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3 years… 3 YEARS!

um, married for three years. nuts.

I guess it’s not that big of a deal for some people… but it’s been quite the journey to get us here… and I’m proud we made it! we’ve been together on and off since 2002… but we were just talking last night about how this is the longest stretch… straight… we’ve been together. it’s been four and a half years of togetherness… woot! it’s hard to believe that next december 31st… we’ll have a one year old!

(here’s a pic of us… circa 2003… I’m jealous of myself in this pic. redonk.)

here’s to many more years of togetherness.

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grumpalump grayson.

why didn’t anyone tell me it was grumpalump thursday? just so you know, not a nice surprise. my poor little man is super grumpy today. it’s the first (though, I’m sure it’s not the last) time I’ve seen him this way. can’t get comfortable. unhappy even in his fav places. the only reason I’m even getting to type this right now is because my MIL took him for a wee bit of relief.

I see a bath in his not so distant future. thankthelordjesus for johnson’s bedtime bath. works every time. so far anyway.

sometimes I wish the breastfeeding was going better. he seems to be soothed there when we can sync up. which hasn’t been very often unfortunately… but once again, not quite ready to go there.

time to get back to my little grumpalump.

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one month of life. in pictures.

I cannot believe my bebe is a month old. crazy.

new bebe on the block.

first bath.

first cuddle with grandma j.

first nap in his crib.

first chucks.

first photo shoot.

first walk.

napping with daddy.

mama’s fav photo.

sweet bebe.

mama loves you, grayson.

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