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sisterly love.

are you sure you want her to stay for EIGHT days? my mom exclaimed over the phone…

yes, mom… she’s great with g. I could seriously use the break… I said with a sigh. it was only my forth time telling her this. we were trying to iron out the details of my sisters upcoming trip to texas.

alright then. I’ll book it when I get home tonight. and with that, my mom hung up the phone with a giggle. my sister was only 21 days away from coming to visit! I could hardly wait!

the night I went to pick heather up from the airport I was filled with excitement. I could not WAIT to squeeze her and see her love on her nephew for only the third time since his birth… I could not wait to show her our new home and stay up late talking and eating… but the one thing I forgot all about…

the fighting.

my sister and I are honest to god sisters. no mushy stuff with these two. we’re the kind that want to kill each other at the end of each day. I suppose it’s partly because we can be our truest selves with each other… and those selves? could not be more opposite. and if there is one thing my sister can do better than anyone… it’s get one my nerves!! this trip was packed full of the highest highs and the lowest of lows… and there was more than one occasion when I seriously wanted to punch her in the mouth… and I’m sure she had the same thought a time or two. for us? it’s just part of being sisters. we grouch at each other… and by the last day of her trip? I. Was. Done.

OH. MY. FREAKING. GOD! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I heard my sister scream from her room… she came stomping out, not unusual for her… but this time I knew something was up…

they cancelled my flight and booked me on another one to LA at 9:30! it was 9:00, there was no way we were going to make it.

okay, okay, calm down… call them and they’ll get it figured out for you… don’t stress… as I said the words I just had to laugh… the last visit we had she got stranded in connecticut because of a huge blizzard. this was just too funny.

she did get the flight all squared away, but it wouldn’t be until the next day. I think it was a blessing in disguise. she and I went out… had frozen yogurt… giggled at g when he had a massive poopy diaper in uber snobby belks… and talked like we hadn’t been annoying the snot out of one another for the past eight days. it was awesome. it was god’s little way of saying, hey… you only have one sister! come on!

the trip ended up ending on a high note. which was nice. we grouched at each other the entire way to the airport, you’re breathing loud! stop smacking! get on your side of the armrest! but hey, we lasted a whole extra day people. the second she stepped out of my little suv that was currently holding my sleeping almost eight month old (tomorrow! AHHH!), my heart swelled with sadness. overwhelmingly so. I was going to miss her. deeply. as I watched her walk away there was a fresh lump forming in my throat… unexpected as we literally griped at each other as we got out of the car, are you seriously going to leave your empty soda cup in the center console?… but here’s the thing. she’s my one and only sister… and for better or worse… I love her. even if we still can’t figure out how we could possibly be related… and I hate that as I sit here typing and listening to g sing his goodnight songs to himself, she’s in the air flying fifteen hundred miles away from me to her home. I will miss you heather… even if sometimes you could use a good punch in the mouth. love always, your one and only, OLDER and WISER sister, sara. xoxo.

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insert nervous laughter, obnoxiously weird facial expressions, and talking too flipping fast…

I give you…

my first vlog.

lord help us.

and p.s. youtube? thanks for the rad freeze frame.

p.p.s. why yes, those are my waytooawesometotakeoffafterwork red scrub pants… and a tee that says “nothin’ tips like a cow…” what? it’s fashion people!

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cousins are kind of my favorite.

can I just tell you how much I love my adorable cousins? they are growing up… it’s insane. my cousin, sloan has her first boyfriend! it’s baffling! I remember changing her poopy diapers… her mom would realize she’d pooped and she’d giggle and shout, go find sara! funny part? sloan would come find me… I was pretty much the master of poopy diaper disposal at the ripe ole’ age of 12. sloan, now in high school… won’t even look at g’s little tush! haha…

