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south carolina shopping and project 31…

south carolina has always been a wee bit about shopping… okay, that may be a tad of an under statement. it’s ALWAYS been about shopping. my aunt is the QUEEN of finding a good deal. I mean seriously…she’s all kinds of amazing when it comes to shopping. especially when it comes to baby clothes… I remember when she first had the twins we’d shop ALL DAY… until heather and I would be begging to go home… I was sure there wasn’t any baby ground we hadn’t covered… but guess what? she can always find more…

there is an outlet mall we affectionately call the yellow mall… basically because it’s yellow… we’re creative… haha… anywho, aunt chris shopped me TO DEATH. and g is going home with a whole 6-9 and 9-12mo wardrobe… pray my bag isn’t over fifty pounds… but if it is? it’s well worth the fee… the kid is gonna rock that wardrobe! hehehe

aunt chris will probably kill me for this one… but I don’t like gymboree all that much… their sale rack is as much as the normal prices at carters… but the outlet was pretty much amazing… and I found a TON of cute outfits there… and we had to giggle at the sales lady a little… she was funny.

I took this photo when I was trying on this jacket… I wasn’t sure what I thought about it so I texted it to john… I ended up getting it in two colors… I hope it looks good!

this kid is ALL KINDS of cute. I know it’s wicked cliche’ of me to say this, but I could stare at that face for dayyyyyssss…

when we were waiting for aunt chris (whom I call aunt piss because when I was little I would scream, I want my aunt piss!… couldn’t pronounce chris… I call her ap for short… haha)… we decided to have a photo shoot!

the wind blew my sunglasses down… but the sun was shining… and it was so stinking relaxing… I can’t even tell you. I had forgotten what 70 degrees felt like!

project 31: day 20 ::day 4::

write about your job. tell us why you love or hate it…

my job is exactly that… a job. since g was born, I’ve had a really hard time going to work. I loved my job before him… but I cry every time I have to leave him. I know, I’m redonk… I’ll tell you… if I had to leave him with a daycare. I’d die. seriously. more power to those of you mamas who do that… I have nothing against daycare… I’m just glad we lucked out and didn’t have to. okay, okay, back to my job. it’s fun at times. I have great co-workers… and I love being around furry friends… but it’s not forever… and I look forward to the day when I can be a sahm and finish my degree. until then, it works… and it’s much better than most of the other bazillion odd jobs I’ve had in my day!…

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project 31: my personality and comfort food…

project 31: day 18 ::day 4::

describe your personality

okay, so I’m gonna answer this in two parts. I know, I know… I never answer her questions the way she writes them. I can’t help it! just the way my brain works.

things I like about my personality:

– I’m kind-hearted. I really do wish/hope for the best for others.
– I’m loud. I love that I’m never ashamed to be loud.
– I’m easy-going. guess it’s the california girl in me.
– I’m silly. poop jokes make me laugh for dayyyyyyssss. what? it’s funny!
– I am a good friend. I’m loyal. especially to my favorites.
– I’m dependable.
– I love hard.
– I care about the little things (this can be good and bad.)
– I’m a talker, but I also like to listen.
– I can usually find the positive in almost any situation.

things I don’t like about my personality:

– I gossip. too much.
– I can be judgemental. (I’m really working on this one.)
– I can be sensitive sometimes. take things to heart.
– I am wishy washy about my future. (HATE THIS.) I have no idea what I’m going to do with my life. time passes, whether you do something with it or not… time just keeps passing!
– I am so emotional. I’m really working on not being so emotional. I am kind of over crying when I’m happy/sad/indifferent.
– I get intimidated easily. which is redonk because most of the things/people that intimidate me are really not that intimidating. (I know, I totally just contradicted myself.)

so there you have it. I have to say I’m much more comfortable with who I am as a person these days… but I’m still young… and there’s still work to be done. overall, I’d call myself a sensitive outgoing crazy person. sound about right? hahaha.

project 31: day 19 ::day 5::

Write about your favorite comfort food (we are women- we ALL have comfort food!)

I have lots of comfort foods. when I was pregnant it was macaroni and cheese… because some days it was the only thing I could keep down… and most days it was just the easiest thing to throw up. now though, you couldn’t pay me to eat the stuff. it makes my stomach turn just thinking about it. my go-to comfort food… is peanut-butter toast. I LOVE melted peanut butter on bread. to die. it’s making my mouth water just typing it! thankthelordjesus I’ve already had my lunch. teehee.

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project 31: beautiful cousins and things that make sara happy.

project 31: day 16 ::day 2::

Write a letter to your daughter, or a young girl in your life. Tell her what beauty means.

this one is hard for me. I was thinking about it all day yesterday and just could not even begin to sum up what beauty means. I knew who I was going to write to… my beautiful cousins sloan and reaganne… but what does beauty mean? I’m not even sure I know. I know what beauty is defined as… but what does it mean? well, here’s what I came up with…

dear sloanie and rea rea

I was about your age when your mama had you. your mama wanted the both of you (and garrett) so much. she prayed for you everyday… and when she finally got you, she was so beautiful! she was glowing with pride and love… and she was so happy. you were here. beautiful, healthy, babies. and rea rea, you were such a lovely surprise! I spent my summers back then visiting with you… getting to know you… changing your diapers, feeding you, cleaning! (your mama was such a chore enforcer! she was hardcore!)… I was in love. what am I saying? I’m still in love… with the both of you!

to me, beauty radiates. it’s not always instantly visible… but it’s in ones actions and words. you can make yourself an incredibly ugly person just with your words. guard them. use them wisely…. treat people well. treat animals well. treat the earth well. this will only enhance your beauty… because let’s face it… you both are incredibly beautiful girls… and I’m looking forward to watching you grow into beautiful and kind women.

