my kiddo is half a year old. kind of amazing really. there were moments in the last six months where I thought we’d NEVER get here. it was soooo far away. but here we are… we made it… and I have the cutest little baby boy ever… to prove it…

♦ stats

height: 27.25 inches

weight: 17 pounds 3 ounces (almost TRIPLE his birth weight… eep!)

 changes this month

→ he knows his name! no joke, if you say grayson he turns and looks at you!

→ he discovered his feet in the bath… now every bath the first thing he does is             grabs his feet… it’s like, look mama! I have feet! 

→ his feet touch the ground in his excersaucer… the kid is a bouncing pro!

→ chewing on EVERYTHING. hands, toys, elsie…

 baby tricks perfected this month

√ rolling over BOTH ways… the kid has mastered it. I can’t leave him any one               place for longer then about three seconds… because when I come back he’s               rolled down the street practically…

pulling mama’s hair. it’s like he grabs it on purpose… obviously he doesn’t, but       man… it hurts! I keep grabbing his hands and just reminding him, gentle… but       you know… he’s learning he can do things… why not tug on mama’s hair…

 things I adore about baby g this month

I know g has always had some sort of idea of who his mama is/was… but now I know he knows who I am. we’ve had a couple of moments this month where he had “stranger danger” feelings… and he just wanted ME! it was awesome. not the fact that he was upset… but the fact that he wanted me to console him. melts me every time. he’s also getting to know the dogs… which I’m enjoying. he grabs elsie and tugs on her and she doesn’t seem to mind… all of a sudden she’s reminding me of an old lab… just chill… which is great! eases my mama mind for sure… he’s getting more and more personality by the day… he’s tickelish and I can make him laugh for dayyyyyyys… which is one of my favorite things ever. he’s just getting more and more fun by the day… it’s awesome to be a part of.

that’s all for now! sorry it’s late! toodloo!

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the teething monster.

(photo by kristen young.)

the teething monster has officially taken up residence in our household. grayson is drooling, chewing on everything in sight, refusing meals, and generally just being fussier than usual. bless him. he’s not being too too bad just yet though, so I’m thankful for that. I’ve noticed he’s got a swollen area on his bottom gums towards the center, so we’ve been putting oragel on it and letting him chew on whatever he wants… typically his amber teething necklace or anything soft. he likes chewing on your elbow or shoulder… or in this case, daddy’s finger.

I’m looking forward to that pearly white popping up. who ever thought the thing that brings me the most excitement is changes in my little human? just the thought of seeing that tooth kind of makes me want to do a dance. which is, in turn, making me also think I may be a tad bit of a crazy person. oh well, guess there are worse things…

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growing up grayson: 5 months…

can you believe this kid is five months old already? it totally boggles my mind. I was just staring at him today and all I could think was… you are SO different! he has changed A TON in the past five months… he’s definitely not snooki orange anymore, that’s for sure. I’ve decided I’m going to put more energy into his monthly posts. I’ve kind of been slacking on them because I’ve been in a bit of a cloud lately… but I’m getting better… and I’m going to regret not taking the time when he’s sixteen and I can hardly remember the days when all I worried about was spit up and if I had to get up with him in the middle of the night…

I ordered some “month” stickers to put on onesies for g’s pictures from etsy… they haven’t arrived yet, so I had to make do with my lil homemade stickums… it seemed to work okay… he drooled ALL over it… I’m pretty sure that added to the cute value… why did I not jump onto the sticker bandwagon when he was born?! I SO regret it… but, better late then never, right?

here’s a pic before I had my light bulb moment… he was more interested in rolling over then taking pictures… which ended up making it my favorite shot… know why? because that is truly grayson right there… he’s OBSESSED with rolling over at the moment… obsessed may not even be a strong enough word… and come on, those feet? they are so cute… I could eat them. I’m telling you…

this is my favorite from the sticker photo part… he gives me THIS look all the time… it’s like, mama, really? more pictures? I mean seriously. I need a break… it makes me smile. he’s already got such a big personality.

plenty more pics to come… but let’s get to what went on with little g this month, shall we?


height: 26 3/4 inches

weight: 16 pounds 3 ounces

I have no idea what percentile that puts him in… and frankly, as long as he’s growing… I don’t really care. they judge him by his due date… which I find super dumb… but whatever…

changes this month…

chewing on hands. pretty much his new favorite thing, ever.

drooling… oh the drooling. bless him. it’s giving him rashes. (you can see it               in these pics actually. the red cheeks and chin. sigh.

laughing. he’s laughed before, but this is full-on laugh action. it’s freaking                  awesome.

→ recognizes mama and daddy. without a doubt.

started sleeping through the NIGHT!

reaching out for things and grabbing them.

playing with TOYS. he loves his pink owl…

baby tricks perfected this month…

rolling over from back to belly. and then he gets stuck that way and sends                 out a frustrated sos… or he sleeps like that. not my favorite as you know.                   neurotic much? why yes, thankyouverymuch…

sitting up supported. LOVES the bumbo impersonator. gets excited when I              whip it out… but even just chilling on the couch. he’s not into lying down                    anymore… he’s a big boy, you know… stubborn already!

babbling. he’s babbled since he was DAYS out of the belly… but he now                      knows that we listen when he talks so he’ll have little baby conversations with          you. it’s all kinds of fun. probably one of my favorite things about him. he’s              quite the social little thing.