now reaganne on the other hand, is in heaven with little g. she’s been my little shadow… grabbing bottles when I need them, taking photos for me with my camera… matter of fact, as I type this, she’s got g on her lap and she’s talking to him and feeding him so he’ll go to sleep. I’ve already told her I’m going to stuff her in my carry-on… because I’m pretty sure after having her help for the last two days… I simply cannot go back to living without her. reaganne was always the baby that was glued to me… I will never forget the second summer I came to see her, she couldn’t have been more than two years old… she saw me… stood up and took off running… I was shocked that she remembered me… and even more shocked when she attached herself to my leg and hugged so tight I thought she was going to cut off the circulation! she was MY baby… I don’t care if my aunt did carry her for nine months. ::silly face::

garrett, sloan’s twin… (literally)… doesn’t know what to think 0f g. I’m sure he loves him, but he’s a teenage boy. he’s more interested in defcon 5 or whatever game he’s playing. he’s the sweetest boy I know though… so considerate of others. I have to hand it to my aunt and uncle… they’ve raised quite the bunch. garrett as a baby had the most contagious laugh you have ever heard in your life, I guarantee it. I was telling him about it today. it was a straight up belly laugh. and it would go on and on. I’m laughing right now just thinking about it…

I know they’re my cousins… and I’ll be the first to admit how redonkulously partial I am… but they have turned out to be quite the amazing bunch. beautiful, smart, HILARIOUS, fun… outgoing… just fun kids. seeing them and remembering them when they were g’s age just gets me even more excited to watch him grow and see what kind of person he’s going to become. on the other hand though, this¬† visit has also reminded me… how truly fast they grow. I’m going to try and enjoy every minute I can… poopy diapers and crying fits included… what? I did use the word try… heh. going to go back to enjoying these little… I mean uh, all grown up, cutie cousins of mine…. toodloo…

oh and p.s…. here’s a total mama win I would like to share with you…

baby g sleeps on vacation… in his own little porta crib thing. kind of makes me love him even more… haha.

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project 31: my personality and comfort food…

project 31: day 18 ::day 4::

describe your personality

okay, so I’m gonna answer this in two parts. I know, I know… I never answer her questions the way she writes them. I can’t help it! just the way my brain works.

things I like about my personality:

– I’m kind-hearted. I really do wish/hope for the best for others.
– I’m loud. I love that I’m never ashamed to be loud.
– I’m easy-going. guess it’s the california girl in me.
– I’m silly. poop jokes make me laugh for dayyyyyyssss. what? it’s funny!
– I am a good friend. I’m loyal. especially to my favorites.
– I’m dependable.
– I love hard.
– I care about the little things (this can be good and bad.)
– I’m a talker, but I also like to listen.
– I can usually find the positive in almost any situation.

things I don’t like about my personality:

– I gossip. too much.
– I can be judgemental. (I’m really working on this one.)
– I can be sensitive sometimes. take things to heart.
– I am wishy washy about my future. (HATE THIS.) I have no idea what I’m going to do with my life. time passes, whether you do something with it or not… time just keeps passing!
– I am so emotional. I’m really working on not being so emotional. I am kind of over crying when I’m happy/sad/indifferent.
– I get intimidated easily. which is redonk because most of the things/people that intimidate me are really not that intimidating. (I know, I totally just contradicted myself.)

so there you have it. I have to say I’m much more comfortable with who I am as a person these days… but I’m still young… and there’s still work to be done. overall, I’d call myself a sensitive outgoing crazy person. sound about right? hahaha.

project 31: day 19 ::day 5::

Write about your favorite comfort food (we are women- we ALL have comfort food!)

I have lots of comfort foods. when I was pregnant it was macaroni and cheese… because some days it was the only thing I could keep down… and most days it was just the easiest thing to throw up. now though, you couldn’t pay me to eat the stuff. it makes my stomach turn just thinking about it. my go-to comfort food… is peanut-butter toast. I LOVE melted peanut butter on bread. to die. it’s making my mouth water just typing it! thankthelordjesus I’ve already had my lunch. teehee.