I love you both very much… and I cannot wait to see you this weekend! (g’s super excited too!)

Sara… who smells like strawberries. (reads with a lisp…)

project 31: day 17 ::day 3::

Write about 3 things that make you happy.

1. this guy, right here.

baxter makes me incredibly happy. I feel like this guy is my little furry soulmate. this dog was meant to be my dog. he’s been the best dog I’ve ever had by a long shot… and I’ll tell you, he’s lucky I feel this way… because he’s not a well-behaved dog… AT ALL. ::bows head in shame:: when I got him, I was going through a rough patch… so, instead of focusing on training him, I took advantage of all the cuddles he was willing to give. regardless, I will have this dog until the day he (we don’t say that word about baxter.)… and I’ll love him like crazy until then.

2. driving.

sounds weird, right? I blame my dad. from the time I was about thirteen, he had me driving on back roads. it was a big time bonding time for me and him… we would talk about everything… so now… if I’m bumming or need to think or need to TALK… I jump in the car and drive. it’s relaxing for me. detox, if you will. I know, I’m a weirdo. but on the other hand, I suppose there are worse things. I also really enjoy cars in general… random fact about me: classic car shows kind of make my heart flutter with excitement. I even like the smell of them…

3. converse and the beach

okay okay… so, I am cheating a tad, but it’s a combination of both. I used to go to the beach in northern california with my friends all the time. I miss it. I miss the smell… I miss the sounds of the seagulls (they are CRAZY hardcore about food, fyi…) I miss being able to just get out of bed and decide to go to the beach… but converse… well, they are pretty much the only shoes I wear (have been since forever… I’m a jeans and tshirt kinda girl.)… and they sometimes remind of me of just waking up, throwing on some clothes… and heading to the beach. ah, love. dreams. ::sigh::

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project 31: dear katherine.

project 31. day 15. ::day one::

write to encourage a friend. inspire her beauty.

the second I read this, I knew exactly who I was going to write to. katherine. it was no question. because to me, this post translates as: write to a friend you find beautiful. inside and out. I guess it’s different than that… but that’s where I’m taking it. so, there. if you’ve been following my blog at all, I’m sure you’ve heard me mention her, a time or twenty. and though I’m lucky enough to have more than one beautiful girlfriend in my life… this one has been such a breathe of fresh air for me. have you seen “I love you, man?” you need to. highly hilarious… my relationship with this amazing woman always reminds me of the relationship between paul rudd and jason segel in this movie… insta-friends. sometimes when you know, you just know… but I digress. get to posting already!

dear katherine,

I thought a lot about this post. I wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to express what you mean to me. you’ve been such an incredible friend to me this past year. you were one of the first people I told I was pregnant… and you kept me going as I puked my way through it. then, when g shocked us by coming a month early… you were right there to support me. reassuring me that nothing I think/thought/did would shock you. you were so real… so nonjudgemental… such a true friend. I cannot even begin to thank you for that.

there is something about you… that I can’t quite put my finger on. you’re obviously beautiful. you’ve created a beautiful little family. I cannot imagine you being married to anyone other than jon ::could you guys BE any cuter? I mean seriously::… and everly? don’t even get me started. I’m pretty sure she’s the most beautiful, smart, inquisitive little girl babycakes on the planet. no question. you did that.

you have the most contagious laugh. I’m pretty sure you could infect the friggin’ grinch with that laugh of yours. you know who you are… which I think is rare in our age group… and you never apologize for that. which I love. you are the easiest person to be around… fun, relaxed, HILARIOUS… you are such an amazing mother. you should be so proud of yourself for that alone. you’re always there for everly, but you also take time to take care of you… which I think is essential in being the best mama you can be. but honestly, I’m pretty sure you’re the one that taught me that. your blog is so much fun to read because you write how you talk… which cracks me up. I can literally hear you when I’m reading your posts. oh, and our tmi talks… they provide a much needed daily dose of comic relief!

there is no need to inspire you’re beauty… you are easily one of the most beautiful women I know. inside and out… but I thought I would let you know just how incredibly grateful I am to have you in my life. I’m totally looking forward to what our futures bring. I hope you know, I’ll be right here, giggling along with you.

I love you, brosef…


katherine is a twenty something wife to a husband of many years, stay at home mom to a sassy little girl, sarcastic, burrito loving, tattooed woman who loves her family, friends and a glass of wine… go visit her at: the flowers in her hair.

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it’s such a nice feeling to be inspired! (project 31)

as usual… the second babycakes and my husband were in bed I did my normal rounds of surfing blogs. the only difference this time was after I checked out my normal favs (hi katherine!)… I went on top baby blogs ( have you voted for us today? ::blushes:: )… and I found a blog I am SO excited about.

her name is mandy. she’s married. she’s baking her first baby… and she’s got this cool project 31 thing going on. I found myself reading and reading and reading… so. much. fun. it’s been a while since I fell in love with a blog like that. and I’m excited. so, I’ve decided I’m going to join in on the fun of her project 31. it’s 31 days of posts dedicated to celebrating our beauty as women. FREAKING AWESOME. she has a post question – writing prompt – for each day… I’m so super stoked about this. I’ve been posting aimlessly for 3 months… which has been awesome because I’ve been able to see my baby boy grow… and to look back at my posts from november… it’s nuts how different he is/looks/acts…. and I’ve got it ALL here. but I have to remember, I am not just john’s wife… or grayson’s mama. I’m sara. and I’m excited to be taking part in mandy’s project 31. my first post: day 15, will be up later this evening.

toodloo. (oh, and thanks mandy!)

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