things I adore about little g this month…

we all know I love this kid to pieces… but he’s morphing into a little person right in front of my eyes. it really is amazing. he’s becoming more aware of his surroundings… he’s so so so lovey. he’s gotten to where when he cries for me in the middle of the night… I’ll pick him up out of his crib and the first thing he does is wrap his arms around my neck. it pretty much melts me… AND he’s started this giggle thing where he cocks his chin towards his chest, grins wildly, and gurgles… stop it right now! I can’t handle the amount of cute pouring out of him when he does this. it’s also pretty freaking amazing that he recognizes john and I. just the other day I took him to work to pick up ::cough, cough:: girl scout cookies… and he got all excited to see my co-worker jason (picture scruffy face and brown hair)… he’d never met jason, so I was like… well, that’s odd… jason held him for a couple of minutes until g’s face shriveled up and he started to cry… personally? I think he thought jason was daddy… and when he figured out he wasn’t? NOT HAPPY. I found it highly hilarious. you should have seen how fast jason handed g back like, I didn’t do anything! I swear! oh boys…

below you’ll find the highlight reel of our photo shoot today… enjoy!


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four months, already?

I cannot believe baby g is four months. three months was HUGE because I felt like we had survived, but this past month has been so incredibly awesome… I’m a little sad to see it go.

he has changed in so many ways over this past month. it’s amazing to see what a little human he’s becoming. he’s got his own happy-go-lucky personality already, and the kid TALKS ALL THE TIME. he babbles, says “ah-goo” and “dadadadadada”, and laughs… boy this kid can laugh. it’s one of my favorite things, for sure.

the newest thing he’s been doing is reaching for things. he grabs them, yanks them (ahem, ouch to my hair!), reaches for daddy when he leans over the crib (not so much for mama.)… He’s finally noticing toys and appreciates having one dangling from the overhead bar on his car seat when it’s attached to his stroller. he loves going out. he smiles at everyone he sees. he had a woman in kohl’s just the other day cooing all over him. I guess you could say he’s becoming aware of his world around him… and it’s pretty incredible to watch.

the biggest, bestest, most incredible thing that has happened this month… SLEEP! that’s right, g-hawk is sleeping through the night most nights. he’ll wake up every now and then once, if his diaper is super soaked… but beyond that, he’s sleeping from 7:30 pm to 6:00 am!!!! (was just asking john what new things g is doing, and we both kind of gasped and said, sleeping through the night!… john then made mention, funny, we’re already taking it for granted…) but I can truly say, that is not the case. I am so happy he’s on a schedule. it has saved all of our sanity… a time or fivethousand.

here he is this morning with his daddy. he lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvves john. I mean makes me seem invisible when john gets home from work. john says it’s because he’s his “play” buddy… they spend most mornings together when I’m working. he’s sweet, but I think it’s just because he adores his daddy. nothing wrong with that. (the onesie says, “made with love – by john and sara”… it’s one of my favorites. you can get yours from zooey’s attic on etsy.)

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gjfuldrdltyhgjjbv kn;

(title courtesy of grayson ;))

I’m feeling a little less than inspired lately… and a little debbie-downer-esque… I think it might just be this god-awful weather we’re having… but that’s neither here nor there… on that note, I feel like I muzzled myself a tad on baby boys three month birthday. which in turn, bummed me out even more. enough,
enough I tell you!

I read all of these blogs where mamas write letters to their babies.
I really, really love this and I would love to do it here on my blog… but I’ve been doing it on paper… and socking them away in his baby book for him to read when he’s older. there are some
things I don’t want to proclaim to the world. there are some things I want for just me and my son. and I think I’m going to keep writing letters to him… and I think I’m going to keep them
private. call me old fashioned.

one thing I can tell you. I feel like I fall in love with this kid more and more everyday. I know it was
a slow start. I remember bringing him home and looking at him and thinking, this is it? really? this is all I’m going to feel? … but now, I get it. now I get why parents constantly gush over their kids and cannot find anything else to talk about. they do become the center of your universe… and for good reason.

yesterday, on my way out the door to work, I went into the nursery. kissed my husband and leaned down to
say bye to my baby boy. he looked at me, cocked his head, and smiled… like he knew me. I melted… and went back for more… and was nearly late to work… but can you blame me? everyday he’s
doing something new… right now he’s next to me on his play mat cooing at himself in the mirror… I could sit here and watch him do this all. day. long.

yesterday also happened to be my play date with katherine and everly. which I think is more of a mama play date then a baby one considering g can’t really “play” yet. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I look forward to this day every week… it’s so good just to relax and talk to someone I can be
myself with… and it’s so fun to watch a baby that’s in a different stage… everly was highly entertaining… she learned to wink the night before… and watching her scrunch her cute little face and then grin with pride… it was something else. toddlerhood is a lot more entertaining… but I will admit, the thought of g
being mobile is a little nerve-wracking to say the least…

op… someone is soooo over the mat…

toodloo for now…

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3 months.

it’s official. I’ve been a mama for three whole months. it’s nuts. I would say I can hardly believe it… but these past three months have not been easy, nor have they gone by too fast… in fact, I think they’ve kind of crept by… and blurred together.

no one can possibly prepare you for motherhood. it’s unreal. and watching other people do it is nothing like doing it yourself. the fantasy meeting the reality can be harsh… and jolting. but I would not change a thing. I love my little g-man like crazy.

in the past three months he has changed so much. he went from being an orange preemie who needed a little assistance with breathing… to a thriving, kicking, rolling over, babbling, smiling, and laughing baby… and he continues to surprise us daily with his new awareness… I’ve never been so proud or in love with anyone/thing in my life. I have a son! a three month old, beautiful son!

so, happy three months baby g… you’ve made the world a brighter place because you’re in it… and I have a feeling it’s just going to get even better. I love you, grayson hawk.

love, mama

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