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project 31: beautiful cousins and things that make sara happy.

project 31: day 16 ::day 2::

Write a letter to your daughter, or a young girl in your life. Tell her what beauty means.

this one is hard for me. I was thinking about it all day yesterday and just could not even begin to sum up what beauty means. I knew who I was going to write to… my beautiful cousins sloan and reaganne… but what does beauty mean? I’m not even sure I know. I know what beauty is defined as… but what does it mean? well, here’s what I came up with…

dear sloanie and rea rea

I was about your age when your mama had you. your mama wanted the both of you (and garrett) so much. she prayed for you everyday… and when she finally got you, she was so beautiful! she was glowing with pride and love… and she was so happy. you were here. beautiful, healthy, babies. and rea rea, you were such a lovely surprise! I spent my summers back then visiting with you… getting to know you… changing your diapers, feeding you, cleaning! (your mama was such a chore enforcer! she was hardcore!)… I was in love. what am I saying? I’m still in love… with the both of you!

to me, beauty radiates. it’s not always instantly visible… but it’s in ones actions and words. you can make yourself an incredibly ugly person just with your words. guard them. use them wisely…. treat people well. treat animals well. treat the earth well. this will only enhance your beauty… because let’s face it… you both are incredibly beautiful girls… and I’m looking forward to watching you grow into beautiful and kind women.

I love you both very much… and I cannot wait to see you this weekend! (g’s super excited too!)

Sara… who smells like strawberries. (reads with a lisp…)

project 31: day 17 ::day 3::

Write about 3 things that make you happy.

1. this guy, right here.

baxter makes me incredibly happy. I feel like this guy is my little furry soulmate. this dog was meant to be my dog. he’s been the best dog I’ve ever had by a long shot… and I’ll tell you, he’s lucky I feel this way… because he’s not a well-behaved dog… AT ALL. ::bows head in shame:: when I got him, I was going through a rough patch… so, instead of focusing on training him, I took advantage of all the cuddles he was willing to give. regardless, I will have this dog until the day he (we don’t say that word about baxter.)… and I’ll love him like crazy until then.

2. driving.

sounds weird, right? I blame my dad. from the time I was about thirteen, he had me driving on back roads. it was a big time bonding time for me and him… we would talk about everything… so now… if I’m bumming or need to think or need to TALK… I jump in the car and drive. it’s relaxing for me. detox, if you will. I know, I’m a weirdo. but on the other hand, I suppose there are worse things. I also really enjoy cars in general… random fact about me: classic car shows kind of make my heart flutter with excitement. I even like the smell of them…

3. converse and the beach

okay okay… so, I am cheating a tad, but it’s a combination of both. I used to go to the beach in northern california with my friends all the time. I miss it. I miss the smell… I miss the sounds of the seagulls (they are CRAZY hardcore about food, fyi…) I miss being able to just get out of bed and decide to go to the beach… but converse… well, they are pretty much the only shoes I wear (have been since forever… I’m a jeans and tshirt kinda girl.)… and they sometimes remind of me of just waking up, throwing on some clothes… and heading to the beach. ah, love. dreams. ::sigh::

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it’s such a nice feeling to be inspired! (project 31)

as usual… the second babycakes and my husband were in bed I did my normal rounds of surfing blogs. the only difference this time was after I checked out my normal favs (hi katherine!)… I went on top baby blogs ( have you voted for us today? ::blushes:: )… and I found a blog I am SO excited about.

her name is mandy. she’s married. she’s baking her first baby… and she’s got this cool project 31 thing going on. I found myself reading and reading and reading… so. much. fun. it’s been a while since I fell in love with a blog like that. and I’m excited. so, I’ve decided I’m going to join in on the fun of her project 31. it’s 31 days of posts dedicated to celebrating our beauty as women. FREAKING AWESOME. she has a post question – writing prompt – for each day… I’m so super stoked about this. I’ve been posting aimlessly for 3 months… which has been awesome because I’ve been able to see my baby boy grow… and to look back at my posts from november… it’s nuts how different he is/looks/acts…. and I’ve got it ALL here. but I have to remember, I am not just john’s wife… or grayson’s mama. I’m sara. and I’m excited to be taking part in mandy’s project 31. my first post: day 15, will be up later this evening.

toodloo. (oh, and thanks mandy!)

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